Gay Rights

Gays and Ancient Taboos

As the great religions took root over the last 5000 years, certain conduct became taboo, such has incest, adultery, abortion, murder, cannibalism, and homosexuality, for examples, generally consistent with spreading the biological seeds, with integrity, which is also one reason why youth tend to be rebellious in nature, to fly the nest, and spread the seed. From the beginning of the 20th century, by and large, with ample food stores from American farms, with public education for children, women started in earnest to leave the family home, and became more involved with a male dominated society. Having super awesome intellect, rivaling their male companions, women sought and obtained the right to vote and gender equal protections, in recognition that insignificant difference with their wired brains, should not be the basis to deprive women of equal access to governmental affairs and societal contribution, and half the population was liberated from the home, to take their rightful place, side by side, with their male counterparts, unleashing a wealth of added intellectual power upon the nation, in a glorious addition to improving government and the economy. Along these lines, the abortion issue became a paramount concern to many, to pit the liberation of women and their contributions to society against ancient taboo set to respect life on religious and biological grounds. Thus, the modern abortion conflict, which relates in large measure to gay rights, and the general political alignment between gays and women liberators, opposing religious and conservative push back.

Ancient taboo and the religious tenants against homosexuality surfaced in the late 20th century, as society marched toward more liberalization. There were legitimate reasons why government sanctioned homosexual behavior, one of which is the break down of nuclear families and procreating the next generation of tax payers, and another is the spreading of disease. The male and female human bodies were not configured for homosexual behavior, the logical extension being the demise of all human beings. But as the world over populates, the concern of the demise of human beings is diminished. Patient Zero has long ago, globe trotted, spreading an epidemic causing millions of deaths and an infected society. But the medical profession rallied to combat the spread of AIDS, which is now somewhat contained. Group sex and illicit fornication also spreads communicative deceases as well, as adultery has been an ancient taboo. Lets not forget that the American Indians were nearly annihilated when Spanish white men brought to the shores of America their diseases from illicit fornication. But with medical advancements particularly over the last 100 years, the debilitating affects from illicit fornication and homosexuality have been significantly diminished. As we enter the 21st century, with an over populated earth, with advancements in medicines, the focus turns toward personal liberties and freedoms from government intrusion into the private lives of our citizens.

Modernly, in the 21st century, the government substantially no longer has significant business in the bedroom or in the doctor's office, regulating the intimate affairs of free human beings. It is not the federal government's business to social engineer, as that power is reserved unto the many states as the local voters desire, per the US Constitution defining a republic of sovereign states. This republic relationship between the states and the federal government properly focuses the issues of women rights and gay rights. I personally have known to many women of awesome intellectual power and to many gays having upstanding respect for others, to be characterized as a sexist or a homophobe. In school, in town, and at work, for decades, women has shown me awesome mental powers, and gays have shown a great ability to respect others. My best friend of the last three decades is an upstanding black man, so don't play the race card on me, as that would be a false ploy as well, and exposed as such.

Gay Activism Hysteria 

In my town of Laguna Beach California, for the last 30 years, I have met many upstanding and respectable gays who respect others, who are not fanatical zealots, such as respecting parents' right to parent, and who do not prey upon children with indoctrinating gay life style teachings, or who not try to force by government edict unisex bathrooms in elementary schools. So, let me share a little story if I may. I am cruising in my black limousine down Ocean Avenue, and spot a dear friend, an upstanding black gay guy, nursing a beer at the Brewery. I stop the limousine and jump out, in my nice black suit, and run to "Mr.T", at the bar. He is dressed in faded jeans and blue jean jacket, rhinestone studded, and he is wearing Elton John type sunglasses. You get the picture. I grab Mr.T by the lapels, and forceably bring him close, nose to nose, and say, "Baby, Let Me Rock Your World". Of course it was just being fun. Mr.T is a dear friend. But Mr.T earned my respect by respecting me, and my right to raise my two boys as I deem fit. He does not try to push his homosexuality on my kids, he does not prey on children. He does not believe in public displays of homosexuality. He does not believe in sparkling parades. He respects me, and I respect him, it is as simple as that, we are friends. This world is very complex and confusing to kids, who, under parents' right to parent, should be allow to sink their roots, firmly so, knowing dad is male, mom is female, billy is a boy, sally is a girl, to get their heads on straight, before they reach 18 years of age, when and only when, gay life style teachings may be addressed by them in a mature way.

In Indiana just now, there is a controversy over Indiana's new law, Right To Fire. This is not really a gay issue. It is more of contest between Religious-Association-Contact freedoms, states' rights, constitution, and republic against the DC totalitarian forces and gay political pandering for cementing political power. Gay zealots get all excited, as the pandered children they are, and focus only on the gay employment impact, selfishly, as its always about just them, as HRC stirs them up through pandering with her support of gay marriages. Gay couplings is more of a state concern than a federal concern, as the states properly have reserved powers under the constitution to social engineer as the voters deem fit. Indiana voters have spoken, and Governor Pence is correctly defending the voters' choice. Gays in the work force is simply a great thing to have as we need all oars in the water pulling for a robust economy. But when gays flame at work, offending the sensibilities of coworkers, causing internal resentments and conflict, and thereby disrespecting an employer, that employer should have the right to fire the flaming gay. Rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, serve, refuse, are basic commercial liberties worth defending from intolerant disrespecting zealots stirred up by political pandering from the two pandering political machines pandering voting blocks to selfishly cement political power destroying "domestic tranquility", rather than for the good of country.

Yes, I clearly understand well that some are locked in their own biases. The DEMs usually call those with whom they disagree as extremists, attempting to marginalize opposing views. I find it queer those seeking tolerance intolerantly. You earn respect, you don't demand it. It is unfortunate that political panderers seek to rally bases, causing conflict and strife nationwide. The whole purpose of US constitution is to promote "domestic tranquility" through a republic of states having reserved powers. The states have reserved powers to regulate social intercourse, not the federal government. States may control rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, refuse, as the state voters deem fit, not the federal government. When one becomes so biased in their perspective, they become intolerant of others and their views. Libertarians preach liberty, but then some libertarians turn right around, and seek to deny others their liberties. I am not hostile to gays at all, but civil discussion should and can be had. If one discusses patient zero, or religion, and opposing views, gay activists go nuts, intolerantly. That is unfortunate, but it is the way it is, in some circles, whipped by political panderers. Some Gay dominated circles generally have no concept of practical outer bounds or mutual respect or mutual tolerance. Some gay dominated circles have a my-way-high-way attitude, and that is very regrettable. But it is the way it is in some circles. I have many gay friends, who respect my parental rights and respect others of religion. We, my gay friend, and I being Christian and a protective parent, respect each other, and are friends. We are tolerant of each others views through mutual respect. People of religion and gays confront each other. How to resolve that confrontation is the desired goal. Each state has the reserve power to set laws as the state voters deem fit, and all should respect those laws. I did not carry the gay banner and jam a gay life style down all others throats as gay activist do. Rather, I take the constitutional road, of the republic, and lawful way of resolving social issues at the state level. I may not in anyone's biased self-centered camp. I have long ago risen far above such self-centered biases. I view the whole, under constitution, and seek to resolve problems, and not draw intolerant lines in the sand. No one can offend me, as I'm to far above that. I can only try to teach were permitted. Intolerant gay activists or religious zealots may continue to marginalize themselves if they wish, but there is a higher nobler plain upon which respect can be earned. We all must live together, and tolerance and respect is key to that, to promote "domestic tranquility" as intended by constitution. Gay activists and religious zealots should run down anyone who does not believe the way they do. I do not take either side actually. What I promote is civility, mutual respect, and mutual tolerance, by law, and by the numbers. Surely, what I am proposing is comprehensive, integrated and sweeping for federal government reorientation of the federal government to fix problems plaguing the nation. Any fair minded, and objective person, reading this blog would or should get that. Gay activist and religious zealots may also get that one day. I sincerely wish all gay activists and religious zealots all the best of luck in maturing and rising to a higher civil plain of mutual tolerance and respect, promoting domestic tranquility.

So vehement are gay activists that they challenge basic understandings of men and women biology. They suggest that gay brains are born that way, in attempt to reach the status of men and women generally for federal equal protection. Try this experiment. Get 100 high school boys and place them in front of dancing naked adult females, and count the number stimulated. Wait ten years, and repeat the experiment. Check if the number of males are still stimulated. I suggest that the number would decrease. The brains did not physically change being hard wired from birth. Ask the question, what happened? One might think that the gay life style preference is a learned behavior, and not an innate characteristic, but don't dare suggest that to a gay activist, or you might be called a homophobe in an attempt to demean, marginalize, and chill freedom of thought and speech. As a parent, I want to anchor my children, and not confuse them with gay indoctrinations. Will the courts protect my rights? State court enforceable civil unions, societal mutual respect, and gay indoctrinations only post 18 years of age, and I am with the gays on that. Respect my rights and I will respect your rights. Simple.

There are those who believe is Darwinism, though they would have difficulty explaining the Cambrian explosion, where all basic philum were created, as evinced by the fossil record, cementing then, over as little as a couple of million years, where all basic biological structures, appear to have been created by intelligent design. After the creation of the basic fish nervous column, then, Darwinism could have evolved leading to reptilians, primates and eventually homo sapiens. The whole root belief is incremental steps in refinement of the base philum. The root purpose Darwinism is the survival of the fittest, natural selection, and spreading of the seed. The whole purpose is survival of the specie. I have watched nature films and read biology articles my entire life, finding it all fascinating. Not once have I seen two male great apes rump range, not once. People locked into an ideology will desperately grasp at any fact to support their contention. Surely, there can always be the one off exception to the general rule. Humans, like great apes, must be taught sexual orientation and mechanics, for the survival of the specie. Parents dress and treat children as either little boys or little girls, to get their heads on straight, seeking to provide their children the best chance at living the most fulfilling life styles possible, during the formative years to give their children the best chance at happiness, having only one shot at life.  A woman reproduction track is thick walled and acidic to destroy a bacteria load from male ejaculation. The intestines are thin permeable membranes for passing nutrients, and do not have acidic protection as does a woman's reproduction track. It simply does not make common sense that gays are physically born gay. The evolutionary drivers, Darwinist theory, and obvious biological differences do not support in any reasonable manner that homosexuality is substantially an innate biology. The obvious answer is very simple, homosexuality is a learned culture, a learned life style. Psychological impact is also a possible driver leading some to adopt the gay life style. Common sense says that the gay life style is learned. When one attempts to talk with a gay activist about patient zero, spreading AIDS, and killing millions world wide, the gay activist become grossly intolerant, viciously so, being panderer into a false ideology. 

Any time you hear of a presidential candidate asked about support of gay marriage, the political pandering has had its affect. The federal government has no business regulating marriage, which is and has always been a reserved power of states rights. Political panderers, unconcerned about truth, will pander any constituency for political power. The gay community has been used as political tools and panderer into a false ideology, and has become viciously intolerant and disrespectful, to where many people think the gay community is 25% of the population, when it is but only 1%, the pandering and locked in, false ideology having their affect upon the political complex. The gay community is one of the most vicious and intolerant and disrespecting components of the US political complex. It is queer that the gay community seeks tolerance and respect, yet are the most viciously intolerant and disrespecting components of the political complex. The gay community attacks religions, as a bastion of moral bisexual marriages for providing children secure nests for bisexual orientation, where parents procreate the necessary next generation. The state has no vested legitimate interest in supporting gay marriages, as gays can not possible procreate the next generation of tax payers. Rather, the gay community, in order to even exist must survive in a morally strong host bisexual community, and thus, the gay community is inherently a parasitic community. California probably has it just right, allowing for domestic partners, under freedoms of association, privacy and contract, irrespective of any sexual orientation. The task at hand is to get the gay community to tolerate and respect religions and bisexuals, their freedoms of association and thought, to maintain that host community, rather than viciously demand acceptance by others having freedom of association and approval by others having freedom of thought.  Gay bashing is at least in part a response to intolerant gay activists attempting to viciously persuade others into acceptance and approval, denying others their constitutional rights of association and thought, rather than supporting constitutional liberties based in mutual tolerance and mutual respect, to promote constitutional domestic tranquility across the US. Both the religious bisexual community and the gay homosexual community should be tolerant and respectful of each other, without demanding acceptance and approval, to further domestic tranquility.  

A marriage is the solemn coupling between a man and women who have, by and large, the innate capability of procreating the next generation of tax payers, the legitimate state interest. A constitutional amendment defining the term "marriage" as a solemn union between a man and women, is a fitting definition, but largely an unnecessary amendment. There is nothing inherently wrong with unisex cohabitation, as the sororities and fraternities have done for 100s of years. What intimately goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults should not be regulated by the federal government. The states under states' right have the reserved power to enforce civil union contracts in state courts under federal freedoms of contract and association. Gay couples can be united under contract, and can be intimate behind closed doors under federal rights of privacy. It is when gays enter the work force or the public view, and push their gay agenda, onto the boy scouts and girl scouts, and others, disrespecting other people, is when trouble and societal conflict occurs. Gays are not going to stop marriages between men and women desiring a family, boy and girl clubs under freedom of association, stop parents from parenting their own children, or stop employers from hiring from the general population, and trying to intentionally offend spouses, parents, private clubs, and workers is nothing less than intolerant totalitarianism, as pandered nationally by a pandering political machine trying to cement political power. It is so damn queer those seeking tolerance intolerantly. The gays have been played by a pandering political machine. Equal protection by constitutional amendments, includes: 1) gender 2) race 3) origin 4) creed, all else is pandering for cementing political power.

LGBT and the Civility Spectrum

The gay community (Estimated at less than 2%)  can decide for itself how much it want to join hands with others in society, for example Christians (Estimated at 71%). There is a scale of human civility. 

Tolerance: To engage another without outward hostility. 
Respect: To engage another with politeness. 
Acceptance: To engage another with close friendship. 
Approval: To engage another with moral affinity. 

Our Constitution was written so that domestic tranquility is achieved when all citizens tolerate and respect one other under the States Rights of reserved power to Social Engineer. When the LGBT community attacks Male-Female Marriage institutions, cultural norms, family law institutions, parents, people of faith, religions, parental rights, children, and children institutions, they sow seeds on contempt and outright hostility leading to gay bashing. When the LGBT community respects  Male-Female Marriage institutions, cultural norms, family law institutions, parents, people of faith, religions, parental rights, children, and children institutions, they sow seeds of tolerance and respect, opening the way up for acceptance. The LGBT community has been excited to political hysteria by the DEM pandering political machine for the securing of votes. LGBT dont have to be mere political tools causing societal strife, but can rise above the selfish pandering and vicious activism resulting, and take a tolerant and respectful place among all citizens. Its LGBT choice. 

The Gay Marriage Issue Solution

Some are glad to see the country arrive at the position on marriage equality, through the Supreme Court decision. The country did not arrive by constitution amendment for marriage freedom, but by judicial fiat under totalitarian rule. You cant cherry pick issues. We are either a republic with the rule of law, or a totalitarian centralized regime. Social issues, eg marriage, are state rights under reserved power of the constitution. The Supreme Court has long been totalitarian ruler, so its not new. It is not a matter if one agrees with the decision, but rather, is that decision based upon the constitution. Welfare state, coinage, marriage, markets, etc., etc, are increasingly totalitarian regulated by the federal government. And thus, faith based citizens, 70% of the population have been denied states rights under the US Constitution. You either stand for the constitution, rule of law, or you dont, as a totalitarian seeking more fed gov power. Scalia is correct, democracy is a fading fast, pander and fiat rule the USA.  

Gays seek approval and acceptance beyond tolerance and respect. The law will never required approval and acceptance, no matter how sought after. Trashing traditional marriage, faith, and parental rights is the wrong play by the gay community. The supreme court ruling does not further any of these four sought after objectives, and is likely to lead to more gay bashing, unfortunately. Civil unions do not address sex, but rather, grant rights to any two who wish to share their lives, and was a reasonable safe harbor of the gay community. The problem with gays is that they seek approval and acceptance which no law can give them, only their civil tolerance and respect for others, and that is the key that the gay community totally misses. It is the gay advocates and panders that do more damage to these four sought after objectives. Thus, the supreme court sowed the seeds of more gay hate through totalitarian fiat, and that is regrettable, and gays dont even know it, and that is pathetic. States should only recognize marriages between a male and a female, as recognizing necessary nests for procreating the next generation of tax payers, the legitimate state interest. As children are special, so is  marriage for raising children, and under the jurisdiction of state courts under state rights reserve powers. Marriages are until death, which is overlapping time spans of parenting. The gay community sought after gay marriage is a dilution of the institution, a means of social glue in perpetuity, without which, societies will decay.

As a practical solution to gay rights, the constitution should be enforced as follows.
1) Federal equal protection should be limited to race, creed, origin, and gender.
2) States under reserved powers of the constitution have the states rights under freedom of religion-association, to legislate in economic areas of boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, serve and refuse, and marriage.
3) All groups, gays and religion in particular, should respect others' rights under state rights to social engineer has the state voters deem fit.

The Gay Pyrrhic Victory

Justices should be impeached before the senate for violating oaths. Justices decides along political lines, and social engineer, and bypass the states votes and congressional law making. Any skilled lawyer can make up arguments for or against any literal law, and judges render like mind games, to come to any decision they want. But where justices can be crucified, is violating the SCOPE, SPIRIT and PURPOSE of the constitution. That is how to impeach the bench for judicial fiat. As power concentrates in DC, econ implodes, riots on streets, 1% greed, 99% bankrupted, all happen because of the court. Over the last 100 years, the supreme court has trashed our constitution and our republic, and founding fathers teachings. Banks are on the edge, with collapse contagion imminent, as riots, shootings, and burnings break out, and it all goes back to the supreme court and its judicial fiat. The supreme court has destroyed the constitution and enable a totalitarian democracy, that is doomed to imploded, without no way out. At 18T$, the national debt is now unservicable, as US is defaulting with ZIRP, with full faith and credit an absolute joke, all enabled by the supreme court. The supreme court has indirectly bankrupt the people and the country and sows hate, conflict, shootings and riots with centralized totalitarian power. Consequences result from immoral decadent socialized totalitarian power, its natural, as politicians push the limit of more centralized control. But it was the supreme court that was to check congress and has utterly failed Americans, as US slides into ruination. People treat the court with a hands off, contrary to the checks and balances and no justice as ever been removed in 250 years. The gay vote is not trouble, as civil unions is a solution at state level, but when made law by the court, its just another federal court power grab. Does anyone really think that any of the DEM or REP as president would serious seek to curb the court's power grab? Totalitarians rejoice at any bastardization of the US Constitution, states rights, republic and vote. Gay issue is a states issue, now made law by the supreme court. Where in enumerated rights of federal power is there "preferences". The Court just makes it up, to cement totalitarian rule, concentrate centralized power in DC. This is not about if one approves or disapproves of gay marriage, but a power grab by DC that will cause more gay bashing, and hate on the streets. Gays make think they won a victory, but in no way will it enhance acceptance and approval. Gays were done a mighty disservice by court, and they dont even know it. What gays want most of all, beyond civil tolerance and civil respect, is personal acceptance and and personal approval, and court had now set in motion personal back lashes. The gays lost today, and they dont even know it. Civil tolerance and civil respect flow from states rights by law abiding citizens who have now been denied their states rights vote, and civility will be less not more. Personal acceptance and and personal approval flows from civility, but here the court trashed states rights, angering voters causing less personal acceptance and personal approval. The government cant make people personally accept gays and personally approve of their life style. Gay pandering activists and the court have destroyed gay hopes for personal acceptance and personal approval. The Court trashed all hopes for civil tolerance and civil respect and pandered gay activists destroy all hopes for personal acceptance and personal approval. The gays lost in the supreme court in a major way. The gays celebrate, but won a Pyrrhic victory, and lost all chances for civil tolerance, civil respect, personal acceptance, and personal approval from the vast majority of others, by this supreme court DC unconstitutional totalitarian power grab.

Politically Pandered Activists

If gays, feminists, prostitutes want blow back, as sodomites, baby killers, & sluts, by HRC pandering them into frenzied confrontation with social conservatives, vote HRC. If mutual tolerance and mutual respect is desired, as can be delivered by a Christian Compassionate Social Conservative full of Christ's love for all, vote DMR. 

The two political pandering machines operate to rally bases into hysterical pandered activists to cement political power. Activists are being played by the political parties for selfish totalitarian socialistic fascist control over DC.  Indiana is a case on point. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: "Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination". Indiana has a right to fire, employers can fire who ever they choose.

Stand your ground Governor Pence, its a republic, until supreme court totalitarians trash Indiana's sovereign state rights to fire. Go Down Fighting Mike! Equal protection for preferences at the federal level was a supreme court huge mistake, defiling the constitution and the republic for which the flag should stand. Indiana's governor, is standing on firm constitution grounds, trashed by the supreme court, time and again. ZEIG HEIL to all the black robed reapers on the high bench. Over the last 50 years, I have watch in real time, migration of the evil empire from soviet Moscow to totalitarian socialistic fascist DC. The republic is all but dead, killed by DC totalitarians, that is, the evil empire comprising the supreme court, DNC RNC pandering political machines, and the wall street banksters and greedsters controlling and unduly influencing elected and appointing government officials. The natural political evolution is from National Socialism to Totalitarian Fascism (3rd Reich) or Totalitarian Communism (Soviet Empire) as now US Panzer Amour under NATO flags roll into Eastern Europe.

Indiana law is not federal discrimination RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER, but states' right to social engineer as state voters deem fit. States have reserve power under constitution to social engineer, be it California's civil union or Indiana's right to fire. The conflicts mostly stem from political panderers of the two pandering political machines stirring up voting blocks for selfishly cementing political power by rally bases, which is not good for the country generally destroying domestic tranquilly, the purpose of the US Constitution. Gay activist come out of the wood work protesting and demanding gay rights. It is so damn queer to be demanding tolerance and respect intolerantly and disrespectful.

Indiana deliberately omits protections for LGBT citizens. How would you feel if you are called crazy tea party bigots or religious zealots being discriminated against? LGBT should have absolutely zero protection at the federal level, because this is a republic, at the state level, the states are free, within federal equal protection of Creed, Race, Origin, and Gender, to social engineer to provide rights as to boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, serve, refuse. States, not the federal government, have the constitutional rights to social engineer. But the two pandering political parties place these state social engineering right at the federal level, and in so doing, concentrate power into DC, which is but part of the continued slide into decadent totalitarian socialistic fascism. And so, the voting blocks, at the federal level are played to cement political power into my-way-or-the-highway confrontations.

I feel love Donna Summer

Gays contend that "It's about my right to be treated like as a human being". And they are entitled to be treated as human beings. The problem comes when gays try to jam their life style down other people's throats in the most disrespectful ways. Gays are not talking about just being treated as a human being, as if so, then federal equal protection applies, but they are not, they are talking about demanding sexual preference equal protection, which are state rights to social engineer. The gays of course agree with CA civil unions, but disrespect Indiana's right to fire. There is no respect by gay zealots for others in a state having opposing views, and therein lies the problem. And so, in an attempt to bastardize the US constitution, the gays seek gay rights at the federal level, and nation wide conflict is created, and seek to disrespect others at the state level. Constitutional Republic is wonderful thing, and its sad that the constitution has been bastardized by Supreme Court & RNC DNC pandering political machines. The Supreme Court cowardly succumbs to political pandering. There is effectively no more rule of law in the US, Supreme Court judicial fiat has kill the rule of law in the US. But that is just a natural evolution of decadent totalitarian socialistic fascism now concentrated in DC for political power.

The Supreme Court, defiling constitution, extending equal protection to sexual preferences, which includes gays, polygamists, adulterers, illicit-fornicators, group-fornicators, incestualists, pedophiles, and any other type of sexual preference. The federal government has no business in the bed room regulating intimate conduct between consenting adults. Federal Equal protection to RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER has constitutional amendment basis, and those defined all humans, and the outer bound of permissible constitutional federal regulations and equal protection.

I have lived in Laguna Beach 30 years, have many gay friends, up standing folks, respecting parents right to parent, respecting religious freedom, respecting states right, constitution, and republic. There are many gays who are upstanding, respectful of others, who dont prey on children, or jam their life styles on others intolerantly demanding tolerance. Then there are the zealot gays, who dont respect themselves, others, constitution, or republic, but who worship HRC, the queen panderer seeking voting blocks for selfishly cementing political power. HRC will pander any group, no matter how small, to selfishly cement political power, the constitution and republic be damned, and therein lies the real problem, destroying Domestic Tranquility. IN right to fire or refuse has nothing to do with phantom gay rights, but everything with freedom and republic v DC totalitarianism. The contest is really between Freedom of Religion-Contract-Association, States Rights, Republic v DC totalitarianism.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Indiana people, demonstrating, protesting, voting, and all that good ole American political stuff as long as they respect constitution, republic, the vote, and state rights. Gays will never obtain or deserved respect, until they first respect others, which they dont. HRC pandered them into a frenzy, and has played the gays as tools. Indiana's law is not federal discrimination RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER, but states' right to social engineer as state voters deem fit. This issue is not gay rights or religious rights, but constitution, republic, and states' rights issues. States have a legitimate interest in sustaining marriage with children for procreating the next generation tax payers. The state have no inherent legitimate interest in promoting gay marriages. Promoting gay marriages is counter productive to legitimate state interest of procreating the next generation of tax payers. There is nothing wrong with civil unions, under freedom of contract and association, enforceable in state courts. Marriage definition between a man and a women is good to anchor society generally and children specifically in this confused world.

         Help Us, We are Confused!                                        Mom and Dad can Help                             Moral Stable Life Style can Help

Of course politicians can change their minds, but when they do, a clear explanation as to why is deserved, and none is forthcoming, indicating deceit, as they simply hide behind the new pander of the day. HRC has yet to explain why gay marriage or abortion is a federal issue, for example, but none is forth coming. Understand, that when a DEM/REP panders any social issue, while its great pander, at the federal level, they in the first instance propose to further bastardize the Constitution, and in the second instance expose their flip-flop pandering as mere vote getting pander. The states have the reserved powers as sovereign states of the REPUBLIC to control social issues such as marriage. If the religious right or the LGBT seek to redefine marriage or expand equal protection, they should do it by the numbers, under rule of law, and force a convention of states for constitutional amendments.

Under the 19th amendment, the supreme court could extend women rights to abortions, under gender equal protection, or restrict abortion under 13-14 amendment to life. There is some constitutional basis for ruling in this area. There is no constitution basis for ruling in the marriage area restricting or expanding marriage rights. No one can claim that the constitution authorizes at the federal level, a definition of marriage, or that a life in being other than by live birth, following the common law upon which the constitution was written. C-Sections can be the basis for restricting abortion to the 3rd trimester at the federal level. The founding fathers who wrote the constitution did not even remotely consider gay marriage or abortions, and judicial fiat should not be used to rewrite the constitution, through political persuasions of those on the bench who have engaged in routine judicial fiat, to bastardize our constitution, or pandering politicians. The founding fathers wrote what they meant and meant what they wrote. If segments of our society seek a change in the constitution, they should do it by law, through amendment, otherwise, we have no rule of law, and the entire system collapses as it is doing now, failing to insure domestic tranquility, an over riding purpose of the Constitution.

If the local state LP parties seek progressive liberal abortion and marriage freedoms, they should follow the constitution, and perfect such liberalization at the state level under states rights of sovereign powers, and/or through constitutional amendments at the federal level. That is the lawful, proper, and acceptable path, and not through judicial fiat and political pandering at the national level.

But gay pandering has its mirror image, as the two pandering political machines vie for power, the country be damned. Carly Florina denounces Indiana religious freedom law "frenzy" and supports religious freedom. Is Carly queer, seeking tolerance intolerantly. You earn respect and tolerance by respecting & tolerating others, not by taking it. Carly is trying to rally the religious vote, and work them into a frenzy, the very thing of which she complains. Carly needs to get it, that its the DEM REP political pandering machines that cause contempt in citizens and destroys domestic tranquility. But then what do you expect from just another political panderer, out selfishly for cementing political power.

Politicians pander voting blocks for selfishly rallying political power by "rallying bases", rather than rally votes for the good of country by the numbers, by constitutional and republic standards. Over last 100 years, the US political complex has morphed into binary political pandering machines, for cementing power, not for the good of country. One hundred years of DNC RNC selfish political pandering has had accumulative effects resulting in conflict and contempt on the public streets. If democracy and rights are to be respected, gays should support Indiana law, because in so doing, they protect their own rights to be respected. Americans have lost founding father roots, now whipped sawed by the to pandering political machines, causing public displays of conflict and contempt.

Let suppose a gay couple goes into a restaurant own by a religious person who finds gay life styles offensive. If the gay couple go in, and peaceably enjoy the meal, there would be no problem, and thus respect the proprietor. But if the gay couple go in restaurant, provocatively dressed and start flaming, then they disrespect the proprietor, and refusal to serve is just, if permitted by state law. It has to do with respect of others and the state laws. Religion should not bomb abortion clinics, nor bomb gay bars, and respect state law. Gays should respect religion and not attempt to disrespectfully and intolerantly jam their gay life style down the throats of others. In the end, domestic tranquility is served well when groups act in a respectful manner to others, thereby earn respect from others, within the state rights of the republic for which the flag should stand.

The Decimated Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts president said that a ban on gay adult leaders is unsustainable. What parent trying to anchor kids, with chance at normal family future, would intentionally indoctrinate their kids to gay life? Gay right activists strike again, and degrade and insult parental rights and options, spelling demise or stagnation of the boys club. Be it little league, boys club, elementary schools, gays disrespect parental rights, yet suggest gays deserve tolerance and respect from others. Parents are in charge of raising their kids, rights denied by sodomites, pushing rump ranging on kids not theirs. The 4% Gays community should respect parental rights, and let kids get to 18 years old, before indoctrination of the sodomite culture, and earn tolerance and respect, for the 70%. Its all about mutual respect. Gays disrespect marriage, religion, parents and parental rights, and thus deserve no respect in return. Gays respect parents rights, and parents will respect Gays, that is simple. Domestic tranquility and mutual respect restored for all. When the gays turn the boys club into a gay indoctrination club, another piece of Americana is decimated and destroyed, and then the gay wonder why there is gay bashing. Russia's president Putin has one answer, the "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors" punishable by law. It look likes President Putin respects parents rights. The boys scouts of total US population hit a high 0.016% in 1975 at the advent of the gay Rocky Horror Picture Show, as gay activism decimates boy scout ranks. In 1975 there were 3.3m Cubs of a US Population of 215m for 1.6%. The the gays come out, in invade the boy scouts so that and by 2015, there are only 1.5m Cubs with a US Population of 320m for 0.5% of population. Gay activism correlates to decimated boy scout ranks. Gay activism correlates to boy scout ranks decimation over last 40 years. Is this not how Gays earn respect and tolerance. In my town, gays respect others, we have no problem, but nationally, come the DEM pandering drive for victory, public strife goes OFF THE CHARTS. Gay activism led by DEM pandering of "just win baby" generates public strife, hate, gay bashing, conflict, as its all about DEM pandering methods for political victory. DEM led pandered gay blatant disrespect for religious and parental rights cause public strife, gay bashing, hate, conflict and rot. The US Constitution reserves social engineering two the many states of the republic. Mutual respect of rights is key to civil "domestic tranquility". Gay community DEM led overt disrespect of religion and parental rights is core cause of gay bashing, hate, conflict, strife in  the US. Gays do not earn respect and tolerance through disrespect and intolerance. Why gays want to indoctrination children, not their own is an invasion into parental rights. But gays dont care, or at least told by DEM party bosses to confront traditional roles. Children have one shot in life, to have long lived marriage with children. To indoctrinate young minds with alternative life styles is destructive. Non procreating gays must be by definition parasitic on a procreating host, and recruitment in host population destroys the host. The whole gay issue is a DEM pandered fabrication causing host societal rot, conflict, hate, gay bashing. They reap what they sow. Simply, I, a parent, dont want my two little boys taught that rump ranging is a suitable life style, as parental rights are trashed. The law enable gays same sex cohabitation, and government has no business in bedroom, but to invade religion and parental rights intolerantly is unacceptable and causes strife, hate and conflict.

Gloria Gaynor Never Can Say Goodbye

Two Way Street

One of the headline banners used by many libertarian politicians is “Social Tolerance”. Social tolerance must be at least one respecting at least another. Is “Social Tolerance” a two-way street, or “Social Tolerance”, my way or the high way?

I was tweeting a couple months back, and the gay issue came up. I jumped in, of course, always wanting to engage discussions. I received the most vile tweet from a gay, shocking in nature. Apparently, this gay could care less about obtaining tolerance and respect. Taken back, I asked myself where does that come from? Then I received a tweet from a gay, who said “I just want to be treated like a human being”. My heart went out to this fellow, as he seem to live with a sense of overwhelming rejection. Apparently, he wants tolerance and respect. And so, there is apparently a dichotomy in the gay community, as to both ostensible desires and methods employed. It took awhile for this Christian Social Conservative to understand the dynamics, in full flower. If gays seek tolerance and respect, generally, I can help them allot in obtaining just that. I suppose its that Christian brotherly love surfacing, and hoping it done get chewed up. Both Christians and Gays can seek and obtain "tolerance and respect" if truly desired by both in objective and methods, thereby securing domestic tranquility.  

In the final analysis, there is strong belief in freedom of association, freedom of thought, freedom of contract, rights of privacy, religious freedoms, parental rights, heterosexual marriages, and legitimate state interests. Gays should not seek tolerance and respect by intolerance and disrespect of religion, parental right, marriages. Gays who seek to invade and dilute marriage and parental rights are intolerant and disrespectful of those rights. Marriage has always been a union between a man and women, legitimized by consumation of the marriage, leading to the procreation of the next generation of tax payers, as the legitimate state interest. Political panderers and activists excite the gay community unnecessarily and to the great harm of "domestic tranquility", an object of the US Constitution. Gays can cohabit generally without the police state entering the bedroom, and enjoy rights of association and privacy. To some, this is not enough, until religion, marriage and parental rights are rendered meaningless, yet it is religion, marriage and parental rights that are at the core of social prosperity, cohesion, on a perpetual basis. 

We can all get along with each other through tolerance and respect, with basic civility. But as long as the gay community seeks to invade, dilute, demean, disrespect, heterosexual institutions of religion, parental rights, and marriage, conflict and strife pervades, and persist in perpetuity. Apparently, gays, deep down, also desire acceptance and approval, beyond tolerance and respect, and in so doing, push gay right beyond permissible outer bounds and cause conflict and strife nationwide. Our constitution does not require acceptance and approval, through freedoms of association and freedoms of thought, as an implicit understanding that peoples will not accept and approve of other citizens, which is the correct way in addressing social issues. To the extent the gay community invades, dilute, demean and disrespects marriage, religion, and parental rights, seeking to obtain acceptance and approval, they cause social conflict and strife, attempting to gain rights that can not be ever had, at the expense of defiling other people's rights of association and freedom of thought.   

In the end, its a two way street. Homosexuals and heterosexuals can tolerant and respect each other, as they should, leading to social harmony and domestic tranquility, without demanding acceptance and approval, which only leads to chaos, conflict and strife. Homosexuals should not invade and dilute marriage, religion, and parenting, and Heterosexual should not bash and ridicule the gay community. Homosexuals and heterosexual should tolerate and respect each other, without being forced to also accept and approve. In so doing, we all can proudly be Americans living in social harmony under Constitution Domestic Tranquility. 

If the gay community demands acceptance and approval, social strife and chaos has and will permeate our society. 

If the gay community truly wants tolerance and respect, without demanding acceptance and approval, I can delivery it to them. 

A Tolerant Baker

A gay baker took to Facebook to voice his strong support for Christian bakers who are being “bullied” into baking same-sex wedding cakes, calling gay activists “Nazis” for attacking those who disagree on gay marriage. In a two minute video uploaded to his Facebook page, Jesse Bartholomew had some harsh criticism for members of the gay and lesbian movement, saying he was ashamed of their behavior. “I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with my fellow gay and lesbian community – that they would stoop so low as to force someone to bake a cake for them who simply doesn’t agree with them,” he said.

Bartholomew explained that he felt it was "stupid" to force someone to make a cake for an event that was so personal.

"Personally, that wedding cake should be so personal to you and your wedding — just as the ring, just as the invitations, just as to everything in planning a wedding. … Why would you want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a wedding cake and pay that money to someone who doesn't want to bake the cake for you? Are you stupid?" he asked.

"That is your personal piece of your wedding. Your guests eat that, your cake is involved in your photos, that cake is taken in your mouth and you eat it in your stomach," he continued. "That baker has to spend hours perfecting that cake for you, for your wedding day. And if that cake isn't perfect, then it ruins your wedding."

He suggested that the gay couple could have gone to another bakery willing to take their business and the action they took against Sweet Cakes by Melissa was simply bullying.

"So, you're going to say that you want to force someone who doesn't want to bake a cake for you, and that cake should be perfect for your wedding. There [are] no other bakers out there?" he asked.

"It's plain and simple: you are bullying someone, you are forcing someone, you are being a Nazi and forcing someone to bake a wedding cake for you when there are hundreds of other gays and lesbians that would gladly have your business. Shame on you," he ended.

  This gay baker is an American hero, brave enough to speak out against gay community intolerance and disrespect of others. 

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