Chaos on the Mexican Border

My Dad has a Gun 

I look back these days, at 50 years of age, and think that I did have a happy childhood. I remember so well playing with building blocks and toy soldiers with Billy and Bobby across the street, and I played slot-cars at my home, while the TV aired the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, with pooky, our dog, running about barking. It was a good time for me, warm and secure. But one day, my dad came home with a weapon, a long big shinny rifle, with boxes of ammo. I recall how he would point it out the window, in mock shooting of anyone coming uninvited. Then at night, the TV showed burning buildings, the city of Watts had exploded in flames, in race riots, and the riots were spreading across the nation. I distinctly recall viewing three national guardsmen on TV, in blood-spattered battle fatigues on the streets of Watts, pointing rifles in the air, standing next to a large sign, reading, "turn left or get shot". I ran across the street the next day, and exclaimed to Billy and Bobby, "MY DAD HAS A GUN!!!". My happy little home was now Fortress 238th Street, in Torrance California.

My grandparents and parents came to California in the 1950s, from on the demilitarized zone in Cleveland Ohio, separating the white and black communities. My grandpa would not watch NBA basketball because it had too many blacks playing. My parents did watch the NBA, but were not much better. I recall one time, while at a newspaper boys' rally, where I called a white boy the N-word, and a black boy looked at me in surprise. I immediately apologized, but in thinking about, I became ashamed of myself. I grew to hate my grandparent's bigotry, for contaminating my childhood parlance. My parents, now much guarded in their speech, still retain to this day residual bias, but at least conduct themselves civilly these days. I will certainly teach my children to judge people by the content of character and not the color of skin. It takes generations of social unrest, violence, and divisiveness to over come deep seated prejudices resulting from a mass immigration of peoples who are not readily assimilate into American culture.

The last slave ship, the Nightingale, destined for the slave market in the USA, was captured by Yankee cruisers off the west coast of Africa in 1861, yet it really took hundreds of blockading gunboats plying off the southern ports to finally shut down the slave trade. In 1863, when New York threaten to secede from the union, the large Irish population, from the migration from the Ireland potato famine, went on a draft riot, mostly sparked by fears of dying for freed blacks that would take their jobs, as poor blacks were then publicly lynched in the streets of New York. Our heroes from the battle of Gettysburg were called into New York to baby-sit the Irish as the blacks coward in fear for their lives.

North America effectively imported slaves until there were millions of blacks vastly outnumbering their white southern task masters. As a result, it has taken a civil war, and race riots, and 150 years hence of social unrest to substantially rid our society of that problem of importing, in mass, a race of peoples who were not immediately assimilated into the American culture. That mass importation of slaves directly lead to a devastating civil war and almost a divided nation. We can only absorb so many immigrants within a given span of time, without devastating consequences. We have been there and done that. And now, there are growing race tensions between blacks and Hispanics in Los Angeles when eying limited employment opportunities. The minute men on the southern border are getting close to armed vigilantism, and John Brown's treason of 1859. Have we not learned anything? Are we blind?

These days, we have a porous southern border where millions of uneducated, unskilled, illegal immigrates are invading the US homeland, with no end in sight. While the compassion for the low income people is admirable, the present expansion of the welfare state, creating huge deficits, is merely laying out more bait for continued illegal immigration. The US constitution, that directly authorizes a standing army to prevent invasion, is being ignored, in contradiction of sworn oaths by law makers to uphold the constitution, another national disgrace, tantamount to treason.

I was channel flipping TV the other day and came across channel 7, KABC in Los Angeles, and heard a commercial in Spanish, first one I have ever heard on mainstream network prime time broadcast. I cannot channel flip the AM radio at all any more, as at least 50% of the stations are Latino, so the Latinos have effectively captured one entire media outlet in the Los Angeles market, that I do not visit any longer. Maybe KABC, a major network is going Mexican as well. I can just see the KABC nightly news anchors all wearing sombreros, backed-up by the TJ brass. I hope Mr. Bill OReilly does not speak Spanish, I would not want to turn him off as well, though I bet he would look good in a sombrero. I can not eat the cafeteria work food any longer, as all of it is now saturated with salsa, despite recurring objections, and so I have to bring my sandwiches and fruit to work each day. The cashier does speak English very well, and communicating over charge errors creates complications, so in stead, I have to use my broken Spanish to make up for the lack of communication. In my liberal state, California is now publishing, under state imposed directives, multilingual literature, to the deprivations of poor Americans needing assistance or tax relief. We should spend our US tax dollars to only support Americans furthering American culture, while encouraging the display of various other ethics cultures only within moderation, to have a wide diverse mix furthering tolerance.

Yet, in spite of it all, I don't have a prejudicial bone in my body, but you know, every time I see a head scarf on the streets, I think of 3000 dead in NY, and get outraged. And now, there are riots in Paris, and I am shocked. An open border with a generous welfare state spells doom in the long run. There is little from the Muslim leaders condemning this outrage as 400 towns burn in France, and spreading to England, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany, all with the same immigration problem. What a mess that I don't want here in the US, yet Muslim immigration is also on the rise as well, and they to do not readily assimilate with their jihadist mentality, and their cultural disdain for the infidels. I see and hear it all clearly, now, the deafening blaring of Jihad singing coming from the local mosque in downtown Laguna Beach California, signaling all to join in state imposed mandatory mid-day four-hour siestas.

Mexicans are not coming here for all the right reasons. Sure, I respect the dignity of work, but vast uncontrolled illegal immigration goes way beyond that sympathetic view. The illegal immigrants come here in the first instance to violate immigration laws. Crime is not one of the right reasons to come here. The illegal immigrants come here, not to readily assimilate but to promote their mexicanism in this country with their special studies, their bilingual education, their salsa food, their bilingual literature, their capture of AM radio, their capture of weak minded politicians, their Mexican flags in downtown LA or in Georgia, and their Cinco De Mayo, inter alia. Sure I like a little foreign culture in the mix, but not one that dominate over US culture. The illegal immigrants come here to peddle their drugs, to join gangs, degrade property values, and effectively to generate resentment, that will ultimately result to racial riots in the out years, when the US cuts back the hand outs. The illegal worker immigrants come here to simply earn money, not generally with their families to relocate and assimilate and waive the US flag, but to send their money back to Mexico, damaging increased trade. President Fox should build industry in Mexico with cheap labor for the US to exploit, so as to lift their economy, as the way it has been done for centuries. The border must be closed, with a US offer of generous recurring temporary work visas, without any amnesty.

I do not want East Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, or other southern US cities, from El Paso TX, to Denver CO, to Albuquerque NM, to Phoenix AZ, to go up in flames in the out years. I am tired of the poor-me victimization political card, or race based affirmative action, or the ruination of Americanism, or the political race card, or the weak-minded political pandering, or the eventual bigotry leading to violence and destruction and deaths that necessarily flows from an unrestrained importation of a vast number foreigners that are not readily assimilated into American culture, to only then leave that problem to my children to solve.

The GOP is destined to be marginalized by the inaction on the southern border. For the next decade, the issues that drive US politics will be WEDMI (Wed-Me), that is War, Economy, Deficit, Marriage, and Invasion. A recent FoxNews OReilly survey indicates that Americans, including the conservative base, do not believe that the current administration will get tuff on the US southern border. There is a lack of confidence that is building in the conservative circles. However, most Americans still believed that the Republicans have better leadership and vision over the Democrats who have no vision whatsoever, and simply spew their hate, while pandering any fringe group having a receptive ear.

We Americans deserve better than the lesser of two incompetent political parties. As in Raider Football, the cry seems to be, JUST WIN BABY, while the team is repetitively penalized for unsportman like conduct. I will not vote for the Republicans merely because they are the lesser of two incompetent evils, as does a vast numbers of Americans who simply choose not to vote at all. I recently received a request to contribute to the GOP again, but wrote back, only if President Bush closes the southern border. I will not support dereliction of duty, perceived as nearly treason.

As to WEDMI, the -E-conomy is miraculously holding strong but interest rates and inflation are rising spelling immanent stagnation, the -D-eficits remain unacceptably high, the -W-ar is not perceived as going well, the US government has failed to utterly stop the southern -I-nvasion, and has failed to pass a constitution amendment defining -M-arriage as between a man an a woman, though there is some good to come in the out years in packing the supreme court with conservatives. So as I see it, that is two marginal positives, and three bad negatives. That is simply an unacceptable report card for the current administration. I had not voted since President Reagan, and did not vote in the Gore v Bush election, as well, but when I saw the BOLD leadership of president Bush in Iraq, I crawled out of my hole, cut the check to the GOP, and pounded the payment on the streets three days a week for three months prior to the election Bush v Kerry, all by myself, in a sea of liberals, relearning childhood dodge ball skills from bottles being regularly thrown at me. The southern border needs to be shut down, and if it is not, and done soon, I will merely buy a gun, barricade the front door, defend my fortress, and crawl back into my happy little world, and leave you all to your pathetic selves.

Immigration Solution Lock Up

Fast Forward to 2015. The BHO fails to get an immigration solution, yet another utter failure. The reason is very simple, to wit, the DEMs and REPs are not interested in solving the immigration problem, because, in so doing, they would loose powerful voting blocks which respectively cement their political power, akin to the Black Caucus race baiting and preaching victimization to the black community, to cement a powerful voting block to selfishly hang onto political power, collectively creating divisiveness and conflict in America.

The problem with immigration is not illegals, but DEMs & REPs clutching to power bases at all costs to cement political power. So, let me ask the REPs, how does an illegal immigrant get to the back of the line when they are already here? So, let me ask the DEMs, how does one solve the immigration problem with an open border fueling more illegal immigration. In the mean time, we have a generation of second class people living right in America, which is absolutely appalling, unless of course you are a DNC or RNC political head, race baiting Latinos or rallying anti DEM vigilante fervor. The DEMs and REPs are not the friends of our second class people or the Latino community. I am their only true friend, and will fix the immigration problem real fast if elected US President.

So, they leave the border open, millions of aliens come here, put downward pressure on wages, & then protest low wages? I tend to think economic laws set the wage price, supply and demand, over the long term, but then I'm a capitalist. Got it, lets give 100m Chinese dream tickets2US,& really tank low end wages, so DEMs will enact a wage law regime. Thus, we can really empower DC with even more totalitarian socialistic fascist enslaving control over American lives. The communist dream lives on the good old USSA!

They Aint Getting US Lands Back

Siberian tribe men came here 26K years ago. They aint getting it back.
American Indians were here 16K years ago. They aint getting it back.
Leaf Ericson and the Vikings came here. They aint getting it back.
Columbus discovered America for Spain. They aint getting it back.
France was here in the LA purchase. They aint getting it back.
Spain was here in FL. They aint getting it back.
Cortez was here for Spain in the Southwest. They aint getting it back
England was here in New England. They aint getting it back.
England was here on the Eastern Seaboard. They aint getting it back.
The Russian were in Alaska. They aint getting it back.
Polynesians were in Hawaii. They aint getting it back.
Mexicans were here in the Southwest. They aint getting it back

Trump apparently believes that sanctuary mayors have encouraged illegal immigration of immigrants who violate federal laws and in part seek to return CA AZ NM TX to Mexico, as a threat to the territorial integrity of the US. Donald Trumps wants to build a wall. He apparently has had enough. But why the divergence of low pay to productivity over the last 30 years? Bueno Dias Amigos! Its the immigration problem. Now, throw in some good old foreign aid of massive trade deficits, and the low wage problem is compounded. Throw in some FED led wealth transfer from 99% to top 1%, and working poor are absolutely crushed, giving rise to screeches of minimum wage and enhanced soclialism. And so, the labor participation rate is crashing, and there you go, its called economics 101. The low wage problem is open borders and trade imbalance crashing wages, labor participation rates and the economy, wealth transfers, as the national debt exponentiates. DEM lead compassion, the hand outs, as the US is busted flat, totally insolvent, with REP fiscal balance nonsensical plans. FED did all they could with QE ZIRP currency debasement, to stimulate the economy, but only served to enrich the top 1%, and are a total failure, and are now trapped in QE to infinity and perpetual ZIRP, with no recovery. So now, the FED (bonds) FOMC (stocks) and ESF (currency) through banks are rigging all markets, with no price discovery, with no free markets, with zirp wind fall to the banksters, with CEO share buy backs, with economic collapse imminent. I can fix it all.

If sanctuary mayors are defying US law and encouraging the invasion of the US homeland, harboring and giving aid to illegal criminal invaders, are not they guilty of sedition or rebellion against the US government, and if so, should not they be incarcerated in illegal immigrant deportations camps, held there for a real education, without bond until trial? The proper course is to change the law and solve the immigration problem, rather than take law into their own hands. The overwhelming immigration, particularly from Mexico, is raising more and more demands that CA NV AZ NM CO TX be returned to Mexico as it was back in 1835. The inflow of illegal Mexican immigrants poses an existential threat to the integrity of the United States.  Muslim are allowed to immigrate into the United States, professing a belief in Sharia Law, which is inherently seditious to the US Constitution. The United States is uniquely a melting pot, where immigration is encouraged, with assimilation into American culture of Liberty, Freedom, Capitalism, Property, and Constitution, and those who are unwilling or unlikely to assimilate accordingly should not immigrate to the United State and sow seeds of sedition,  rebellion and terror. Those who aid and abet the violation of immigration law, seditiously against the United States government, should be accordingly criminally charged, if the United States is to remain a country of the rule of law, rather than one of unilateral sedition, criminality, rebellion, and anarchy.    


The American Indians fully understand the consequences of the importation of a white race of people, the Europeans, who did not readily assimilate into the Indian culture. One need only look at what happened to the American Indians, imprisoned and destitute on reservations. Say no more. The American Europeans also once fully understood the consequences of importing a black race that was not readily assimilated into American culture, resulting in slavery, a civil war, 100 years of suppression in freedom with lynchings and harassment and denials of full liberty, to the race riots of the 1960s and the social unrest, to finally, we, as a mixed people are coming together, in this new century, 300 years after that slave immigration. I suppose if the American Indians can learn "you bet", I can learn the Mexican hat dance, but I prefer the twist, so no thank you. Yet, now, we forget these lessons, and allow millions and millions of brown Spanish speaking aliens to enter this country in violation of immigration laws that temper the alien flow to reduce the social conflict resulting, including narco trafficking, unhealthful over-occupied housing, and disrespect of American laws and culture, with their in your face cinco de mayo and waving of Mexican flags on US soil, and special studies, the spicy food, etc, as they seek the southwest back from the gringos, all the while suppressing low end wages to the great harm and injustice to many American citizens in need of higher pay and jobs. Waving a Mexican flag wont save us either, just ask Black Kettle of Sand Creek CO fame. I am proud of those Americans now on the southern border, who have learned the lesson and consequences of mass immigration. McCain cant stand on principle any longer, and has been reduced to a political panderer. McCain should be taken to the southern border wall that is to be erected and be required to bow his head in shame for surrendering the southern border. Over the last 40 years, Americans not born in the US has gone from 12:1 to 7:1. This influx of immigrants is now over whelming social services, justice systems, border control, causing strife, with an inability to assimilate large numbers of immigrants. Immigration needs to slow down and the immigration problem solved to prevent social strife.

 No Second Class Residents

It would be comical if not so pathetic how 100 senators and 420 Congressmen can not figure out how to solve illegal immigration through the southern border by brown-skin Spanish speaking Latinos. The United States must not second class peoples living in the shadows, as that is simply appalling. As president, if congress fails to act, I would stop the invasion of the home land and set paths to citizenship for those here who obey the law and do not seek to partition the United States by having CA AZ NH TX incorporated into Mexico. The DEMs and REPs are not the friends of illegal immigrants, as the DEMs seek open borders and sanctuary cities, and the REPs seek prohibition against obtaining US citizenship, and thus, they must get to the back of the line. How do you solve the immigration problem with an open border? You dont. How does one already living here get to the back of the line? You dont. The DEMs and REPs pander their bases, neither friend of the illegal immigrant, and thus the immigration problem does not get solved, despite BHO's promise to solve the problem, which he has failed to do. 

There may Migrant, Student, Temporary Resident, Permanent Resident and US Citizens classes. Generous migrant work-visa could be issued to migrant workers for a limited period, less than a pregnancy term, with verification of non-pregnancy required before entry. Work is honorable and migrant worker visas should be generously given. Alien Students would be given student visas terminated upon marriage or procreation and summarily deported to country of origin. Temporary resident visas can be granted to illegal aliens. Aliens can be given temporary resident visas as temporary residents conditioned upon violating no law. There would be no amnesty for criminal illegal aliens but such may apply for permanent residents and eventual citizenship upon paying a small fine and put on probation to violate no crime, and by taking US History Classes and English classes in advance of applying for US Citizenship. Permanent Residents would be allowed to marry and procreate without deportation, and can apply for US Citizen to be allocated to slots of lawful immigrants from respective countries of origins. Permanent residents would be allocated immigration slots from respective country of origin. No longer will a second class peoples living in the United States be tolerated.

The Tijuana Brass A Taste of Honey

US Citizenship can be applied for by permanent residents who can permanently stay in the US but violate no law, but can marry and procreate. Thus, illegal aliens can have their status changed to legal temporary residents under visa, and then changed to lawful permanent residents, ready for assimilation into American Cultures, and ready for citizenship if the lawful alien permanent resident applies for US citizenship. Illegal aliens, temporary residents or permanent residents who commit crimes or preach sedition and disintegration of the US shall be summarily deported. Unregistered illegal aliens shall be summarily deported. Businesses who hire illegal aliens would be fined and or business property seized in forfeiture. Steps can be taken to assimilate law bidding illegal aliens without amnesty. 

It seems that the solutions are easy enough, so the problem is not the illegal immigration, but the lock up of the political parties to resolve the issue in a reasonable and timely manner, vying for latino votes attempting to pander and lock up latino voting blocks for the sustaining political power rather than serving the country, assimilating, or vying for US nationalists votes . No alien should be provided federal public assistance but the states of the republic can decide for themselves the extent of safety nets desired applied to migrant workers, temporary residents, alien students, permanent resident aliens, as well as any US citizen residing in the states.  

Illegal Alien Immigration Plan 

I) Any Illegal Alien may apply for permanent residence.

1) Register with Federal government, ID temporary residence card, Plead guilty to violation immigration law. Not available to violent crime convictions.
2) Pay a small fine
3) Be placed on probation 3 years
4) Agree to take English and history when applying for citizenship. Public Broadcast Corporation can provide TV history and english lessons, and disposed in youtube channels for educating and assimilating immigrants with basic US knowledge and language skills to be successful living in the USA. 
5) May not apply for parents sibling relative immigration
6) May have natural children immigrate
as temporary residents, and spouse of said of natural children immigrate as temporary residents, but not parents and siblings.
7) At end of probation 3 year period, Permanent residents may apply for citizens showing aptitude for English and us history.
8) Unregistered Illegal Aliens are summarily deported.
9) Temporary residents convicted of violent crime summarily deported.
10) Probation period and time of temporary residence reduced by clear and convincing shown time of actual uninterrupted residence.

II) Limitation of immigration from country of origin

1) Seasonal Immigrant workers are prohibited entry from all countries, unless proven specialty skilled workers with a particular job offered, and apply for 6mo visa, and may reapply. General upward push of farm labor wages for attracting US residents and US citizen farm workers.
2) Students visa are prohibited until origin immigration zeroed.
3) Immigration prohibited until origin immigration zeroed.
4) Parents Siblings Relatives of permanent residences and citizen prohibited from immigration until origin immigration is zerored.
5) Borders closed except screened entry points to prevent illegal entry.

III) Illegal Immigration Summary

1) Illegal immigrants are allowed to apply for permanent residents.
2) Illegal immigrants may have children and common-child spouses immigrate.
3) Illegal immigrants have a pathway to citizenship
4) Illegal immigrants Parent Siblings Relatives are denied immigration until after origin immigration is zero.
5) Children born in US with foreign parents and full blood siblings may immigrate after immigration origin is zeroed.
6) Child with foreign parents should join parents in origin

IV) Accumulative residents and Accumulative origin Immigration

1) Each country has immigration origin yearly limit quota.
2) Illegal aliens applying and becoming residents deduct from the accumulative immigration origin limit quota.
3) No immigration from origin if accumulative sum of residents is greater than accumulative immigration origin yearly limit quota.
4) immigration from origin only when accumulative immigration origin is zeroed.
5) General number of hard luck immigrants allowed from all countries.
6) Children citizens with foreign parents may apply for state assistance to guardians for supporting children with foreign parents as permitted by state law.

Generally, plan allows non-violent illegal aliens a path way to permanent residence or citizenship with joined children and common-child spouses, deducting such from future immigration quotas from country of origin.

Reservation Red Men

American Indians, (Red Men) are trapped on reservations and not assimilating into American culture. On one hand, there are desires to retain Indian culture yet economic stagnation persist on Indian Reservations. This is a problem no presidential candidate seems to have any interests. I seek to address the Red Man problem in full flower. US still possess vast tracks of lands, particularly in the Western States. I would seek to integrate the American Indian into American Culture while enable them to retain their culture as they deem fit. The government would off each reservation entrapped Indian community an opportunity to eliminate their reservation by effectively buying the reservation land and granting unto the occupation direct personal ownership of the Land. Additionally, vast track of federal lands would be surrendered unto reservation tribes, to further enhance their ability to trive on land they personally own. Public works, as part of the federal governments control over interstate commerce and thus instructure builds would provide jobs. Reservations would become incorporated municipalities and fully integrated into US and states laws. There would be time period, say 20 years, of reasonable restraint of land alienation, such that Indian municipalities can restrict sells of lands for a limited period during reorientation, so as to provide growth yet retain cultural tribal identities. The plan serves to integrate fully American Indians into US enterprise and culture, yet, allows for Indians themselves to control their own destiny. Its time the US truly helped our Red Brothers escape reservation imprisonment and share in the American Dream.  

Red Men Awake!! Plans devised to truly help our American Indians. Black Kettle Spirit demands native peace dignity respect restored to RED MEN. Rally to Black Kettle and my banner!American Indians, rally and recapture dignity, self respect, and prosperity. RED MEN, you now have a horse to champion, all braves are called to rally. 

Redbone Come And Get Your Love

Ending Systemic Racism

All babies when born come out truly equal, and have innate capabilities to be taught, primary through parental care, morality, ethics, dignity, and self respect, thereby naturally extending self respect and concern for all fellow citizens. In this country, many poor communities are trapped in poverty, the main driver, to poor parental guidance in local communities plagued with violence, broken homes, dilapidated infrastructure, mired in hopelessness. This poverty, when combined with race-baiting and political pander and ignorance, powers domestic racism, conflict, hate, and chaos on our streets in a vicious decaying cycle. It must stop. Racism in the US must be cured once and for all. We Americans are a diverse group of races, united under a single national banner, standing for the proposition that all men are created equal, and all Americans deserve a level playing field so that all can strive for happiness and fruits of our founding father principles. When this country was founded, European men played a dominate role, suppressing women, enslaving black peoples, and decimating red peoples, and that was neither noble, fair, or true to our founding principles. Dominate European men in the US, both north and south are equally guilty, through ignorance, of the original sin. But that is our history, and mistakes were made, and these mistakes led to a civil war of 625K battle deaths, and residual racism, that lingers to this day. IT MUST END once and for all.  

Any plan to cure racism, must be race neutral and serve a vital federal interest. The US government has constitutional jurisdiction over interstate commerce, including but not limited to maintaining nation wide networked infrastructure. Over the past many decades the US commercial interstate infrastructure has been largely ignored and has fallen in many areas in disrepair and not maintained. Vast amounts of federal spending, domestically for domestic commercial benefit, can be had by the federal government, consistent with federal constitutional enumerated powers. Such spending is not hand outs or feeds the unconstitutional federal welfare state mired in moral hazards feeding unproductivity and consequently sustaining poverty in inherent counter-productivity and insured ruination of many lured by the false promises of socialism and the welfare state. Federal spending must be solely directed to vital federal interests within constitutional enumerated powers. If such spending can be concurrently directed to lifting the poor out of poverty, then there is a multiplier effect for the benefit of federal government and the poor. Infrastructure building is such an area where the federal government can enhanced nation wide efficiency and productivity, and if directed to creating jobs, can be effectively used to lift the unemployed out of poverty for the Win-Win. And if such Win-Win benefit is further directed to communities of low paying jobs, lack of jobs, and lack of opportunity, then the poor and country get a Win-Win-Win benefit. Under current entrapment of the poor, the poor can obtain jobs to help the country maintain a vibrant economy in this new century. Jobs and opportunity are needed by the poor, but if federal money is spent to enhance the lives of the poor for vital federal interests, that money can be more efficiently used, if the poor are also taught the value of work, ethics, and citizenship. When the poor help the country with infrastructure rebuilding, they gain the admiration of all citizens, and cures racism. When the poor are provided jobs, opportunity, and most importantly strong moral community leadership and ethical instruction, the poor learn proper citizenship, while having access to jobs and opportunities. Thus, to maintain an ethical work force to maintain the nations infrastructure, the federal government would require, as part of federal expenditures, weekly limited instruction on work ethics, dignity and citizenship. Thus, the poor, are given jobs, opportunity and ethical instruction, to raise them up from the entrapment of poverty in a noble way, gaining the admiration of all Americans, thereby ending once and for all, the evil of racism. Community strong moral leadership can enlist the aid of community civic leaders and religious leaders to teach moral ethical life styles. Separation of church and state requires that these community instructions not be used to promote faith, but the moral teachings of faith are the kinds of moral teachings that must go hand and hand with federally funded infrastructure building programs nationwide, to lift the poor out of the bondage of poverty and unethical life styles. Religious leaders are expert at teaching morals, ethics and good citizenship, and that national resource must be exploited fully in support of strong community leadership. We are Americans. We can do anything we choose to do, with the will and right leadership. We can repair our infrastructure. We can lift up the poor. We can end racism. WE CAN DO IT ALL.  WE CAN DO!

Low end wages have been suppressed by illegal immigration, trade deficits, wealth transfers, and taxation inter alia. These debilitating aspects will be cured as a "trickle up" push up in low end wages. The working poor must be provided sufficient wages for honest work to feed their families and join the economy in full flower. Raising the poor out of the bondage of poverty is a national concern, and it will be solved. We can lift the poor out of poverty. We can, as a collateral benefit to defeat the evil of racism. WE CAN DO. This directive is only one small part. In other concurrent areas, the economic playing field will be leveled, defeating the corrupt influence of modern banking and financial elites, who through their greed, transfer wealth from the 99% to the 1%. Thus, this infrastructure rebuilding plan is actually a small component of the over all plan to restore Americana Greatness, in an integrated, comprehensive, and sweeping articulated precise set of concurrent plans.    WE CAN DO!

  We are all Americans, and if we pull together, we can solve any problem and end the evil of racism, once and for all, because, 

All Lives Matter
So that's how we end systematic racism? If you want cure systemic racism, you need a systemic solution building admiration in bigoted racists to alter their thinking patterns. Problem by government in the past has been simply throwing money at the inner city. Good intent, but insufficient. Another problem is hand outs, enforcing moral hazards of socialism and feeding victimization, that is counter productive. Over the eons, taboos, religious moral overlays, and ethical teachings have kept people in good conduct, ethical producers, earning admiration from all, and that is what defeats racism. This good ethical conduct wins admiration that inherently defeats systemic racism, and therein lies the cure. Systemic racism can be defeated, but job programs and legal opportunities alone will never be enough. As societal moral pressures have relax, groups of people stray from ethical conduct. Religion has provided teachings of moral conduct. The cure to systemic racism lies in jobs, opportunity and most important moral guidance, without socialized victimization hand outs. The three, jobs, opportunity and moral guidance most go together to defeat poverty and racism. Infrastructure nation wide need upgrading, and there is where a huge jobs program can be had by the federal government. The jobs would go to those unemployed and poor of course, indirectly targeting blacks and browns legally, but who are trapped in poverty. If someone is hungry they will steal bread, its that simple. To ensure that workers "show up" with the right work ethics, moral community guidance is absolutely required. As this plan is race neutral, and serves a vital federal interest, it is inherently constitutional. So, systemic racism in the US can be defeated, but that takes leadership.

Racism can only be defeated through a system of earning approval in others. When people have work, thought ethics, they produce ethically, and they then become admired, thus earning "approval" in others. We need to get into the heads of bigots and racists and defeat their racism. When the government targets a group in poverty with the right plan, admiration can be earn, thereby changing the minds of racists. White supremacists may believe in white superiority, which is wrong. the NFL and NBA are full of example of physical abilities. There are to many very smart blacks to think that intelligences is race based. The body and mind evolved as one, and races evolved concurrently. Biologically white supremacists are ignorant, just like the US in 1776 and the CSA in 1860. But over time, the truth is learned, in that, we are all created equal. Supremacists can be defeated intellectually as to innate qualities. The main driver to their racism is cultural. They look at black on black crime as their proof. But this black on black crime is societal and cultural driven by poverty which concentrates the poor without ethical teachings. Eliminate poverty with ethical guidance, and you defeat the supremacists so called proof of superiority. To earn the admiration of racists, thereby defeating their racism, and to stop white supremacy, their belief system must be defeated, and in so doing cure systemic racism.

It is true that whites conquered this country, and took redmen lands. It is true that whites enslaved blacks stole from Africa. But blacks and reds should not bury their heads in the past, and throw themselves on the ground, as past is over, and we should all move on to find solutions without spewing hate over the past, now used more as an excuse to continue the counter-race baiting and hate. Blacks were enslaved, and the Reds were decimated, and Whites made mistakes, but that is our history. We need to move forward, and cure systemic racism in this country. For the blacks and brown, an infrastructure job programs, targeted to the poor, with community ethical guidance is needed. For the Reds, more federal lands can be transferred to Red private ownership, for assimilation, while eliminating the reservation system, while providing infrastructure job programs and ethical guidance. Systemic racism can be defeated, while improving infrastructure, while assimilating those forgotten, for a win-win-win solution. 

We are Americans. We can do anything we want. If we pull together, the right government support and leadership, we can get that  WIN WIN WIN for a better USA. To All Americans, I dont care what color are your eyes, if you are a US Citizen, you are my brother, simple. The truth is, blacks have darker skin that Whites. A simple truth. My best life long friend Marcus is black. Neither one of us are dishonest with each, here is the secret, and he knows me well, and I know him well, we love each other, and he is liberal, and Im reactionary, but we both are so way beyond childish racism, that we can talk to each other anyway we want. We are not locked into the past, we breath the same air of brotherly love. When you are secure in yourself, in touch with your thought processes, knowing you stand fairly on all fours, you dont care about other's perceptions based upon a time long past. We Americans have matured over the last 30 years to not always couch everything in terms of racism. Sure, many whites hold prejudices unfairly, and many black have the pandered victimization attitude, and from that comes the real harm. However, I am not driven by others or by the political correctness of the day, but rather, make fun of others' pathetic political correctness, biases, and racism.  Many whites are marginalized by their own weaknesses. There is nothing inherently bad about being white or black or brown or red or yellow. There is something inherently bad about finding racism in everything, the liberal mantra, to lock in the black vote, and you all must agree, its succeeding very well. It is also unfair to not give the poor a helping hand with jobs and a fair shot. Whites and Blacks still in large measure hold prejudices.  It is not guys like me that perpetuate racism, but the liberal camp, for political exploitation. BHO just loves the code speak of racism, victimization, for political exploitation. The simple truth, our skin colors dont match, but are hearts do.

Caucazoid, or Nigratude, is just a fact, neither one something to be ashamed of, unless you have ax to grid, feel victimized, in an unfair society, buying into BHO's outrageous racism, or you can not judge people by their character. Hiding behind the original sin, screaming victimization, in the 21st century, is getting old. When BHO stops the victimization game, trying to keep alive resentment, and prejudices, and racism, for sustaining the voting block, we all will breath a fresh air of brotherly love. By the way, if you all notice, I said it would unfair to not provide the poor (all colors included) with jobs. I got no problem with the government funding projects, such as,  freeways on gas taxes to improve infrastructure and unemployment. Give the poor a shot at real life dignity, rather than enslaved hand-out dependency, ruining of hearts and self-reliance, now perpetually enslaved, and that my friend, is the real crime perpetuated by our government.

Martin Luther King I have a Dream