An Imperfect Corrupt World

President John F Kennedy

I wish the world be perfect, but it aint. I wish there would be perfection in all who would fill a cabinet, but there aint. There are existing political power structures, citizen indoctrinations, and practical realities in play, beyond the pie in the sky. One has to be realistic, and pick the fights that have even a remote possibility of winning to achieve the desired results, and devise a plan for execution, to achieve those results, and then execute those plans accordingly. In picking a cabinet, that offers the best road envisioned to the white house, to accomplish those results, it is the best plan currently envisioned, and so I choose it and will execute it to the best of my abilities, as any man can only give his best, and no more, knowing full well all will not be perfectly satisfied. I know what Im doing, know what to do, and how to do it. 

President Kennedy asked us all, what can you do for the country? I can turn it around and restore Americana Greatness. So, I will try. Many may ignore me, many may lambaste my choices, and many may also throw their bad selves on the ground and rant and accomplish nothing of import. But I am truly above being offended having a solid moral anchor with firm convictions, that I can not be manipulated or intimidated or reduced in character, for I truly know the consequences of my choices and plan of attack using the most effective tools available. Understanding and patience is desired from all. Being 2016 US President is what I can do for my country.

President Kennedy Berlin Wall 1963

President Ronald Reagan 

Ronald Reagan gave us all the Clue: Government is the Problem not the Solution.
Yes, the problem is government, including judicial fiat, pandering politicians, and influenced government officials. 
Those are problems. I will fix those problems. 

President Reagan Brandenburg Gate 1987

President Reagan Normany 1984

Coalition fight against ISIS should be founded on int’l law, but if the UN dont move, then who will? Russia did well in Chechnya, but global power conflicts prevent global wide combat against terror. WMD use (syria) Genocide (Bali Tanzania) Terror (ISIS) Territorial imperialism (Crimea) are just causes for uniting against the same. But with global power plays (eg US-Russia) there is opposition for providing a unified int'l front. So, in theory Int'l law should prevail, but practical geopolitical contests prevent world application. Russian imperialism, US Unilateralism, EU pacifists, China inwardness put the big four at odds with each other. My plan is to unite the big 4 for common cause under int'l law, but will need cooperation, not geopolitical games. Russia rigs elections and assassinates reporters and political opponents, while the US engages in election fraud and Int'l military unilateral interventions. Its all the same, just different colors, of geopolitics. Understanding and mutual respect of the BIG four is needed, to form common cause, and then Int'l law enforcement, with mutual support. If the BIG FOUR can come together, under defined objectives, within int'l law, then peace could globally break out. Primary Roles could be Russia-Middle East, China-territory Disputes, EU-international Peace initiatives, and US-Sea/Air trade lanes. Currently, Russia and US are vying for power, China and US are vying for trade, EU is in bunker mode, and all fighting international terror and nuclear proliferation, but the world is not progressing. Humanity deserves better of BIG FOUR, each with self-centered limitations and not resolving global disputes. There is plenty of SHAME to go all around. Self-centered geopolitical games prevent the BIG FOUR from uniting on a common front for world peace, and that is appalling. Consequently, there is rebellion in the Ukraine and Syria, ISIS engages in terror, as Jidhadist commit genocide in N Africa, as the US Drone strikes. One would think that the BIG FOUR, having sufficient resources, would solve problems, but no, its all geopolitical games. I have a vision and plan to unite the BIG FOUR for common cause, for global civility, with defined objectives leading to dispute resolution and  global peace.

Loose Screw in the Kremlin

Iranians are building long range nuclear missiles that will place MOSCOW under the gun. Why in the world the russkies would support Iran, resulting in such exposure, especially without accepting US technology and a missile defense screen is beyond me. I been to Russia 12 times. People are great, government something less. Corruption, bribes, nuclear income, provincialism, may all come into play, I really dont know, but on the surface, with the pending stakes in play, THERE IS A SCREW LOOSE IN THE KREMLIN.

Loose Screw in Tienanmen Square

North Korea has the bomb and is launching intermediate range Missiles. China with its military might about and control of resources into North Korea is ostensibly allowing this rouge state to intimidate South Korea and Japan, nuclear free countries, but will, in the end, defend themselves, and the proliferation of nuclear missiles about the China Sea and Sea of Japan seem most probable. It would seems with correct political amnesty and power sharing, North Korea and South Korea can be reunited and nuclear bomb free, thereby offering China a larger market to conduct its necessary trade, with improved peace and prosperity.  China allowing North Korea to cause a proximal nuclear arms race indicates THERE IS A SCREW LOOSE IN TIENANMEN SQUARE. 


The Americans have a modern history of fear of the Russian Bear, post soviet take down, naturally so, after years of the cold war, now over. I dont.  President Putin did keep Russia from flying apart in a quasi rebellion, though he used a black flag approach in Chechnia, (which was fully supported by yours truly) and though he did/continues to control the media and limited rights. But Lincoln, FDR and even Bush tended to over look permissible bounds of constitutional rights at time of war, and Putin was no different. Most Russians culturally like the strong man, particularly is days of rebellion of economic collapses. Putin did respect the Russian constitution and did not seek his 3rd term. In the grand confluence, Russia and well as China will naturally move toward protecting individual rights and perfect democracy, over the long haul, though at times it seems painfully slow, but is inevitable, so, why dont we just LET IT HAPPEN on their time tables, and not ours.
The sino-dragon is raising its monstrous head, with tremendous growth in regulated capitalism, and where there is some economic free speech, (to buy as I choose), political free speech naturally follows, as night follows day, eventually leading to democratization of China in the out years. Democracy is a learned culture. Just let them evolve on their own, and do not inject China Bashing into their internal political affairs, having no real result. To inflame the population of china, leading to a rebellion of some 300 millions of deaths, and fracturing china proper, would not be the smart play. The goal is to keep China together, just like Russia, as that is Chinese culture, and let them culturally evolve, and they are, with the offered bilateral concurrent unification of the peninsula and Taiwan having individual protected rights along the lines of states rights, to help bring china into the democracy camp through the injection of Taiwanese providential democracy. GET THE DEMOCRACY TOE in the door under the 1 China policy.
But China is growing fast, and will become more dominant. The population of China renders China the potential 600 pound gorilla on the international stage in the out years. The sum total of Russia and the USA populations, in comparison, is a mere fraction.
Both the US and Russia have an educated population, an infrastructure, gold/silver mines to support a return to real money, and both have origins from West/East Europe. There is no reason why there should be hostility between Russia and the US, and their coming together in the out years may be necessary as a counter weight to the ever growing sino-dragon.
As president, I would fully support Russian membership in NATO and WTO as a full partner, use Russia to monitor middle eastern nuclear developments to prevent the proliferation of nuke bombs over the world's oil supply, Russian built reactors, and fully support a great expansion of Russia/American trade and cultural exchanges. I dont fear the Russia Bear. I would like to see MORE Yank-Bear ties, cooperation, and trade. As your president, I would offer PM Putin, a big bear hug.

North Korea, the Cold War Hangover

This is how I would handle NK. I would pull out all our troops out of SK , as there is no need to put our troops under a prospective unstoppable artillery barrage, but would rather use stand off gun-boat retaliation, if NK went nuclear. And yes, I would shoot down by interceptor any NK rocket. 
I would then pull out completely of Japan, and offer SK and Japan tactical nukes, and let the Chinese live under the shadows of the bonzi boys. That will get the Chinese attention really quick. SK and Japan will go into panic mode, without uncle sam on station holding their hands, and would be required to defend themselves for once. China faced with tactical nukes pointed at Beijing from those BONSAI Japanese would roll in a second on NK, and that would end that little problem. With the US out of SK, and NK denuked, SK and NK can increase friendly relations leading to a possible unification in the out years.
In Afghanistan, I would build a huge fleet of predator drones, and put pup-tent joy sticks in the hands of our video game trained privates, just let them go at it, day and night, and strike at will, anything that moves, in Taliban held areas, until people there boot them out or when the Taliban decide to moderate and join the political process. I would call the Germans the metamorphosis NAZIes being now Panzies, (not showing their panzer warrior heritage) and highlight how the US for 50 years defended those SOB cowards, but yet, when the US get hits in 9/11, their response was weak, if not counter-productive. How many Germans have died in Afghanistan under their NATO obligations by treaty with the US? How many have fired shots in anger? There is your clue to the outrageous reciprocity shown by our dear kraut friends. The French, well what do you expect from war losers. The Brits have shown some backbone, and Blair is/was a hero in IRAQ.  Within one year, of being elected, trust me, Iran and NK problem would be solved, and Afghanistan stabilized. 

In Iran I would declare and enforce a blockade air and sea, of Iran with a 6 carrier battle group fleet on station, their OIL could be shipped to anyone who first deposit funds in US controlled accounts to buy ONLY our food and our medical supplies, with such funds, tapping into the strategic oil reserve or simply trading their oid for our food and medicines, and tank their economy until they say UNCLE SAM. I would put patrolling aircraft to shoot down any aircraft crossing Iranian land borders. If they attempt any use of force, the MOAMs, Cruise, and precision bombs would fly, taking out missile batteries and nuke facilities and the personally the entire Mullah leadership, saving their infrastructure, oil industry, and the Russian built reactor, so that they could recover when the theocrats abandon their nuke desires, and of course, by treaty, their women will be allowed to vote and participate in government fully. I would have the Russian play monitor of Iranian nuclear development, Moscow is allot closer to Iran than the US. 

I would invite the Russians in for the fun, to keep the Russians in play, under UN authorization to monitor Iran nuclear industry and give the Russians exclusive rights to reprocess Iran nuclear fuel. Trust me on this, Putin would love the respect, the business, while being able to slam the US, and this would be too much of a carrot for Russia, as OIL prices go high furthering Russia economic recovery. I believe I am very well suited for dealing with the Russian. I understand them very well, I believe. I would get along well with Putin, I think, as I understand, I believe, the cultural aspects of modern Russia and Putin's training as KGB guy. I would become their PAL, but not by weakness, but through mutual advantage, mostly in trade. I would urge Russia to fully join the WTO, EU, and NATO, and engage in energy for technology trade with them, to help the Russians become capitalists and competitive and prosperous, and turn them into our best pals in trade, in the trade wars coming soon where competitiveness and capitalism will be EVERYTHING, in the grand global power plays, with a YANK-BEAR grand alliance.

China will become increasing capitalistic in the global trade wars and will eventually become democratic as well, as only a democratic China offers them the re-integration of Taiwan, where Taiwanese rights and liberty are respected. Their entire culture is one of maintaining their borders, and not imperialism. Don’t worry about china, over the long run, they have become the world greatest CAPITALISTS. I would not urge independence in Tibet nor for the Muslim in XinXang?, and would support the ONE CHINA POLICY, which they would like, and urge continued baby steps towards democratization.

We will enter the trade war and real money era of mankind. I will position us and the world in that posture for that era to maintain our collective capitalistic prosperity in the years and decades to come, as the next step in the assent of man.

War Aint Allowed, as the Confluence Marches On

The global confluence has its roots in GOD and is driven by humanistic sought after freedom in the face of controlling governments seeking socialistic utopian control over the people. These aspects have had more force over the last few hundred years as empires abut each other with no more room to conquer new unexplored lands and enslave and colonize other peoples. The human cultural evolution is driven by people seeking freedom that is based in the high-five of freedom, GOD GOLD GUNS LAND and VOTE.

The global confluence is perfected through international functional rule sets, such as, WTO, UN, treaties, and international diplomacy, where the CORE of connected countries (US, Russia, EU, China, Japan etc.) learns to live together to prevent global war and to gang pile upon an arrant CORE member, while concurrently sedating the GAP of rough nations (in land gaps between core areas) such as Iran and NK. There is now sufficient negative feedback to contain CORE imperialism and to dominate GAP nations leading them into the membership of CORE nations, as an on-going movement toward increased global civility, where, the long term projection is a movement from hot war and fiat money to trade war and gold honest money, on a global basis.

This day, for example, lets look at a few situations. Russia, US, China, SK, and Japan, along with support from many other nations, are trying to contain NK rocket launches and terrorism. Here, civilized nations of the CORE are join to control arrant GAP nations, to contain that arrant child. The UN is sending a delegation to Israel in investigate trumped-up war crime investigations, as Israel endures international pressure to stop its war machine against the GAZA terrorists.

NATO, with some Russian offers of support, are leading in Afghanistan and Pakistan (gap nations), attempting to sedate terrorists there, eg to bring moderate Taleban into the Afghan political process, and thereby bring them into the CORE.

Concurrently, the CORE is placing constraints upon itself while seeking to control GAP members to bring them into the family of civilized nations. Essentially, WAR is increasingly not allowed these days, and is becoming increasingly disfavored as a means of dispute resolution, relying upon the international function rule sets and the collective force of the CORE as a whole. For example, if a CORE nation launches perceived aggression, the world immediately responds with condemnations and negative feedback, eg the Russians driving deep into Georgia.

HOT WARS are being replaced by TRADE WARS before our very eyes, as international economic competition is heating up, as the hot war machine substitute, in global power plays, in the global confluence. Countries are devaluing their FIAT currencies, for example, to maintain international market share, which is the quintessential means of unfair international competition. CORE nations with interlocking economies, will not generally seek to BOMB their customers, and cut their own throats, as a retarding force to CORE member imperialism, which is a result of populating the earth and having abutting lands and safe international trade lanes, in the global confluence. The negative feedback global controls are now substantially in place, as the TRADE WARS increasingly replace HOT WARS.

In terms of the second aspect, where FIAT MONEY is eventually replaced by REAL HONEST MONEY, as the personal, business, and international medium of exchange, pressure is placed upon leaders to solve economic crises, and solutions are sought, such as at the G20, leading to a reevaluation of the entire fiat money complex. The translation from FIAT MONEY to REAL MONEY, which serves increasing individual freedom and constrains governmental control over the peoples' lives, is starting to move, most notably of late by Putin's call for an international currency having a gold component, and China buying gold hand over fist. Putin, in my view, is ahead of all others including the USA which does not want to give up its position as lead dog in the hierarchy of global economic powers, which transition to real money reduces socialistic dictatorial power of elected officials over the people, where elected officials are effectively now social dictators, in their respective totalitarian democracies, suppressing human freedom in nearly every country, as the current NEW WORLD ORDER, that is to evolving over time.

A multitude of intranational economic rebellions is coming, marked by increasing street riots, and will be marked by fiat money collapses, and economic catastrophes, leading to alternative solutions to money management. Only real money offers both increases in individual freedom of all of the peoples, as governments would be required to use honest money and balanced budgets, which increases power, and that means freedom, in the hands of the folks, but also is the only medium of exchange that fully supports free and fair trade, without governmental subsidies, deficits, and unfair competition, that will be increasingly hot issues, driving all toward a common medium of exchange that is not subject to abuses of over fiat money printing, as you just can not print as many gold coins as you wish to unfairly project international power and influence. The international cultural drivers will be the continuous sought after freedom by the people and the sought after fair competition among nations. In the trade wars, productivity will be reign supreme, as productive governments become the rulers of the world, where the highest premium of all nations is placed upon productivity to maintain global power and influence, and that means, a shift back toward capitalism, as the new world order shifts over time from global totalitarian democracies to global democratic capitalism, with increased freedom and prosperity of all peoples.

The current state of affairs is changing faster all the time, and the initial estimates of the transition from war/fiat to trade/gold may have been to pessimistic, that is, the transition is accelerating before our very eyes. Once projected to the out years of 2025-35, we may just get there within the next few years, especially if led by a global economic collapse, where FIAT MONEY and IMPERIALISTIC WAR is eventually seen as the selfish evils they are, and are replaced by the only real alternatives, which are honest REAL MONEY and fair TRADE WAR. It is really exciting to watch it all go down, actually, right there, in front of our own eyes, for all to see, for those who have their global confluence antennae up.


The US should have prescribed red lines, including 1) Genocide, 2) WMD use, 3) Terrorism, and 4) Territorial imperialism. Currently, Russia is in Crimea while eyeballing the Dombass by preserving static perpetuation of the Minsk Accord, Northern Georgia and has planted a flag in the Arctic. Putin is making the Stalinesq mistake, causing  intractable conflict with the US. China is in the South China Sea seeking island territories there for projecting military might setting the stage for conflict with the US. Syria has purportedly used WMD is it rebellion and should have its WMD destroyed as agreed. Iran is building the bomb with long range missile capabilities. Islamic fascist terrorism is world wide and out of control as indirect means of spreading Sharia law and theocratic territorial imperial conquest by the sword, and is sending its apostles as planned into all foreign lands including the USA. Islamic genocide in North Africa is simply appalling. These are the hot red line issues just now triggering US responses. Make no mistake about me, I am by no means a pacifist, but will walk very softly carrying a big stick, seeking to unite the BIG 4, Russia, China, EU and US for global dispute resolutions, seeking first PEACE, second Cooperative foreign policies, and third dispute resolutions, but will act to stop others at the RED LINES, and would certainly take the gloves off if the US is attacked directly. However, this should not be necessary, as noble diplomatic skills are finally brought back to the State Department with defined US noble foreign policies. Cooperative policies involve Russia settling middle east disputes, China resolving territorial disputes, EU providing diplomatic peace initiatives in intranational conflicts, US protecting air/sea lanes for travel and international commerce, and all four combining in the fight against international terrorism, nuclear arms proliferation, genocide, WMD use, and territorial imperialism. The current administration has utterly failed, particularly in Ukraine and Iraq, and has failed to nobly act with international consensus, and seems impotent in the extreme. 

Nuclear Weapon Free Earth

To all my fellow neoconservatives, PNAC groupies, and globalizers, I urge you all to join my call to rally around my banner and support the elimination of all nuclear weapons on earth. We should have expected that Obama would be a socialistic totalitarian that he certainly is. We must proceed carefully of course, but proceed we should and we must as we as a global people come together as the global confluence marches on.

The world is moving fast in the transition from hot wars and fiat money to trade wars and real money. This is in furtherance of the natural cultural evolution of mankind. We Americans must shift our current thinking to meet the challenges directly ahead. The trade wars will be the new means of projecting international power where competitiveness will become the single most important premium in the years ahead, as the world transits to fair trade wars enabled by a return to real honest money of gold and silver to prevent international unfair competition. We must encourage robust minting of gold and silver coins to enable this inevitable futures. We must make our industry more competitive with balanced trade, and try to defeat the totalitarian socialistic agenda now in DC, but concurrently try to bring civility about the world.

As we move away from the destructive attitudes of the 20th century, and the methodology of military means for projecting dominance, we must prepare ourselves for our inevitable future. We should encourage state minting of real money to put real honest money in the hands of the folks to prevent anarchy in the inevitable event of a global fiat complex collapse and make way for a return to real money globally. We should seek to abolish the FED bank, its corruption effect on government, its increasing wealth divide between the 99% and the 1%, its controlling interest rates and inflation targets, and the enslaving global fiat money complex. We should encourage peaceful relations and fair international trade.

I do not dismiss the threats around the world, out of hand, but from my perspective, I do not see Russia or China actually seeking dominance through military imperialism, despite what you may read in the papers, eg Georgia. I actually see the Russians wanting economic prosperity in alliance with the US, and to engage in technology transfers for energy that we need, so they can implement a minimal competitive posture in the years ahead. I see China seeking only to maintain national borders, including the integration of Taiwan back into China under the US one China policy, that would only happen when China become democratic, which they will in time. I see the civilized world joining the fight against the islamofascists. I see allot of international cooperation, a good thing.

Sure it is a dangerous world, and we should not kid ourselves into believing that all is fine, and we should be on guard, but we should also drop our suspicious natures of our 20th century military adversaries, and lead with the olive branch at this time in our human cultural evolution as the global confluence marches on day by day. Bush gave a war a chance, Obama has done little, and now is the right time to give peace a chance. Don’t be afraid of our future, but embrace it intelligently and objectively.

The CORE of connected countries, (Russia, EU, USA, China, Japan, etc.) are sufficiently intertwined and interconnected at this time that it is now ripe for a call for the elimination all nuclear weapons, verifiable of course, with continued reductions along with the halt of the nuvo nuke builders in NK and Iran. My friends, I call for the elimination of nuclear arms as a natural and expected step in the global confluence in this 21st century. We should embrace it and fully support it, and rally behind my  presidential standard on this issue.

Kissinger in Moscow, Right On Baby!

Russia wants to be a reliable supplier of energy to the west. We Americans should want it to as another supplier and OPEC competitor. Russia is doing their part in containing islamofasicism, ie Chechnya and offers to support Afghanistan operations. Russia has a dying population and needs western investment and technology to rocket their 2nd world economy. Russia has an educated population, and an infrastructure still in tact that can be used to increase their prosperity. The stage is set for a grand conjunction on the world stage.

What many miss, is that, the younger, educated, and affluent Russians, as well as generally, Eastern Europeans, want DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISM. This group wants it all, really bad to. They are crying for the US to be friendly to attract all of Russia toward that end. There is also the die-hard communists, that slow that progress. Putin in stuck between the two, and to maintain power, he panders both. (dont that sound familiar here in the US??) So, you have to read messages from Moscow, with suspect intentions as to which power base Putin addresses. Most of the print misses the full story time and time again.

RUSSIA (deep down) really wants to be our pals, in many ways, so we all can prosper, yet also has cultural tendencies retarding that move, and hence, they hesitate, especially with a large number of older but dying commies who only think the US is bad, and Putin has to address that substantial segment of the population, hence, Putin:"MANIAC WITH RAZOR BLADES", re Bush's unilateralism, after, of course, Bush scolding Putin all the time for anti-democratic press controls, yet from a popularity perspective, Putin may know what is better for Russia at this point in time, faced with different problems and culture. What is retarding their integration into the western mindset is their cultural history, sour grapes cold war loss, and their tendency to support strong man rule. Lets understand them for what they are, baby democrats, and also, understand that we Americans can also drop our INHERENT mistrust of them as well.

The stage is set for a YANK-BEAR coming together, in this democracy century. Putin understands that the upcoming TRADE WARs will put a premium on PRODUCTIVITY. He needs the west to help position Russia into a competitive posture in the UP COMING TRADE WARS, or Russia is doomed to 2nd world status. He wants to be America's PAL, but has to also serve domestic politics and biases and cultural feelings. Its a complicated game for sure.

IF WE AMERICANS would only understand that they have had a very bad history over the last 100 years, and are suspicious, jealous, and feel demeaned and ridiculed, unnecessarily so, and they have been brainwashed by 100 years of totalitarian control, we can then understand their hesitations to join the WEST, but if we could just open our arms, WITH A BIG BEAR HUG, (and BHO failed at this), we could have the BEARS out of hibernation, and feeding world civility and prosperity, and fully on the WORLD TEAM.

Here is the KEY! Listen up folks, our worst enemy of the cold war will become our best friends in the days and years ahead. Putin wants to and must integrate his energy empire into the world economy. Putin wants Russia to have respect in the west, (its the pride thing from losing the cold war). Putin knows that Russia's future lies in advance technologies and productivity that the west can provide for the jump start to the Russian Economy. Russia is moving toward international trade, democracy, and world civility. Sure, its a long and slow process, but baby steps every day, bring the YANKS and BEARS closer together, AS THE CONFLUENCE MARCHES ON!

Putin Warns US About Socialism

Putin's Russia Baby Steps into Democracy is a good thing, just let them figure it out on their own, for long lasting results, and down push them with constant hammering ala Bush, about how imperfect they are as decmocrats, struggling with their own culture in reconciliation with this new thing called democracy and capitalism. Most still dont get it, but they will, in time. Just give them time, they will get there on their own. With the current culture tendency to blame the US, wrongly in many regards, hammering them pushes them away in retaliation. Got to treat children as such, and use the psycho play, praise good moves, and softly condemn bad moves. Its style of course, buth they will GET IT, in time. Trust me on this one.

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has said the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”. “In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute,” Putin said during a speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.” Sounding more like Barry Goldwater than the former head of the KGB, Putin said, “Nor should we turn a blind eye to the fact that the spirit of free enterprise, including the principle of personal responsibility of businesspeople, investors, and shareholders for their decisions, is being eroded in the last few months. There is no reason to believe that we can achieve better results by shifting responsibility onto the state.”

Who would ever thought it? Sure Putin controls the russian game, but the CITIZENS pretty much like it, and who are we to instruct them on a time table to democratic perfections. Putin has the security apparatus under control, and is using that tool to keep Russia from imploding, and so, I give Putin a pass, on those controls, for now. I of course do not agree with his political controls, in principle, but Russia has different problems and a different culture, and are traveling their own route, but they will get to a more prefect democracy over time, as they naturally evolve. They are human too, and will figure it out. Just give them time. I dont approve of rigged elections, assassination of reporters, assassination of political opponents inside Russia, but they must by and large find there on way in their own time. 

The problem of US-Russian relations, is mostly, in my view, cultural. We are affraid that the COMMIE DOMINATING russkies will come back, and are suspicious. They blame the US for their problems and have a culture of strong man rule, not of democracy. The US should be more cooperative with Russia, and encourage WTO, EU, NATO, full integration, and bring us all together. Show some respect, and we will get it back. The US does not understand how counter-productive it is to slam Russia for imperfect democracy, and to screech in fear of the Russian Bear. Just show some respect, and cooperate in good faith, and the Bear-Yank great alliance is POSSIBLE.

I can not understate the importance of the gold standard, because from it, honest money and budgets are had along with hard choices, which leads to less socialism and corruption, and puts economic power in the hands of the folks, which leads to economic free speech, which leads to political free speech, which leads to DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISM, which maximizes productivity and charity, and standards of living, and inherent freedom of our individualism. While BHO and British Brown try to pass off the socialistic stimulus plans, to save greedy bankster's derivative plays, getting poo-pooed by the French and Germans, who would ever think that they would be instructing the US on limited spending, Putin becomes the gold proponent. So, at the G20 4/2/09, Putin is the star of the show, in my view. (But, lets all hope he at least keeps his shirt on, and does not flex his karate-chop muscles for all to see.
But maybe President Medvedev will show up instead, and as the US and EU brush off the gold idea, Putin maybe is sending Medvedev on another fools errand, with no result on the that front, just like when "cirkovoy miska" tried to get Asia members to recognize Ossieta's independence, and was brushed off, out of hand, last year. I guess that is the standard Putin play, Putin controls his puppets in secret and leads with bold international moves, while lap dogs take the heat under the spot light at center ring.

Adults Dont Let Iranian Children Play with Guns

Iran Daily, Dear Editor, (Published in Theran)

I wanted to write you, and express my views as a private citizen of the USA. While politicians may jockey for advantage in world opinion, I would like to have a heart-to-heart communication. I have two major concerns, the nuclear issue and women's rights.

I have lived in Southern California all my life, and I have met many Iranians living here. Without exception, all the Persians I have met have been polite, good, and wonderful people, whom I am proud to call my dear friends. And so, I can not understand why our two governments can not get along, and so I surmise. As I do not fully understand Persian culture, no disrespect is intended by this letter.

I can appreciate traditional cultural values, as a conservative American. But I must say my heart goes out to Iranian women who are beaten by their husbands without court redress and who are denied the right to vote. We here in the USA also denied women the right to vote, but we have matured over the last century, and have recognized that women have equal brains and should be equal citizens in all regards. And so, I understand the traditional roles, and values, but think Iranian women should not only be placed on a pedestal for their beauty and kind heart, but also for their inherent equal intellectual capacity. Women, more often than not, bring to the table a compassionate perspective, that may be lost by men at times, and like a child, our societies need both men and women to play active roles in guiding society to a better future.

With respect to the nuclear issue, I think I must go back in time to obtain full understanding. It starts with the Nazi in Germany in World War II, and the ruthless persecution of Jews there. In the after math of WWII, the powers that be, mostly the British set up a Jewish state in Palestine, to provide the Jews a safe homeland. While the intent was a good one, what was the mistake is not getting Arab consent in advance. That was a big mistake by the western powers, and has lead to wars in that region. To this history, I express my sincere regrets. But it has been 60 years, and the dismantling of Israel, and the predictable resulting slaughter of Jews there is not possible. Now Israel, faced with Arab resentment and threats, went on the offensive, and captured more Muslim land. Israel pre se did not do anything wrong in this regard, in defending itself, and the capture of land during subsequent wars, is a legitimate war prize. But Israel must understand the original sin of western powers taking Arab land without consent. And so, I believe that Israel must withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank, and the Goland Heights, as that is the moral, just, and fair thing to do, and Israel and Western Powers must also to fully compensate the Arabs for that original sin of the Western powers post WWII. I also think that Israel must not seek to take exclusive control of Jerusalem, as a necessary part of reconciliation. I understand the legitimate resentment by Arabs and Muslims for the western power's original sin in 1947, and Israel must do all that is possible to compensate them for that sin. As such, I understand why, I think, the Muslims and Arabs dislike Israel so much, and resent the Western Powers. In my own way, I apologize for that Original 1947 Sin. I understand that terrorism is really an act of war fueled by that legitimate resentment. The USA, with it democratic principles, believing democracies best serves world peace, trade, and increased living standards, will support all and any democracies, including Israel, even in the face of legitimate Muslim resentment. In furtherance of this legitimate Muslim resentment, terrorist acts of war are directed at the US and Israel.

Believe it or not, we Americans want all peoples to thrive in peace. In our hearts, we do wish even the Muslim world success and happy lives, but will defend ourselves when threatened. We in the west, with our Christian values, admire the religious commitment in the Muslim world, and Islam is a good stabilizing factor, but extreme Islam is destructive. Please do understand, that post 9-11, we Americans are afraid of extremists, naturally so. Yet, I hear from the Iranian government that they do not support Terrorism. This is a very good thing. Like the Saudis, Islam yes, Terrorism no, is a great perspective, that we Americans fully support. Now, after 9-11, I must ask myself if I would be willing to trust my family's lives on Iranian's security guards to keep secure nuclear materials from extreme Islamo-facist terrorists. At this time, the answer is clearly no. With all that oil, why does Iran want nuclear power? With that legitimate resentment, the combination of nuclear materials and terrorism make us Americans so afraid of Iran, and that is why we generally support President Bush's action in the middle east.

In my travels, I find that understanding the culture first, bring better understanding, and so I try to understand the Persian perspective, and ask that Persians try to understand our perspective. We Americans seek world trade as a means to promote world peace, and to increase standards of living world wide, and we seek to keep sea lanes open for that purpose. We do not seek territorial ambitions, nor to dominate others, but rather to promote a rule set that increases trade and improves living standards. In this regard, in the middle of the last century, and to this day, there are many non-democratic countries in the middle east. In the past, the US has supported "Strong-Man" rule there, to keep a lid on extremists, so that US could conduct its trade in peace. However, is supporting strong-men, such as the Shaw of Iran, we did not live up to our principles of supporting evolution into democracies. This was another policy mistake by the USA. We should have supported strong-men rule, only if they agree to implement democratic reforms to give all an outlet to express their grievances. Only in this way, can all participate in the affairs of state. Again, I sincerely apologize for our past mistakes. We are not prefect, but we do learn slowly over time from our mistakes, be it slavery, women's right, racial tolerance, the original 1947 sin, or the unequivocal support of strong-men in the middle east. Please forgive us, and understand we want Iran to be full partners with us in this modern world. We truly wish Iran to prosper in democratic principles in a globalized world economy.

I am sensitive that Muslim do not want western decadence injected into their society. This I fully support and agree with. Drugs, prostitution, obscenity should have no place in our world, but there will always be those who don’t follow God's laws, and we in the US pass laws restricting wide exposure. Likewise, it is a legitimate practice to restrict in the Muslim world these bad practices and to restrict western exposure. I can agree with this, as long as it is the PEOPLE, both men and women, who can vote in free and fair elections, guided by their own morality, rather than by the Mullahs. The Mullahs' job is to teach the people what is the proper way to live. It is then the people's responsibility to vote in leaders that will further those good moral rules. And if the people, guided by their belief in GOD decide to restrict decadent practices and western exposure, then that is just fine with me. Its your country, and you can decide for yourselves what is best for internal Iran.

I beg Iran and the Iranian people, for understanding, and to forgive the original 1947 sin while seeking just compensation for those affected. I beg Iran and the Iranian people, for understanding, and to forgive our past support of strong-man rule in the middle east. I pray to God Almighty, that the USA and Iran will drop the hostility, open up normalized relations, and become friends in trade. God Willing. Sincerely, Derrick Michael Reid

Hannibal Lecter: "Release Buffalo Bill from Gitmo"

  The situation confronting Obama and his pledged GITMO termination is a very big concern to us all. Obama cant be that stupid to just release those bad guys. But maybe Obama aint that smart to develop a good working plan. So, lets try to help him out, as the loyal opposition.

Hannibal Lecter: What is it, what is it's nature, what does it do?
Clarice Starling: He kills.
Hannibal Lecter: No, that is only incidental, he covets.

What is their nature? What is their culture? What is their religion? How can that be used to perfect desired results?

While terror bombs are exploded in Iraq and Afghanistan killing our boys and their children, it is difficult to view them as "freedom" fighters, ala Cindy Sheehand, but from their perspective that is exactly how they view themselves. Hence, such a view, while facially appalling, is nonetheless rational, in their eyes. What are the groups we face? There is AlQueda, Taleban, Baath Saddamists, Shiite Militias. To the Muslim world, infidels on their soil are viewed as crusaders, and there is a cultural tendency to eject the invaders. We can understand that, and how they would rally in support of each other to defeat the invaders.

There is the Taleban, though considered ruthless and intolerant by our standards, they nonetheless represented a government, with a sizable portion of the population supporting them, likewise the Bath Saddamists. Those Taleban and Saddamist fighters can be considered as rebels and insurgents in a political war for control of their lands. The Shiite militias are also vying for control and for protection from the Saddamists. As Iraq quiets down, and democracy takes root, by GWB invasion there, the Saddamists and Shiite Militias will more and more toward and join the democratic processes and over time will become more civil. This can be said for the Taleban as well if Obama presses the Afghanistan war as he claims he will, and as he plans to insert 30K additional troops. The Taleban, Saddamists, and Shiites Militia will eventually lay down their arms and join the political processes. As far as Taleban at GITMO, they should be transferred to Afghanistan prisons, and let the Afghans deal with them as them deem fit. Saddamists and Shiite Militia should be sent to Iraq and the Iraqi deal with them as them deem fit. If guilty of mass terror, they should be tried by military tribunal and hung if guilty, or released to their homeland for jail terms. 

AlQueda and Pakistani terrorists remain the threat, long term, and must be dealt with severely. As to the Pakistanis, as long as W.Pakieland harbors sworn enemy of the US, then drones is the play, while using troops to secure the borders there. That seems to be the play now in process. In so doing, the Pakistani government will become more forceful to sit on the crazies, and that has just been proven with their recent cooperation shutting down a terrorist charity having members participating in the Mumbei (Bombay for us older guys) strikes. The Pakistani government has and should be encouraged to more forcefully sit on their own crazies, which I think will happen, if Obama keeps up the pressure by pounding W.Pakieland at every opportunity to do so. The US has failed to pursue diplomatic cease fire, and that is a major problem. Peace is most desirable of all, but how can the US have peace with sworn theocracy bent on causing terror?

AlQueda and ISIS remains the threat, with no home land, an outlaw cult, that is capable of transnational strikes, and we do not want GITMO releases to reinforce them, as they are the ones who will project transnational terror, and possibly hit us again. As far as AlQueda at GIMO, they could all be release to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were the ones that started this war on terror with their hot rhetoric, and should take responsibility for it, and take ALL AlQueda detainees.  

The Saudis came out in 2004 with their famous, Islam yes Terror No, anti-terror campaign slogan. Lets put it and them to the test. Now, their culture for confining prisoners is a bit more brutal than western culture, allot more. They would have no problem with public floggings, dismemberment, and decapitations for the smallest of crimes. So lets suppose we have an AlQueda type, and we send them to Saudi Arabia for confinement. If they get released, then that lessen the political pressure. But, perhaps a deal can be worked out. Suppose the Saudis get a AlQueda who 1) publicly asked Allah for forgiveness for the killing of innocents on AlJazeera, 2) swears to Allah that he would not aid or abet AlQueda on AlJazeera, 3) agrees to extradition if captured for such acts on AlJazeera, 4) understands that all immediate family members will be subject to term incarceration if he rejoins AlQueda, and 5) that if he is captured again, will be subject to the most hideous form of Saudi justice, leading to a very painful death, in public, and his remains will be wrapped in pig skin and sent to the bottom of the ocean for eternity for violating his oath to Allah. They may even get some spies to work for them by payments in gold to their families. What you do then is you use their culture against them, to control them, and use Muslim governments to control the crazies, and use Religious heads to denounce Jidhad against the west, which must be done, if we are ever to win the war on terror. Use the Muslim Governments and their Muslim culture to control extreme Muslims according to their laws, religion, and punishment standard to and perfect the desired result.

Of course, Obama is playing with fire, but as long as there are detainees, Western culture will seek civil rights, civil trials, and comfortable incarcerations, for any of them. This is a conflict of cultures of course, and hence, we need to fight the war on terror with not only good Intel methods, and military force as needed, but also with are brains, and be smart in terms of controlling the crazies. The war on terror will never be won until democratic and civil Muslim societies and governments and theocrats sit on the crazies. We need them to control their own, and the best way for them to do that is through their own culture. The problem is not finding the solution, but have the US state department think out of the box, to defeat international terror, which, frankly, just aint happening. Repeated military interventions, drone strikes, bombings, and delta force operations, no matter how tactically successful, will not bring strategic defeat of the jihadist militants and their reign of terror. Noble, thoughtful, quite foreign diplomacy is the key long term solution. 

Indefinite incarceration is out. Military tribunal courts are out. But that does not mean we just sit by and let Obama screw up. We help him to achieve the desired result, and that is, having Muslim governments sit on the crazies using their culture and religion. It may be effective to release Muslim AlQueda types to Muslim Governments that can more effectively deal with them, on their cultural level, as a plan worth considering. Given the geopolitical cultural and religious realities, the solution is had through those means, and one other, and when that course is diplomatically pursued quietly but with a big stick, then long term success may be had, and with that, the silence of the lambs.

President Putin's Absolute Rule

There was the NKVD, Stalin's henchmen, who, on orders from Stalin's, executed in 1940 the polish intelligentsia, fearing they would oppose soviet occupation and domination, including 61000 people of which 15000 were civilian professionals and the polish elite, and 9000 Polish Army officers, 4800 of which were found by the Nazi in 1943 in a mass grave in the Katyn Forest in Eastern Poland. Then we had the KGB, Kruchev-Brezhnev's Boys who kept an eye on Eastern Europe, during which OUR PAL PUTIN, got his training.

Now we have the FSB, the Russian Federation Secret Bureau under control of Moscow and that means Putin in fact and concurrently soon Medvedia by law. The stink of course was the assassination of the KGB spy, with poloium, purportedly done by the Russians under orders from Moscow. I don’t really have a problem with a sovereign government ordering the assassination of a spy turn-coat, the problem of course, was that the deed was done on British soil, with London in a fuss and demanding extradition of the alleged assassin, with Moscow refusing, of course, and in retribution to the extradition clamor, the Russians are shutting down British-Counsel offices, one of which was the recently targeted one in Ekatrinburg, east of Moscow, and all of which are purportedly cultural exchange offices, teaching English and Western Culture to Russians, the charges being alleged trump up charges of tax evasion, and alleging its a spy front, as Putin attempts to apparently silence non-government organization (NGOs), particularly foreign ones, from operating in Russia, and meddling in Russia's internal affairs. This is kind of like Nixon's "outside agitators" operating on the UC Berkeley campus or others in the early 70s. The difference of course is that Nixon was a War President, and Putin is not, and so, the justifications for censorship does not seem apparent in Russia. What do they have to loose, with free speech, by anyone, I ponder continuously, without result. Putin apparently has engaged in vote rigging, reporter assassinations, and political opponent assassinations, you know, the KGB style of democracy

Maybe PM Brown should follow Churchill's then example, and ignore the executions, to preserve the alliance. That is, let it go, to sustain the cultural exchanges, the long term gain, for Russia and the world. I get the over all impression that Moscow, and that means Putin, just does not like the west telling Russia that it needs further reforming and hurting control that may be deemed necessary to keep Russia on track improving its economy. Of course, I have no way of really telling the truth of any of it, from my garage computer. But cultural tendencies are hard to change, and the NKVD set a standard early on, that’s for sure. Of course Putin has done nothing of that nature, but the problem was not the executions per se, but the absolute rule that eventually corrupts absolutely. Who really knows why Moscow is so resistance to absolute free speech, maybe its just cultural, and many Russians just don’t care, anyway. I don’t fully understand them, nor do I really know it all. I doubt if Professor Igor's english book on Russian culture, will explain Putin's motivations satisfactory. So, the mystery will continue.

But, with Putin as PM and Medvedeva as President, look out for the good-cop bad-cop routine on the international stage. Medvedeva is perfect as the international polite face man, and I think from Putin's power play perspective was a great choice. I of course will be advising Putin that Stalin's image just aint that great these days, as the world looks in retrospect, on absolute controls. Putin so far has done very well for Russia, and his legacy, is now his to loose in disgrace or cement in glory, in perpetuity.

Putin has done a very good job cementing an energy empire for Russia, and gets very high marks for that. Putin did not change the constitution for a 3rd term, and get very high marks for that. Putin held RUSSIA together as an integrated country, and the world needs Russia to emerge as a strong economic force, and get very very high marks for that. Putin defeated the chechnian rebellion, (as part of the war on terror), and get very very high marks for that, despite wold political opposition to his heavy hand there, that was and is COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. Putin did resurrect Russian pride, after the defeat of soviet Russia, and get very high marks for that. Consequently, Putin has enjoyed, justifiably so, high domestic support. However, with that support, and his cultural historical background, he has to be careful and not CONTROL to much, as it may be his undoing in the out years. Putin was justified in sedating the Chenenia Rebellion. Putin was justified in holding Russia together as one country. Putin was justified is forcing Ukraine to pay a fair price. Putin was justified in seeking PM post, UNDER LAW.
The problem is that, he may repeat his Georgian mistake, with his soviet and control prospensities, and OVER PLAY HIS HAND, and be remembered as a tyrant, rather than a democrat. But either way, Russia is locked into the global movement, and will become more democratic as the decades march on, and the old soviet population dies off. In 25 years, US and RUSSIA will be close partners, and basically on the same team, which, in large measure they effectively are today, though you would not know it reading the press reports. The CORE members are essentially on the same team, in the global confluence.
The best thing for the WORLD, is for BHO to approach Putin, they/he loves being respected on the world stage, with an olive branch, with offers to support full EU, WTO and NATO Russian integration, with return promises to curb Iranian and N Korean Nukes, which are allot closer to Russia than the US territories, as both powers fight together the war on terror. Problem of course is that with the neocons at his back, led by HRC SPECTRE FOUNDATION, the US has burned a civil bridge to Moscow as well as losing the Crimea using ignoble foreign policy. A new administration is needed to patch up the mess BHO and HRC created starting a new cold war with Russia.
There are ABSOLUTELY no justifications for any hostilities between the YANKS and BEARS, in this 21st century. Much of the hostility is based upon cultural and historical backgrounds, rather than an accurate apraisal of the current state of affairs. If Putin could only see the future, and become a world class hero and a true democrat, and join the West, as we as a global people conflue together. 20th century is gone, and good riddens. Russia should also give back the Japan WWII island to Japan, for a very heavy heavy price, say 500 tonnes of gold. Putin needs this gold to then force the UN to abandon fiat money, and hence, the US fiat reserve currency. Thereby removing a border distput with Japan which was WRONG in WWII, enabling EU/NATO integration, and global respect as a team player. 
For those who can see it, for what it exactly is: Russia has moved from Tsarist Reign to Totalitarian Communism to Totalitarian Democracy. America has moved from Democratic Capitalism to Democratic Regulated Markets, to Totalitarian Democracy. Both have cultural background retarding those movements, from opposing political directions, but, both are meeting in the center of Totalitarian Democracy. Putin's henchmen may very well stifle the press, as the DC elitists bailout the banksters. Which is more EVIL?  Flip a coin, I say. China has moved from Totalitarian Communism to Totalitarian Regulated Markets, and will also eventually get to, well you guessed it, Totalitarian Democracy, that is, the projected NEW WORLD ORDER. Totalitarian Democracy, is code speak for controlling socialism, already cemented in the EU, which led the way, with Russia and the US not far behind, with China trailing a bit behind US-Russian cultural political evolution.
This totalitarian socialism can only be sustained through a FIAT COMPLEX that allows government to secretly cheat and steal wealth from the people, to concentrate power in government, to perfect programs and mandates, in addition to progressive tax rates, both of which are inherently socialistic, and evil, but also, inherently unsustainable, and hence, causes periodic collapses of the fiat regimes, as the average fiat money last about 40 years, and Nixon closed the gold window in 1972, and 2012 is the when the FRN fiat collapse should be upon the world, as the FRN dollar is the world reserve currency.
Totalitarian Democracy is OUT RIGHT highly controlled socialism but with approval by the free-speech voters, and it is based upon:
the peoples voting approval of, all according to their ability, and all according to their need, per Karl Marx on the USSA. Communism is an economic system, not a political state, which system is where the state owns all property. Communism is a failure, because it does not reward human greed to maximize productivity. 
Capitalism and Socialism go through cyclic or secular movements. Socialism is currently peaking with fiat controls, as real money is suppressed and capitalism highly regulated. The pendulum swings, however, over the eons, and in 20 years, we will be back to PROSPEROUS times with a revival of capitalism, only to then be taken down again, as the collective COMPASSION over comes us all, leading to then another failure of socialism. And so on. But, the up coming global TRADE WARS, may suppress socialism in the far out years. We as a global people may just learn something new. Have faith, and realize that fiat money is inherently fraudulent and is in its death throws, and so is Socialism, that is sustained only on that fraudulent money. Real Honest Money, budgets, and capitalism will return again, from the ashes of broken leftist promises, and will return next time world wide, as all compete in the up coming global trade wars. Have faith my friends, as night follows days, there will be a rebirth of self-reliance, self-reward, self-respect, and maximized productivity and individual charity, and improved over all standards of living, we just have to go through these periods of cry-baby decadent godless socialism, and resulting loss of wealth, from time to time. Until, we as a global people, finally, GET IT, and that is, we are human beings, individuals, and not monotones well suited to government dictates and dependency. But after the collapse, and gold replaces fiat, as war will be replaced by the TRADE WARS,  in the global confluence, where a premium is placed upon productivity, and that means, a CAPITALISTIC REBIRTH about the globe in this democracy (and ultimately capitalistic) century.
Currently, it is sad but true, we live in the UNITED SOCIALISTIC STATES of AMERICA. Decadent Godless Socialism reigns supreme in the land of the enslaved and the cowards. So, friends, live long (on O-care) but dont prosper (as the state will take it from you), until we throw off the yoke of DC elitist socialism and return to our beloved democratic capitalism. Until then, peace be with you, comrads.

AP BBC CNN Jew Haters feed International Bias

Does silence on the subject render you complicit? Just Curious. I have been Kiev, and kharkov, and Chernotsi, "Ukriena", and to "Roossiea" 12 times, and I have talked with many and heard the stories, and its real, baby, some sick stuff for sure, and I understand the Nazis for what they were, and it first started with the terror on Jews, now going on in a Gaza neighborhood near you, then it progressed to saturate the minds of the public through Gerble and his propagandists, as now going in the WORLD PRESS with its global reach, and AP, BBC and CNN are the worst of the lot, blaming the war on terror on the Jews, and not the terrorists. Next, BBC will hold public raffles for the sought after prize of a JEW head shot. I repeat, I am surprise there is a Jew left alive in this world. When you need an convenient enemy to rally the folks, or a good cause like rat termination, or when you coward and submit to the BROWN shirts (aka Muslims in the EU turning the EU into the modern day appeasers), the next thing, is to TAKE OUT THE JEWS. Who cares about them? They are an easy convenient target, not having a home land, and on the run for 2000 years. It all makes me sick, these world publications and their bias in favor of appeasement encouraging genocide of a people having a peaceful belief in a good and merciful god.

KIEV, Ukraine – The Holocaust has a landscape engraved in the mind's eye: barbed-wire fences, gas chambers, furnaces.Less known is the "Holocaust by Bullets," in which over 2 million Jews were gunned down in towns and villages across Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Their part in the Nazis' Final Solution has been under-researched, their bodies left unidentified in unmarked mass graves."Shoah," French filmmaker Claude Lanzmann's documentary, stands as the 20th century's epic visual record of the Holocaust. Now another Frenchman, a Catholic priest named Patrick Desbois, is filling in a different part of the picture.Desbois says he has interviewed more than 800 eyewitnesses and pinpointed hundreds of mass graves strewn around dusty fields in the former Soviet Union. The result is a book, "The Holocaust by Bullets," and an exhibition through March 15 at New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage.Brought to Ukraine by a twist of fate, Desbois has spent seven years trying to document the truth, honor the dead, relieve witnesses of their pain and guilt and prevent future acts of genocide.Some 1.4 million of Soviet Ukraine's 2.4 million Jews were executed, starved to death or died of disease during the war. Another 550,000-650,000 Soviet Jews were killed in Belarus and up to 140,000 in Russia, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Most of the victims were women, children and the elderly.Begun after Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, the slaughter by bullets was the opening phase of what became the Nazis' Final Solution with its factories of death operating in Auschwitz and other camps, all in Nazi-occupied Poland.Desbois devotes his 233-page book, published by Palgrave Macmillan in August, to his work in Ukraine, where he says he has uncovered over 800 mass extermination sites, more than two-thirds of them previously unknown.Since the book was written, he has expanded his search for mass graves into Belarus and plans to look early this year in areas of Russia that were occupied by the Germans.Sometimes bursting into tears, old men and women from poor Ukrainian villages recount to Desbois how women, children and elders were marched or carted in from neighboring towns to be shot, burned to death or buried alive by German troops, Romanian forces, squads of local Ukrainian collaborators and local ethnic German volunteers.Even then, it was methodical, Desbois' research shows. First, Germans would arrive in a town or village and gather intelligence on how best to transport the victims to extermination sites, where to execute them and how to dispose of their bodies."It was done as systematically as it was done elsewhere," said John Paul Himka, an expert on the Holocaust and Ukraine at the University of Alberta in Canada, who is not connected to Desbois' work. "You can read as they're figuring out best way to do this, the best way to shoot ... it's absolutely systematic, no accident here."Desbois' interviews and grave-hunting tie in to millions of pages of Soviet archives, heightening their credibility, says Paul Shapiro, of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum who wrote the foreword to Desbois' book.Father Desbois' work is also having an impact on efforts to preserve Holocaust sites. In December, the 26-nation International Task Force on the Holocaust called on European governments to ensure the protection of locations such as the mass graves Desbois is uncovering, according to Shapiro, who helped draft the resolution.Among Desbois' key findings is the widespread use of local children to help bury the dead, wait on the German soldiers during meals and remove gold teeth and other valuables from the bodies. His work has also yielded evidence that the killings were most frequently carried out in the open, in daylight and in a variety of ways — shooting victims, throwing them alive into bonfires, walling up a group of Jews in a cellar that wasn't opened until 12 years later.Desbois' witnesses are mostly Orthodox Christian, and he comes to them as a priest, dressed in black and wearing a clerical collar, taking in their pain and trying to ease their suffering. Many have never before talked about their experiences. Israeli war against Hamas scars Gaza's children. Now hold that HEADLINE in your thoughts, and lets read some of it, JUST FOR KICKS.

JEBALIYA, Gaza Strip – Surrounded by mountains of rubble that were once their homes, two dozen children sat on a rainbow-colored blanket and drew with crayons. They quickly filled the pages passed around by trauma counselors with pictures of Israeli tanks, dead bodies and Palestinians firing assault rifles — scenes they saw when Israel's war on Hamas came into their neighborhood. "We felt we will die soon," 11-year-old Sharif Abed Rabbo told the group, describing his family's escape. "And I am sad I lost my house." Psychologists say Israel's three-week offensive inflicted more severe trauma than previous conflicts in Gaza because civilians in the crowded sliver of territory had no safe place to run. A wartime study among hundreds of Gaza children showed a rise in nightmares, bedwetting and other signs of trauma, said psychologist Fadel Abu Hein. Counselors and aid workers fear that Gaza's children, who make up 56 percent of the 1.4 million people here, will grow up hating Israel and become easier prey for extremists. "We are losing the next generation," said John Ging, the top U.N. aid official in Gaza. As a buffer against militancy, U.N. schools are launching human rights classes for their 200,000 students this week. 

OK, now lets look at some key words and phrases: Surrounded by mountains of rubble, drew with crayons, We felt we will die soon, 11-year-old, I lost my house, trauma counselors nightmares, Israel's three-week offensive, Human Rights, 200,000 students, losing next generations, OK, you get the picture? OK, Now back to the headline. Lets read it a couple of more times: Israeli war against Hamas scars Gaza's children.

Ok, you got it, now lets first look at the POOR-ME content, CHILDREN, dont we all feel bad for children? Of course we all do. Hear the comes the TEARS. It is sad, dont you agree? The poor children were caught up in the battle, and it is sad. can we all agree? OK good. Defenseless children right, They are defenseless little kids, POOR THINGS, right? ok, good Next, the word SCAR. The kids faces were slit, they were SCARED, and are now MENTAL BASKET CASES. The POOR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN BRUTALIZED and SUFFERED, the DEFENSELESS LITTLE KIDS and been BRUTALLY SCARED. Dang, dont you really really feel bad for them POOR LITTLE DEFENSELESS SCARED FOR LIFE LITTLE CHILDREN? of course you do, anyone would, right? good, we all agree. Then we have the player Israeli and Hamas, right? No confusion there right? Now lets look at the words WAR AGAINST. ok, against implies does it not A FORCE, a MOVING FORCE, APPLYING PRESSURE, right? Right, can we agree. Now the words "war against" is applied before HAMAS, meaning that IT WAS Israeli who was the NAKED AGGRESSOR, the ATTACKER, THE RUTHLESS INVADERS, THE ONES WHO APPLY THE DISPROPORTIONATE FORCE. So, when you read this headline, what message does it send

Israel, the naked war aggressor, the ruthless invaders, the attackers, who applied the disproportionate force against the innocent, defenseless, poor little, now scared-for-life children of HAMAS. Is there any suggestion at all that HAMAS fired rockets into Israel for years? NOPE Is there any suggestion at all that HAMAS used their children as human shields? NOPE Is there any suggestion at all that HAMAS provoke the attacks? NOPE  Is there any suggestion at all that Admadinejah funded the rockets and provoked the meat grinder that is GAZA? When you can read something for the propaganda it is, BBC is famous for it, by the way, AP a close second, then you begin to understand why THE EU and UN are full of Jew haters. 

The EU is held hostage to Muslim Immigrants. The International press is in the tank for the Terrorists. The EU press, eg BBC, has fed the world one string of propaganda BS, with their BIASED reporting. I am surprised there is a Jew left alive in this world.

Israeli Strike kills Gaza Straining Truce

I ask anyone why it is, according to his headlines, THAT ITS ONLY THE ISRAELIS who are "straining" the truce. Does not Israel act ALWAYS, in response, in retaliation, yet, Its ISRAEL that is "straining" the truce. BS BS BS headlines of course. To be fair of course, there is a reference to militants, NOT HAMAS terrorists on five year terror campaign,, but soft peddling "militants". Militants are no more than restless sign carrying demonstrators, right? Those poor little militants, getting killed. They are freaking terrorists fire rockets INDISCRIMINATELY at Jew population centers, with NO MILITARY OBJECTIVE, other than to provoke world sympathy for the Hamasians, intentionally sacrificing their toddling human shields and generate hatred of the blood thirsty JEWS. Of course, its not politically correct to call them TERRORISTS, less AP, BBC, and CNN HQs get fire bombed, right? And lets not use that ISLAMIC FASCIST characterization, well suited for AlQueda and IRANIAN sponsors, that would not be nice, right? But Israel STRAINS TRUCE, SCARS CHILDREN FOR LIFE, etc etc. That is a one-sided view, of course.

Israeli strike kills Gaza militant, strains truce By IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writer Ibrahim Barzak, Associated Press Writer

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – A missile from an Israeli aircraft struck a car traveling in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday, killing a Palestinian militant and further straining a truce with the territory's Hamas rulers.

Terror must be fought with force and lots of force," she said. "Therefore we will strike Hamas." The strike came as the Islamic militant group sent a delegation to Egypt in hopes of wrapping up a long-term cease-fire to Israel's three-week military offensive that killed nearly 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza. The truce is being negotiated by Egyptian mediators as Israel and Hamas refuse direct talks.A day earlier, Israel's prime minister threatened "harsh and disproportionate" retaliation for continued violations of the informal Jan. 18 cease-fire, which has been tested by sporadic Palestinian shelling attacks and Israeli airstrikes.In Monday's airstrike, the military said it targeted a group of militants who had fired mortar shells at Israel. Palestinian medical officials said a militant in the vehicle was killed, while a second occupant and two bystanders were wounded. The identities of the wounded were not immediately known. gee wiz, I guess we should have known it. When you have reporters with the names like: IBRAHIM BARZAK, NASSER KARIMI, OMAR SINAN. I guess that pretty much says it all. Why dont they just rename AP, "The Militant Gazette", and call it like it is.

All you Jew haters out there, who think the middle east problem is all Jew caused, who think the banksters are Jew instruments, and who think the BBC, CNN and AP are just way cool,  and who are probably left leaning socialists looking for a scape goat,
raise your hands. (come on be brave ... hhhmm) Thought so, you bunch of cowards, like those EU and UN pricks and jew haters looking for someone else to blame for their lot in life.

What difference is there between a Nazi head shooter and a islamofascist throat slitter? What difference is there between the promise of a 1000 year Reich and 76 promised virgins? What difference is there between Hitler's cult of Personality and extremists' hijacking of a good moral religion? What difference is there between chanting fist-waving black hooded girls and goose stepping SS formations? What difference is there between a Eurasian imperial conquest and a Eurindonesian imperial conquest? What difference is there between SS Gestopo Interrogators and Iranian morality police? What difference is there between Hitler's Body Guards and Iranian Revolutionary Guards? What difference is there between Hitler's Henchmen and Iranian Suicide Volunteers? What difference is there between the Munchen Brown Shirts and the intolerant EU immigrants? What difference is there between Gerbles' propagandists and the EU press?

LONDON – Britain on Tuesday published its first list of people barred from entering the country for allegedly fostering extremism or hatred, including Muslim extremists, a right-wing American radio host, an Israeli settler and jailed Russian gang members.

The U.K.'s law and order chief, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, said she decided to publish the names of 16 of 22 people who have been banned by the government since October so others could better understand what sort of behavior Britain was not prepared to tolerate. She cited unidentified "public interest" reasons for not disclosing the other six names.  Popular American talk-radio host, Michael Savage, who broadcasts from San Francisco and has called the Muslim holy book, the Quran, a "book of hate," is on the list. Savage also has enraged parents of children with autism by saying in most cases it's "a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out." Savage told the conservative Web site that he was considering legal action against Smith for defamation. "She's linking me with mass murderers who are in prison for killing Jewish children on buses? For my speech? The country where the Magna Carta was created?" the site quoted him as saying Tuesday. Give it up Savage, those appeasing brits are part OF THE PROBLEM. Cant talk about gays spreading disease or cut-throat preaching Muslims, its just TO HONEST AN OPINION.

Netanyahu Suggestion from an Obscure Friend

Let west bank as East Palestine and Gaza as West Palestine disjointed land nationhood. It would be the responsibility of E & W Palestine to protect minority Jews living there as is normal. In the event of a rocket attack from either E or W Palestine, you declare an act of war, placing their political head in the cross hairs. You strike any know launch location and take out their leadership in retaliation. You must not engage in false flags, and be sure to prove provocations. E and W Palestine leadership will get the picture fast, and have a tendency to suppress terror. Over the long haul, peace achieved. You got huge problem, government-culture-religion combining to cause terror. Good luck my friend. Peace be with you.

Saudi Arabia is Partly Responsible

There a maxim in American jurisprudence that one is presumed to intend the natural and probable consequences to there acts with proximal causation placing an indirect or direct relationship between a bad act and a damaging result, justifying tort liability on one committing a civil wrong.
For at least 30 years, the Saudis have sold the US oil and have in return pocketed vast hoards of gold, that is especially accelerating with shy high gold prices. The Saudis have regularly engaged in business in this country justifying federal court jurisdiction over the kingdom. Equally, during this time, the Saudis, at the center of militant Islam, have used their gold from our petrol dollars to preach their hate of the infidels, to promote militant Islamic schools to further their hate of the west and to promote terror and terror groups, and have even engaged in promoting Islam in our prisons to recruit domestic terrorists.
As a direct result of Saudis' funding militant Islam and global terror, there now is a war of on terror that extents from militants from Spain to Indonesia, that was precipitated in earnest by Saudis directly attacking the US on 9/11. The Saudis are presumed to have intended terror and the war on terror through their long support of militant Islam and the use US petrol dollars as a mean to promote militant Islam worldwide, to raise Mecca as the center of the world. But, they went to far, in that, some of that terror has even struck in the kingdom over recent years, and are now back-peddling with their new policy, "Islam Yes, Terrorism No".
Now, the war on terror will never until democracies are stood up giving all rights of expression and grievances with governments that will sit on the islamo fascists, and as such, the battle in Iraq is part of the war on the terror. The US tax payers are spending hundreds of billions of dollar to civilize militant Islam, in addition to suffering thousands of US dead on the battle field.
I propose that the US Government sue the Saudis in federal court and obtain a judgement for indirectly promoting war and then send the Saudis an invoice for several trillion dollars for the cost of the war on terror and to compensate for US dead. The judgement should also come with a writ of execution for immediate seizure of Saudi funds. If they don’t pay, simply send in a marine division, seize their gold hoard, made on the back of our dead and US tax payers.  What is fair is fair.

When Smart Bombs Pop Over Tehran

A melt down is on the near horizon, far exceeding that of Chernobyl Ukraine, but this time, will be intentionally done, probably by summer, and Gold will pop to over $1000/oz, virtually over night, and maybe to $1500/oz. With moderate-of-late Sharon out of the political picture with a stroke, it will be difficult for Perez to hold the middle ground in Israel's politics to secure a centrist political party victory supporting Palestinian statehood and unilateral withdraw and moderation, as the Likud party chief, and former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu resurfaces from the shadow's of the parting Sharon. It wont take long either after the March Israeli election.

Netanyahu wont mess around with Iran by begging for useless endless negotiations as are the EU-3 presently doing with Iran. Israel is relatively immune to Iran's threaten oil price increases, and will strike from the get go. Israel already has a massive stock pile of 2000 bunker busters and has a vast array of anti-missile batteries to counter the Salaam III 1500-mile range Iranian missiles. It wont matter what Iran says, truth or not, Israel will defend itself from being "wiped off the map". The Israeli knows that a vote for Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmer, Sharon's present 2nd, now tainted with the middle of the road tact, is too dangerous, in the presence of being threaten to be "wiped off the map", as the Iranian President has recently proposed. With Israel in fear of growing threats and extinction from Iran, Israelis will fall back on the old warrior, Netanyahu, as a necessary vote to defang Iran and preserve Israel.

Based on history, Netanyahu will act and act quickly, before summer. With multiple wars, oil supply uncertainty, vast fiat money printing, and global moves by central banks to buy gold in a supply deficit market, it is a no-brainer where gold will go this year. Gold will be in the four digits by July 4th, but initiated with a more impressive fire work show than that ever seen in a USA ballpark. The hard line Likud chief, Benjamin Netanyahu, will move as the bold man he is. Is there really any choice? Is there really any doubt?

The big surprise this day was the lack of a big gold move to the upside. The Gold Cartel must have been in play big time this day, or no one has their eyes open. This may be the cause of staggering open interest driving force in today's action. An ominous indicator may be, of course, the acquisition of jet fighter airborne tankers for the roundabout trip around Arabia, to Tehran. However, I see that as a military ruse, as Israel will directly violate Jordanian and Iraqi airspace, while faking delay to get the tankers, and will go for the jugular, hitting missile batteries and nuke facilities in a massive week long strike.

The USA will be out of this one, ostensibly, having its hands full in Iraq, but would love to hear an end to the "Death to America" screams, as the USA covertly supplies Israel with logistic support. Bush has been waiting a long time for Iraq to stabilize before taking action against Iran, knowing full well, the EU-3 would fail, especially after Iran rebuffed Russia's deal to process nuke material in Russia. Sharon's parting now trumped that delay, and Netanyahu will strike. What other choice does Netanyahu really have? NONE, especially with BHO selling out the US and Israel with an unverifiable deal.  

The Russian Paradox

The Tsars of imperial Russia ruled with an iron hand, and so did the politburo of Soviet Russia, leading to an imbedded and inbred Russian culture of strong man rule, for centuries, that has lasted to this day, despite the fall of the soviet union. This culture of strong man rule opposes liberalized political movements that would otherwise make modern Russians become true democrats and capitalists. Just because some wall fell down in a dominated foreign country, don’t mean that Russian culture will change any time soon. Most Russians have no clue what economic capitalism and political democracy are really all about, both of which, taking individual foresight and energy for successful participation, something missing in Tsarist or Soviet Russia. President Bush can complain all he wants about media controls, rigged elections, and dead reporters, but it wont make a difference to most Russians. They primarily could care less about real personal freedom, and will readily coward under centralized rule from Moscow, at least until the 45-70 years of age folks die off.

PM Putin, the real power in Russia, however, has a big problem. Sure, he can dictate election results, send out bombers on missions, and pound his chest on fishing trips, to arouse Russian patriotism and bring back memories of the sputnik days of glory, but what he can not do, is turn back the hands of time. Possessing a real zeal for centralized dictatorial rule, under the guise of a democracy, he is cornered in his mother land, without routes of power expansions to which he was indoctrinated many years ago under and for the KGB. Just look at a globe. The two possible areas of Russian expansion, have already been attempted, one is under the arctic ice, and the next is in the caucuses, both of which, in view of the expansive nature of the soviet empire, are but mere tokens of intent, but more importantly, insightful exposures of the nature and culture of his Russian population, which, in large measure at the grass roots, supported the move into Georgia.

This day, NATO chief Scheffer flew into Tbilisi Georgia with thumbs up, indicating that NATO admission is a done deal, something Russia opposes, yet, it was Russia, that is Putin, who actually cemented this with the Russian drive toward the BTC oil pipeline in central Georgia, a planed geopolitical maneuver by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, who sent a raiding party into a break away province, to successfully incite, infuriate, and draw in a Russian response, playing and preying upon Russian culture, to thereby raise support in Western Europe for Georgian admission to NATO, and, with Putin over-playing his hand by moving Russian tanks beyond that break away province to the pipeline, and thereby played right into Saakashivili's gambit, and as such, Putin was played for a fool, with Saakashivili playing upon Russian culture and desires. The gambit worked, as Russia is now withdrawing under western political pressure and under the rebuke to requested support for independence in the break away provinces from Eurasian partners, most notably China, having provincial problems itself. Putin was played a fool, he was condemned by Europe, he cemented Georgian NATO admission, while obtaining a rebuke from his Eurasian friends. Strike three, and he is out of Georgia, as he is now moving back his tanks back into Russia. But did he or his Russians learn anything? Probably not, its cultural with them, and they don’t even know it, being played the fool.

It is the blind ambition of a tyrant, the embedded and inbred strong man culture, and a strong desire to regain the Yuri Gagarin glory of the old soviet union, that has led, by any fair analysis, to an embarrassment for Putin and Russia in Georgia. The Russian paradox exists, as they really want a strong-man Tsar to lead them back to the old glory days, but those days are long gone, as the map has been redrawn, as Poland positions NATO defense missiles within range of Russian air space. As both the Arctic, and now Georgia, the only possible avenues of expansion, have been played out, there is no place else for Russian expansion, in a global dead end. The war games with Venezuela may project some Russian influence, but mere influence is a far cry from the occupational dominance of eastern Europe by the Soviets. Just let Hugo and Putin have some fun fishing together for a photo shoot, and let the world draw their own conclusions.

In other aspects, the Russian central bank has been rapidly increasing its FOREX reserves, the energy complex is expanding, as does its gold hoard, while the Russian economy has expanded. But Russia still suffers from a deteriorating infrastructure, a literally dying population, and an economy that ranks Russia in the 2nd, if not 3rd, world economies. For all that glory seeking, Russia does not have the muscle, nor could that muscle be modernly used, as the days of massive tank armies of the 20th century, rolling through Europe unopposed are long gone, and hence, so is the traditional soviet style expansion methodology. Putin and Russia need to rethink their strategy for prospective gains in the 21st century.

As the Russian Bear has been, in large measure, geopolitically isolated to its home turf, and thereby caged in large measure, the strong-man culture and desires for the heady days of soviet domination are presently holding back Russia and the Russians from much more prosperous times and equal acceptance among all nations. Instead of trying to resurrect a defunked empire and a debunked economic system, the Russians should look inward and then forward, to rebuild their infrastructure, to improve medical care to stop the dying population, to provide child supports to increase the birth rate, to focus on new manufacturing capabilities, to increase political debate on TV, to institute free and fair elections, but most importantly, to join WTO and NATO and G8 in mutually cooperative, and not opposing, ways, and really join the global community, rather than to uselessly attempt to polarize the world for self gain under conventional soviet tactics, but, until the Russian population divorces itself from its indigenous strong man culture and heavy socialistic reliance upon centralized control, and start encouraging individualism, free expression, self-reliance, and international cooperation in earnest, Russia is doomed to backwardization, arctic field trips and Georgian picnics, under Putin, for the foreseeable future.

The New World Order

But what is, the precise definition of a new world order? It was not to precisely defined in that link, just several vague quotes were presented. However, there many good quotes that offered suggestions in that well done piece. Some quotes suggested rule by a world government, the UN, I suppose was meant. Some quotes suggested a "global parliament", a ruling body of sorts, with the US giving up its sovereignty. This struck me, being a civil war buff. To me, this dove tails into the classic American confrontation, "The war between the states", the contest between the plenary power of the centralized government versus individual distinct states' rights.

The southern rebellion in the US was predicated on the belief that the US constitution implicitly gave a state a right at any time to opt out of the union. The idea being, that they would not have entered it if they could not opt out. The new world order, then, in 1860, in north america, was the US government, and the southern states wanted to opt out, mostly to maintain their slave-plantations culture, without interference from the northern abolitionists. However, such opting out, would, over time, destroy this country, and hence, cry of "UNION" was the first "noble" cause of that war. Of course, President Lincoln emancipated the slaves (well not really, he only freed slaves in rebel held territory as a war measure under executive powers, where the US had no control, and did not free one slave, but that was enough to get the freedom train rolling, and slavery was eventually outlawed), as a secondary reason for that war, giving that war a more "nobler" purpose, but in the end, the war was a war of the suppression of a rebellion from that "new world order", as in the context of the US as a whole, as envisioned by the founding fathers, so nobly worshiped in that Midas Appendix link. It is ironic, of course, that that piece, which slams suggestions of a NEW WORLD ORDER, based upon love of the founding fathers, yet it was the founding fathers that did exactly the same in north America, which creation of a new world order, is now being derided in that Midas Appendix link, by the creating of a word-wide "new world order", in the global context.

Lets now expand US founding-father experimental concepts to the so-called "NEW WORLD ORDER" occurring, allegedly on the global scene world wide. First of all, I will distinguish here three themes, 1) the New World Order, 2) PNAC, the project for the American Century, and 3) The Global Confluence. (See thread entitled "china transforms north korea" for a full understanding of one interpretation of the Global Confluence, by your truly, as posted at lemetropolecafe). Regardless of how others interpret or explain these things, as I am no expert on any one of them, I will use my own parlance and explain these three things in my own way.

The base proposition is that freedom is based upon the "high-five", GOD GUNS GOLD LAND VOTE. What this really is, is a short encapsulation of the bill of rights, freedom of religion (to think and believe as I choose), right to bare arms (to prevent government from enslaving me and providing me the right of self defense), the right to property (and keep the rewards of my own work, and, capitalism to enjoy the fruits of my own labor, and, not to rely upon the hard work of others in life long and spiritually corrupting socialism, and, the right to hold constitutional real money to keep money honest and free from manipulative bankers and federal governments' destructive manipulations of moneys and economies) and democracy (to provide the government with the collective wisdom of the people as the best course of conduct, with majority rule as a core of personal freedom and rights of expressions). As an American, these freedoms are the key to long term civility among peoples, and is based upon the high five. These things must be preserved, or we all are, or will be soon, enslaved, one way or the other.

As far as an "American Century" project is concerned, the propagation of the high-five rights around the world, is a good thing. If the PNAC groupies seek to promote these freedoms around the world, I am for it, otherwise, forget it. What the PNAC groupies miss is that, long term change for the better occurs from within, not from without, and hence, forcing people to adopt American Culture is more difficult and will have less affect, than if such people are lead to understand the benefits of the American Culture, the high-five. Hence, the PNAC groupies may be counter-productive to the very things they themselves desire. The Global Confluence is a passively driven global movement toward international civility through the adoption of similar cultural values, whereas PNAC seems to be a down-your-throat means of perfecting the same. To the PNAC groupies, I would say, chill out, and let the global confluence takes it course in due time. Notwithstanding, however, the majority rule aspect of a democracy, is the key to understanding the 1860s US civil war, and the inherent problems perceived in the purported up and coming "NEW WORLD ORDER".

As to the GLOBAL CONFLUENCE, that is naturally occurring and is passively driven human cultural evolution, it is realized as a convergence of separate and distinct national states, changing from within, or causing a change within by activating external pressures due to internal conduct, (such as now with Iran, which is going to get rattled from within, by external military might, for their internal decisions to spread islamo fascist terrorism and the proliferation nuclear arms), and is motivated within, and due to, the human cultural drivers, of desires for freedom (democracy) and survival (capitalism) and spirituality (freedom to worship your own god as you desire). As such, the American Century, the New World Order, and the Global Confluence are three different perspectives of our changing world, with inter-relationships, in an on going every changing world. The Global confluence is a natural PNAC occurrence, so the new world order is viewed with respect to the global confluence.

So, the issue of focus is the distinction between a global new world order (the UNION forces), and the individual rights of states, (the REBEL forces), as the classical confrontation, in the context of the human cultural evolution driving the global confluence. The US so far, has done very well not to submit to the depravities of UN governance, dominated, or perhaps better characterized as, infected by, totalitarians, dictators, socialists, crooks, and islamo fascists, among other hideous and insidious influences, through the use of the security counsel VETO power. We, us Americans, are still to this day an independent state and people, but look out for the slippery slope into a global government that may seek to deprive us of our high-five rights.

The world today is not like our 18th century USA, where, by and large, only two "states", both north and south held many common values, save one, slavery, but that was of some common value when this nation was first founded. We paid for our original sin in blood, for that one. This is reflected in this world today. For example, the Chinese government would shoot dead their young in a heart beat for mere political expression. When will the Chinese people have enough of that, and revolt? I think, as part of the confluence, we are seeing it right now, this day. I certainly, don’t want to be dominated by that totalitarian state, nor forced to praise Allah, to save my throat from being slit. If on the other hand, the new world government, the UN, and our global people mature, and the UN issues a bill of "national rights", guarantying each state those "high-five" rights, well a UN global governance of increased powers, may not be so objectionable, if the world is all on the same team, defining states' rights, and having basically the same high-five culture, but, of course, the world is not in that state, just yet, and so, we Americans must be on guard to prevent the creep of UN governance over our lives, until such time, as the global confluence has worked its global magic and has migrated world cultures into the "American" high five culture, which is really, a universal culture of rights, and until then, forget the new world order, and give the UN, the rebel yell.