The American Empire 

     The Evil Empire
     The Evil Empire Trident
     USA Growing Internal Cancer
    Anti American Loyal Dissent
     Bill O'Reilly Spins Totalitarianism
     Fiat Money is the Essence of the Evil Empire
     Rick Santelli Scored for Freedom
     US Government Plenary Power is Totalitarianism
     Ron Williams, Drops the Nuke Bomb on the USA!
     Give me Liberty or Give me Death
     The Fall of Rome
     Entanglement and Independence
     Get Real American, Strut Your Stuff!
     The Rebel Yell
     Communistic Leg Irons
     Chaotic System Failure 
    Two Sides of the Same Coin

     Stabilized Global Confluence 
     USA Russia China EU Canada Islands
     Global Confluence Interconnections
     Human Cultural Evolution
     Major World Problems
     US Cultural Evolution
     US Russian Confrontations
     USA Diplomatic and Military Imperialism 
     Russian-Sino Territorial Imperialism

     US Exceptional Foreign Policy
     USA Ignoble Foreign Policy
     BHO Appeasement Foreign Policy
     USA Foreign Policy and WAR
     BHO Defending Humanity
     Rebel Yell and THE NWO
     Gun Slinger In Chief
     Unite the Global Powers
     Republicans Will Militarily Intervene

     Women Abortion Rights
     Simple Equal Protection
     One Nation Under God
     Tolerance Respect Acceptance Approval
     Gay Marriage and Civil Unions
     Gay Activists at the State Level

     Wall Street versus Main Street
     Main Street Wealth Transferred to Wall Street
     USA Taxes, Manufacturing, and Free Trade
     USA Lawlessness Running Rampant
     USA Main Street Over Wall Street
     FDR promoting the RAW DEAL
 Wealth Transfer from 99% to the top 1%

     An Imperfect Corrupt World
     President John F Kennedy 
     President Ronald Reagan 
     Loose Screw in the Kremlin
     Loose Screw in Tienanmen Square

     Offered Bear Hug
     North Korea, the Cold War Hangover
     War Aint Allowed, as the Confluence Marches On
     Nuclear Weapon Free Earth
     Kissinger in Moscow, Right On Baby!
     President Putin Warns US About Socialism
     Adults Dont Let Iranian Children Play with Guns
     Hannibal Lecter: "Release Buffalo Bill from Gitmo"
     President Putin's Absolute Rule
     AP BBC CNN Jew Haters feed International Bias
     Israeli Strike kills Gaza Straining Truce
     Netanyahu Suggestion from an Obscure Friend
     Saudi Arabia is Partly Responsible
     When Smart Bombs Pop Over Tehran
     The Russian Paradox
     The New World Order

     USA Imperial Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Empire
     USA Imperialism
     USA Totalitarianism
     USA Socialism
     USA Fascism
     USA Empire
     Military Interventions
     International Proxy Wars
     Political Interventions
     Cultural Interventions
     Do Ask but Need Not Tell

     New World Financial Order 
     Eurasia and Western Financial Structures
     Federal Reserve Jaw Boning
     BRICS Bank, AIIB Bank, Currency Transfers and Swap Facilities
     Counter Productive Trade Sanctions

     My Dad has a Gun 
     Immigration Solution Lock Up
     They Aint Getting US Lands Back
     The Third Immigration Wave
     No Second Class Peoples
     Illegal Alien Immigration Plan
     Reservation Red Men
     Ending Systemic Racism 
     All Lives Matter

     Iran and the Bomb Negotiations 
     The Key to Iran is Donestk
     Iranian Failed US Policy
     Nuclear Standoff with Iran
     The Iran Nuclear Deal

     Women Rights
     Women are Actually Different than Men
     Feminist Activist Hysteria
     Fair Market Value of Service Rendered
     The Abortion Issue Solution

     Gay Rights
     Gays and Ancient Taboos
     Gay Activism Hysteria 
     LGBT and the Civility Spectrum
     The Gay Marriage Issue Solution
     The Gay Pyrrhic Victory
     Politically Pandered Activists
     The Decimated Boy Scouts
     Two Way Street
     A Tolerant Baker

    World Peace Tour
    International Political Assault Plan
     Russia China UK World Peace Tour
     Ukraine Open Proposal Russian Translation
     Open Public Proposal to US and Russia
     Ukraine Rebellion and International Analysis

     Walking Liberty is Real Money
     Global Walking Liberty 
     Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick
     War and Dollar Replaced by Trade and Gold
     Projections into the 21st Century

     Distributive Safety Nets 
     An Inherent Duplicitous Fraud 
     The Piggies get a Free Lunch
     USA Rampant Evil Mala en Se
     The Proper Use of Safety Nets

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