Supporting Memoranda 

     Pandering Political Machines 
     Two Totalitarian Pandering Political Machines
     State Law and States Rights v Constitution and Republic
     Panderers and the Pandered
     You can Pin a Trunk on a Donkey, but its still an Ass
     Pandering Indirectly Causes Deaths 
     Identifying Political Pander

     Farcical Republican Party
     Totalitarian Cave-In Party
     USA RNC DNC Political Stalemate
     Rebellion Against the Deterioration
     OReilly and Taxes
     Four Republicans
     Mitt's plan offers no hope
     112th Implements Cut-Go
     Republicans offer NO hope or change
     Americans Propagandized
     Real Money & Compassionate Conservatism
     Presidency of the USA
     Presidential Candidacy

     Pandering Democrat Party
     Open Loop Vote Democrat Party Pandering
     DNC anti-christ Jihadist politics
     BHO Is Our Prison Keeper
     Intellectually Dishonest Democrats
     Required Pandering Training
     Liberals are so Easy
     Honest Lefties are Misguided
     Traditional Americana
     Honorable Liberalism
     Constitutional Reactionary Politics
     In Remembrance of President Lincoln
     A Libertarian Dark Horse
     The Libereens
     The Party of Tolerance
     Personal Intercourse Four Tiers
     Libertarian Party Delegates
     Liberty and Freedom
     Anarchists and Sovereigns 
     Constitutional Libertarianism
     Libertarian Party Nominee
     Libertarian Big Tent Party
     Libertarian Republic

     Liberty and Freedom Objectives
     Libereen Major Objectives
     Libereen Reactionary Objectives
     Comprehensive Plan
     Project Engineering Government Reforms
     Federal Government Hierarchies     
     Right to Work

     Flat Tax
     Proposed Platform
     Presidential Pledge
     Comprehensive Solution Set
     Broad Political Appeal 
     Presidential Debate Address
     Political Victory Plan

     Political Summary 
     Vote for Liberty and World Peace
     Totalitarian Democracy Web Site  
     Libertarian Party
     Twitter Home of the Libereens
     Facebook Posts
     Space-Time Event Horizon Detection
     American Collapse Appears Imminent
     Presidential Candidates offer no Solutions
     The Most Important Issue

     Devils and Angles, America's Birth Right
     National Founding upon Devils and Angles
     Moral Hazards of Socialism
     Onward Christian Soldier
     US Exceptionalism Crusading Foreign Policy
     The Five Cross Dimensional Skills
     Trustees of the University of Southern California
     Less is More 

     One Nation Under God 
     Atheists need an Attitude Adjustment
     Progressives belittling Faith
Babies are born Naive
     Religion and Government

     Americana Liberalism
     The Liberal Complex
     Tricky Dick Saved the Nation
     Convention of States
Term Limits

     Paved Road and Pot Heads
    Left Fork in the Paved Road 
     Reefer Madness
     Tobacco Alcohol Drugs Firearms
     Marijuana Legalization Advocates
     Corrupt Panderers and Riots
     Ferguson and Baltimore Riots
     DEFCON 2 this Summer 2015
     Huckabee Panders the Religious Right
     Everyone is Killing, mobilized by Pandered Socialism
     LGBT in Body Armour
     McD Warriors on LA Streets
     Minimum Wage of Surrender

     Sean Hannity Makes the Call
     2008 Election Demographics
     What a Great Country
     2004 Election Demographics
     Mighty Mouse was Decorated

     Societal Psychological Analysis
     In Constant Observation 
     Totalitarianism and Freedom Cycles
     Endless Struggles of Mankind

     Absolute Truths of Mankind
     Political Spooky Action
     Migration of the Evil Empire
     In Divine Conclusion

     Two Absorbing Beautiful Minds
     Modeling the Human Mind

     Government Apparatchiks
     I was in the Cross-Hairs of the Apparatchiks
     The Surrendered Gun was Kept by the Totalitarians 
     The no Pot Pot Case by the Police State in a Sweep
     The Children be Damned, the Police State is in Control
     The AA Driver, and the Drunk Police State
     Bank Highway Robbery and Police State Reinforcements
     Neighborhood Rants got one Dead Beat
     Home Owners Association, Tow Trucks, and the Tagger
     The IRS, Tax Attorneys, and the FRN Con Job
     Clowns at the County Medical Clinic 
     Medical Doctors are Spying for the SS
     The Pet Chicken was Betrayed
     Damned by the Lawyers and the Court
     Pharmacy Civil War at the Pool
     National Socialism evolves into Totalitarian Fascism
     Elementary School Totalitarianism
     Middle School Totalitarianism
     Stick it up your Bunny Hole
     The Squirrel Family
     Gaming the Welfare State
     Police Cadets get Hammered
     Apparatchick Experimental Results

 FRN Reserve Currency
     Global Reserve Currency
     Inflate and Deflate
     Gold Cartel and Russian Geopolitics
     USA Russia China, Showboating the People
     China Reserve Currency Imperialism
     Trapped Central Banksters
     US Seizes EU's Gold Hoard
     EU has US Taxpayers Pseudo Banks
     FED QE to Infinity and required Gold Price Suppression
     Store of Value and Medium of Exchange
     Counterfeiter In Chief
     Ponzi, Madoff & Bernake
     US Government Supports Inherent Worthlessness

     Federal Reserve System
     Federal Reserve System is a Corruption Conduit
     FED Bank Con Game
     USA Federal Reserve FOMC
     Oligarchsters Banksters and Greedsters
     DC Politicians are TRAPPED
     FED Bank Chair Bernake is a Charlatan
     BHO is a Wall Street Occupier
     BHO is GW Bush on Steroids
     BHO Administration are Duplicitous Thieves
     US FED BANK indirectly kills 40,000,000
     DC Politburo votes themselves 2T$ more
     Targeted Inflation and Bank Reserves
     American Monetary System
     USA Deflation Inflation Spirals 

     Preparing for the 2010 FRN collapse 
     Bi-Currency Doom and Gloom 
     Anglos Rule The Bi-Currency World 
     Horizontally Connected Gold Cartel
     Be Your Own Central Banker
     Gold Bug Nova Slang Parlance
     Problems and Solutions

    Gold is the Common Denominator
     Gold Retains its Value for 5000 Years
     Channeling Deep Fellow Travelers
     Real Money Southern Rebellion
     Real Change by One Simple Act
     Let the Gold Market Trade Freely
     Dow:Gold Ratio of 0.4
     Free and Fair Trade, Not For Long
     Out Gunned By the Gold Cartel
     Barrick Gold, a modern Racketeer?
     Perceived High Gas Prices
     Assets Measured in Gold Terms
    Sorry Polymetals, No Utah Mint
     Big Money is Made in the Golden Arts 
     Gold and Silver moon shot 
     Chinese Gold Buys

     Wipe Out The National Debt
     ALL Fiat Currencies Implode
     A Billion Dollars an Ounce
     An Act of Congress
     Out-Year US Economy Realignment
     Fiat Paper Money, and $20,000,000/oz Silver
     US Total Solutions
     FRN Emancipation Proclamation
     US 2012 Prez H.Hoover Zeros National Debt

     Bullion Market Manipulation Proposal
     Proposal Prologue     
     Cover Page and Table of Contents  
     Title Page and Overview
     List of Characters and Table of Aspects
     Aspect 0.0 Prologue, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths
     Aspect 1.0 Plaintiff Team
     Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes of Actions
     Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget
     Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Complaint
     Aspect 5.0 Burdens of Proof at Injunction Hearing 
     Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Preliminary Injunctive Relief
     Aspect 7.0 Discovery Before Trial and Trial
     Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages
     Aspect 9.0 Summary and Conclusions 

     Market Rigging and Manipulations
     Bullion Market Manipulation
     US Gold Reserve and Anarchy Defense, are Gone!
     Short Sells and Naked Short Sells
     Our Manipulated Markets
     The Tea Party Half Truth
     Threat of Imprisonment for Tax Evasion
     Hedge Fund Momentum Players are Mob Bosses
     Comex gold trading is a merely a paper game
     JPM GS Bullion Space Manipulation
    Totalitarian Private Gold Confiscation

     Real Money versus Fiat Currency
     Real Money, A Pillar of Freedom
     Its a lie, the FRN is not a Dollar
     Return to Real Money
     Steve Forbes on the Band Wagon
     To form a more Corrupt Union
     Real Silver Metal
     War on Gold and Silver
     BHO cements Socialism by one simple act
     Real Money, Fiat Currency and the Federal Reserve

     Occupy Wall Street 
     Occupiers March on the Banksters
     Close the Corruption Channels
     Anarchists with Societal Frustrations
     Bench Warmers with Election Disinterest
     Libertarian Occupiers

     Federal Reserve Bank 
     Treasury Department Federal Reserve Bank
     Transition from FRN to Real Money
     USA Free Silver
     Freedom for the People
     Monetary Restructuring
     Free Silver Returns

     Currency Debasement
   Roman Systemic Currency Debasement
     Decadent Socialism Requires Currency Debasement

     States Want their Money Back
     States In Monetary Rebellion 
     Simple Questions For Americans
     US is Insolvent
     Monetary Corruption Time
     The Utah Mint


  The Evil Empire
     The Evil Empire Trident
     USA Growing Internal Cancer
    Anti American Loyal Dissent
     Bill O'Reilly Spins Totalitarianism
     Fiat Money is the Essence of the Evil Empire
     Rick Santelli Scored for Freedom
     US Government Plenary Power is Totalitarianism
     Ron Williams, Drops the Nuke Bomb on the USA!
     Give me Liberty or Give me Death
     The Fall of Rome
     Entanglement and Independence
     Get Real American, Strut Your Stuff!
     The Rebel Yell
     Communistic Leg Irons
     Chaotic System Failure 
    Two Sides of the Same Coin

     Stabilized Global Confluence 
     USA Russia China EU Canada Islands
     Global Confluence Interconnections
     Human Cultural Evolution
     Major World Problems
     US Cultural Evolution
     US Russian Confrontations
     USA Diplomatic and Military Imperialism 
     Russian-Sino Territorial Imperialism

     US Exceptional Foreign Policy
     USA Ignoble Foreign Policy
     BHO Appeasement Foreign Policy
     USA Foreign Policy and WAR
     BHO Defending Humanity
     Rebel Yell and THE NWO
     Gun Slinger In Chief
     Unite the Global Powers
     Republicans Will Militarily Intervene

     Women Abortion Rights
     Simple Equal Protection
     One Nation Under God
     Tolerance Respect Acceptance Approval
     Gay Marriage and Civil Unions
     Gay Activists at the State Level

     Wall Street versus Main Street
     Main Street Wealth Transferred to Wall Street
     USA Taxes, Manufacturing, and Free Trade
     USA Lawlessness Running Rampant
     USA Main Street Over Wall Street
     FDR promoting the RAW DEAL
 Wealth Transfer from 99% to the top 1%

     An Imperfect Corrupt World
     President John F Kennedy 
     President Ronald Reagan 
     Loose Screw in the Kremlin
     Loose Screw in Tienanmen Square

     Offered Bear Hug
     North Korea, the Cold War Hangover
     War Aint Allowed, as the Confluence Marches On
     Nuclear Weapon Free Earth
     Kissinger in Moscow, Right On Baby!
     President Putin Warns US About Socialism
     Adults Dont Let Iranian Children Play with Guns
     Hannibal Lecter: "Release Buffalo Bill from Gitmo"
     President Putin's Absolute Rule
     AP BBC CNN Jew Haters feed International Bias
     Israeli Strike kills Gaza Straining Truce
     Netanyahu Suggestion from an Obscure Friend
     Saudi Arabia is Partly Responsible
     When Smart Bombs Pop Over Tehran
     The Russian Paradox
     The New World Order

     USA Imperial Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Empire
     USA Imperialism
     USA Totalitarianism
     USA Socialism
     USA Fascism
     USA Empire
     Military Interventions
     International Proxy Wars
     Political Interventions
     Cultural Interventions
     Do Ask but Need Not Tell

     New World Financial Order 
     Eurasia and Western Financial Structures
     Federal Reserve Jaw Boning
     BRICS Bank, AIIB Bank, Currency Transfers and Swap Facilities
     Counter Productive Trade Sanctions

     My Dad has a Gun 
     Immigration Solution Lock Up
     They Aint Getting US Lands Back
     The Third Immigration Wave
     No Second Class Peoples
     Illegal Alien Immigration Plan
     Reservation Red Men
     Ending Systemic Racism 
     All Lives Matter

     Iran and the Bomb Negotiations 
     The Key to Iran is Donestk
     Iranian Failed US Policy
     Nuclear Standoff with Iran
     The Iran Nuclear Deal

     Women Rights
     Women are Actually Different than Men
     Feminist Activist Hysteria
     Fair Market Value of Service Rendered
     The Abortion Issue Solution

     Gay Rights
     Gays and Ancient Taboos
     Gay Activism Hysteria 
     LGBT and the Civility Spectrum
     The Gay Marriage Issue Solution
     The Gay Pyrrhic Victory
     Politically Pandered Activists
     The Decimated Boy Scouts
     Two Way Street
     A Tolerant Baker

    World Peace Tour
    International Political Assault Plan
     Russia China UK World Peace Tour
     Ukraine Open Proposal Russian Translation
     Open Public Proposal to US and Russia
     Ukraine Rebellion and International Analysis

     Walking Liberty is Real Money
     Global Walking Liberty 
     Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick
     War and Dollar Replaced by Trade and Gold
     Projections into the 21st Century

     Distributive Safety Nets 
     An Inherent Duplicitous Fraud 
     The Piggies get a Free Lunch
     USA Rampant Evil Mala en Se
     The Proper Use of Safety Nets

 Totalitarian Enslavement
     USA Enslavement by Totalitarian Tools
     President Putin-Russia & USSA-Socialist-In-Chief
     Pandered Totalitarianism
     Totalitarian Gold Suppression 
     I love my country 
     Fear No More, The IRS Thugs
     Totalitarianism leads to Civil War
      Propaganda Bias Spin and MOPE

    Totalitarian Economic Ruination
     100 year Slide into Economic Ruination
     The Federal Reserve System
     Manipulation, Trade Deficits, Immigration
     China Bullion Silk Road
     Collapsing Economy
     Wealth Transfer
     DOW Theory Divergence
     FED is following the Script 
    Status Report End 2015
    Major Systemic Problems

    Totalitarian Financial Repression
     Financial Repression
     Midas and Stackers Hope
     USA FED Bank Financial Repression
     Bankster and Greedster Treasonous Bullion Sales
     Protoreptilians at the FED
     USA Treason by Bullion Banks
     USA Conspiracies
     USA FED JPM GS Conspiracy 
     FED GS DOJ Government Corruption
     Cyprus, Conditioned Totalitarianism
     US will confiscate Private Bullion Hoards
     OReilly Factor Cant Find Solutions
     Cashless Society

     Open Loop Totalitarianism 
     USA Open Loop Totalitarianism
     The real dark pools  
     The DEM Panderers Winning Hand AAAAJ
     United States is Out of Control
     People Freedoms v Government Totalitarianism
     The five Pillars of Freedom 
     USA & the end of days
     Societal Control Systems

     America's Corrupt Judiciary
     A Living and Breathing Constitution, An Inherent FRAUD
     American Jurisprudence, the Black Robe Reapers
     Judicial Political Market Impeachment
     Criminal Justice Revamping
     Violence will Escalate
     Constitution of the United States

     America's Corrupt Judiciary
     Supreme Court Totalitarianism
     Judicial Impeachment and Recusal
     Suspension of Impeachments
     Constitutional Amendments
     State Licensed Professional Malpractice
     Enslaving Supreme Court Totalitarians
     Criminal Public Executions

     Domestic Tranquility 
     Constitutional Domestic Tranquility
     Democrats and Republicans are the Culprits
     USA Spying and Freedom
     Criminal Justice Asset Forfeitures

     Conspiracy Theories
     Personal Liberty and Freedom From Government
     Become a Libereen
     Libertarian Green Tea
     The Freedom Platform
     All May Join the Libereens

     Socialistic Ruination & Corruption
     JFK said Ask Not for BHO Fairness
     In Honor of Soviet Battle Tanks at Krusk
     Social Security and the Granny State
     Unified Field Theory  
     Government Shut Down
     Nanny Granny Gay Minority Addict Pandering
     1960s Guns and Butter
     Victimless Crimes against Humanity
     Bill O'Reilly's Welfare Dilemma
     Catholic Church: Leftist Political Animal
     American Rebirth of Freedom from Government
     DC Elitists are Spending Clowns
     The Moral Hazard of Socialism
     US Imploding under Absurdity
     Workplace Discrimination

     Americans Perpetually Enslaved
     Totalitarian Enslavement
     No Living Memory of Freedom
     Totalitarian Democracy
     Monetary Inflation
     President J F Kennedy Legacy Defiled
     President Ronald Reagan Legacy Defiled

     USA Green Corps
     Citizen Volunteers of the  Green Corps
     Prisoners and Unemployed
     Ocean Conservation International Treaties
     USA Territorial Toxic Dumping Liabilities
     USA Territorial Wild Life Conservation
     Global Warming

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