Skill Set

Understanding, at a sufficient level, the problems, causes and devising solutions provides a path to recovery, in the event of calamity, with 100 man years of educational and professional training focused on solving those big problems with the right skill set. Management experience includes personal supervision of engineering teams, legal teams, military teams, and asset procurement teams, which are adaptable to legislative teams.

In order to devise this solution set: 1) one must be a problems solver to devise solutions like an engineer, 2) one must be able to analyze complex interconnected systems with negative feedback controls to understand the problems of our social-economic society such as a patent attorney with system analysis experience during patent prosecution, 3) one must be able to devise tactics and strategies for accomplishing results such as a federal court litigator and a military scientist, 4) one must be able to understand money flows, banking, finance and markets, such as a bullion-banking-finance-market analyst; 5) one must understand basic legal principles under which society operates for analyzing laws, and 6) one must understand politics and geopolitics for devising politically acceptable societal solutions to major problems. This skill set can be applied for problem solving in a comprehensive integrated manner. This skill set can be efficiently located within one mind for lighting speed associations for quickly considering multifaceted interconnected aspects.

To apply these skills in a righteous, honorable and fair manner, one must have an embedded incorruptible moral personal trait, such as an ethical Christian. To apply these skills with success to highly complex problems, one must have an aggressive personal trait willing to focus intensely with tenacity and sticktoitiveness for acquiring a significant probability of success. This skill set and these two personality traits define a unique intellectual signature for comprehensively solving big problems.

Communications Skills

Derrick Michael Reid has acquired communication skills in mathematics, graphics, programming inter alia.  Derrick Michael Reid's (hereinafter Reid) first language was effectively mathematics, and first perfected typing skills on a mechanical type writer early in high school. Reid is inherently a self reliant person and has never had a personal secretary. Since Junior High School, Reid supported communications with drawings, graphs and mathematics. 

Reid in High School Reid developed an understanding of computer languages and wrote Cobol and Fortran programs. In College, Reid concentrated on perfecting mathematical and engineering skills. At the state university, hour long calculus examinations were trivial ten minute mental exercises, then capable of multiplying two 3 digit numbers in head. At UC Berkeley, twice the number of engineering lab courses were completed before graduating in only 2.7 years from high school graduation, at 20 years of age. A first silicon chip was diffused at the age of 19 in the UC Berkeley engineering labs. During Engineering employment, at 21 years old, Reid saved an inertial navigation system program for the F16 fighter, and later developed silicon compiler methods, inter alia. Reid has personally designed and put into production a commercial disk drive. Law school was entered for the purpose of learning business skills. Reid went to law school at night for three years and passed the bar the first time while an employed engineer.

After an attempt to raise venture capital for a new IC redesign concept, after law school, a large patent law firmed was entered, for one year, for developing a firm litigation support system.  Reid operated a sole practitioner law practice for 25 years, with a 100% success rate in plaintiff patent litigation cases in the Federal Courts, and with a 98% success rate in hundreds of patent prosecution cases, in the most highest technologies of the country. Having worked for several engineering firms, a vast array of patent inventions are readily understood. 

Reid can communicate efficiently in the English language but with a colorful vocabulary and speech pattern, aided by a problem solving scientific mind with a comprehensive system approach to solving various problems with mathematics and graphics being regularly employed forms of supporting communications. A burned-in mental neutral net was acquired during the mid 1980s, using IBM AT keyboards, Window 2000 operating systems, and Word 7 word processor, with 250 macros for emulating WordStar, an early learned word processor. To this day, it is still used, most efficiently, these very same tools to fully exploit that mental neural burn, for fast writing, as the basic tools of English language communications with others. An efficient patent application generation process was developed for processing hundreds of patent applications. Reid has become a prolific writer, writing hundreds of memorandum, published around the world, across many fields, including engineering, law, markets, war, and geopolitics.

Reid had six years of mechanical drafting in three years of high school; one year as tool and die designer after high school; ten years of electrical schematic drawing and IC topography graphics while employed as an electronic engineer using hand drawings and silicon compilers; ten years of drawing strategic campaign maps using Photoshop; three years of drawing galactic campaign maps using Photoshop; twenty Five years of drawing patent application mechanical, electrical, semiconductor, and software system drawings, inter alia, first by hand and then rendered into soft graphic forms using Canvas and Photoshop graphic tools.

General Characterization

Reid possesses five intellectual cross-dimensional skills developed over a life time including forty five years of profession work training and twenty years of educational instruction within a one hundred hour a week normal work routine so as to effectively combine one hundred man-years of professional training and high level education within one person. The five intellectual cross-dimensional skills include Patent Law of 25 years for understanding complex systems and litigation of the legal community, Engineering of 10 years for understanding subsystem level problems and solutions, Military Science of 20 years for devising attack plans for accomplishing objectives, with 3 years of emulated warfare as commander, operations planner and chief of staff, Geopolitics of 15 years writing 100s of memorandum for understanding motivations and economic and political problems, solutions and realities, with 12 field trips to Asia, with advisories to world leaders, and Economic Markets including Bullion, Banking, Finance, and Currency markets of 25 years for understanding the money and market context as the key to adjusting political realities, with transacting 100,000,000.00$ of financial assets. Reid is capable of investing very large sums for capital gains and reviewing corporate investment portfolios.

During 2015-16, a nation wide run for the US presidency was for the Libertarian Party nomination as a politician concerning US domestic politics. The background educational training is equivalent to four Bachelor's degrees (Electronic Engineering, Military Science, Economics and Politics), one Master's degree (Engineering, Systems Analysis), and one Doctorate degree (Law), with corresponding professional experiences. A colorful linguistic parlance extends across five skills and across a psychology producing a vivid imagination, and a curious mix of terminology, that goes with thinking outside the box, a necessary benefit that is indispensable for very complex tasks. This skill set is driven by a robust psychology. That psychology includes two major drivers which are aggressiveness and spirituality providing a natural internal aggressive work ethic and an internal moral code. Reid approaches comprehensively all tasks from systems analysis perspectives. This skill set is driven by that psychology forming a unique mental signature. Reid is Christian and inherently incorruptible, having a cemented personal moral code. With focused five skills, aggressiveness, morally incorruptible, a vast knowledge base, and an acquired a global comprehensive view, there is abundant confidence with skills to solve major complex problems. 
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