Presidential Campaign Run 2016

Called Out of Retirement

I was comfortable in retirement, in a very poor life style, but satisfied, as Jesus doesn't really care about riches, and refusing to take one penny from government, but when the US attorney general indicated that the banksters and greedsters were TBTF TBTJ, and I knowing that I am capable, I answered the call of duty, firstly setting forth a proposal to enjoin through the courts the banksters and greedsters in the money space from market rigging and manipulations, and secondly, to run for the 2016 presidency, having devised the solutions needed to save the country from ruination and totalitarian enslavement. I do not offer to serve for personal glory or to cement political power or build a library, but only to answer the call of duty, in America's hour of need, as all loyal citizens should do to the extent they can. During the summer of 2014, I had a dream, and god said, Derrick you are capable, run for president. So I am.  I am absolutely loyal to the USA, though I believe the US Government has lost it Constitution roots causing economic ruination and totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement of the people as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents, with unnecessary military interventions. The founding fathers wrote what the meant and meant what they wrote, and the US Constitution will be my guiding hand. 

In the US we have 1) The "Left" liberal Democratic Party (DEMs) pushing totalitarian socialism, 2) the "Right" conservative Republican Party (REPs) retarding totalitarian socialism of the DEMs, and 3) The reactionary Libertarian Party (LIBs) seeking founding father personal liberties and freedoms from government. The DEMs and REPs have locked up the voting booth for 100 years now. The LIBs are small, but growing, and are oriented actually in support of the anti-tax Tea Party being presently a wing of the REPs. The libertarian platform has nice sounding platitudes but where is the real plan to accomplish their objectives, and consequently will have trouble particularly at the national level. I offer solutions to the big systemic problems facing the nation in line with libertarian party orientation toward maximum liberty and freedom from government, a natural fit. 

There is conflict in the US government on how to best resolve international problems with a mix of pacifists and neo-con globalizers leading to a confused and disjointed US foreign policy, without an understanding on how to nobly help others resolve problems.

There are also minor groups, such as: 1) Wall Street Occupiers protesting against fascist money interest control over government, 2) NRA for maintaining rights to bare arms, 3) Green Party for conserving natural resources, 4) Constitution party for guarding constitutional rights, 5) Latino Party for resolving the Latino immigration problem, 6) Real Monetarialists (gold bugs) for restoring real money in circulation and international trade. These are minor groups having no substantial effect upon government bodies or elections of government officials.

The REPs can not defeat 100 years of leftist political pandering, now embedded in the American conscience, even though totally contrary to the constitution and founding father principles. The DEMs and REPs have been bought and sold, by bankster campaign contributions and money interests, and hence, their combination and control of the political process, has extended US totalitarian socialism to totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level, currently enabling the financial elite to transfer wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%. I know how to solve the big systemic problems and fast, and offer my services to the Libertarians and to the country. 

Public Information

I will post writings, and eventually, create a series of video where I directly speak to Americans and various political parties, as I believe, that if given the opportunity to serve as president, I can quickly prefect changes at the federal level to recapture our personal liberties and freedoms from government, and currently believe through projections to most certainly win the presidency in November 2016, being able to readily expose the DEMs and REPs as the farcical panderers that they truly are. One must do what one can, if able, to help the country as duty calls. And so, I offer my services as US President 2016, aligned politically to the Libertarian Green Tea Parties, as a true reactionary, and loyal only to the US Constitution. I have the concrete plans necessary to carry the Libertarian Party to victory, if asked to do so, uniting nearly all Americans and political groups, to Restore Americana Greatness. In these things, there is no doubt. 

My favorite presidents 

1) Washington for selfless service to his country of founding father principles.
2) Lincoln for preserving the union and freeing our American brothers.
3) Kennedy for "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for the country".
4) Reagan for "government is the problem, not the solution".

Uniform Service Mark

The Uniform is in honor of Major General WT Sherman, for setting our brothers free and burning paper fiat currency in the March to the Sea. The Uniform serves as a service mark to gain attention, as I am an unknown wanting to rapidly rise in public awareness, and as a trademark attorney for 25 years, I know this is the best way to become know with a national service mark, remembered by anyone who see its. Its a winning play to get noticed and remembered fast. 

I am a liberation soldier, seeking to liberate all my countrymen from the bondage of being tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, enslaved by the totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC, having corrupted our Constitution, Republic, Money and Markets, as enabled by the two pandering political machines and the supreme political machine, as enforced by the pandering politician in chief. It will be stopped, finally, after 100 years of leftist proposing and rightist enabling. Join the libereen army! 

A Product of the California School System

In elementary school I practiced alone numeric sequence writing and became skilled playing the Clarinet in the Torrance Area Youth Band. In Jr High School, I played on the tennis team and became expert in drafting three dimensional figures. In the 7th grade, my counselor pulled me out of math class, and for that period, I was stuck in the library with Algebra I & II books, and taught myself alone two years of mathematics in six months. In High School I played on the tennis team with a Rosco Tanner serve, and learned fortran and cobol computer programming languages. At 15 years of age, I precisely planned how to graduate from UC Berkeley's Engineering School in 3 years. In order to accomplish the same, I attended five colleges in 2.7 years from Diploma to Bachelor's Degree, and so all should formulate objectives, plan well, execute accordingly, with tenacity, and success is more probable. It was mostly 6am to midnight, seven days a week. I recall taking calculus examinations at CSULB in ten minutes, by mere eyeball looks at the questions and writing answers with A grades. At Berkeley, I took twice the number of required laboratory courses, diffusing my first silicon chip at the age of 19 years old in the Berkeley labs. I could multiply three digit numbers by three digit numbers in my head. I have designed a magnetic disk drive by myself, had a 100% success rate for ten years as a patent litigator where the average is 50%, and had 98% success rate for fifteen years as a patent practitioner where the average is 56%. My personal motto is GET IT DONE! 

I am an over achiever. Firstly, I am a thinker, thinking objectives through from understanding systemic problems to devising comprehensive solutions. I am a planner, micro stepping in exhausting detail each task to achieve those solutions. I am an executive, executing though each task with extreme focus and tenacious energy. For example, at 15 years of age, I planned a BS degree from UC Berkeley on only a 3000$ budget, to earn a degree in 3 years, to start working as soon as practicable, as the money was just not there, for the average six year university engineering program, and I accomplish this cost-effective goal in 2.7 years.  I have managed teams of technicians, teams of engineers, teams of paralegals, an army of combat warriors in operations as operations planner, supreme commander and chief of staff, and managed a sole practitioner business without a secretary and keeping accounting records to the penny for 25 years. For the office of president, I bring to the table bold leadership, proven project engineering planning methodology skills, hierarchical command and control, and operations task group management skills. I can build a space shuttle, and I most certainly can run the executive branch of the US Government, through a transition from concentrated totalitarian socialistic fascism in DC to restoring the Constitution, and the Republic, for increased liberties and freedoms from government, for restoring economic prosperity, while cementing global peace in our time. I dont do vacations working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a years, and only required three hots and cot, and a presidential body guard, as no doubt, the global predatory financial and transnational elites will try to shoot me dead.

Aggressively Litigating

My style of litigation in patent cases was to offer a reasonable royalty, but if met with obfuscation, would file complaints, immediately followed by preliminary injunction motions and summary judgement motions. I never made it to trial, the defendants always eventually settled the controversy. If a case goes to trial, someone did not do their job. Lawyer's primary responsibility to society should be to settle controversies. I worked 10 years as a federal district court patent lawyer and then 15 years as a patent  patent application prosecutor. I also studied military science and engaged emulated warfare for about 25 years. I studied bullion financial and banking markets for 15 years and studied geopolitics for 15 years, collectively writing 100s of memorandum published around the world. Now I am prepared for the US Presidency, uniquely qualified to solve the major systemic problems facing the US. 

I have been to Ukraine multiple times, eg Kiev, Kharkov, Chernotsi, and, I have been to Russia a dozen times. I have given lectures in Ukraine Kharkov at a military academy on military science and in Russia Vladivostok at a state university on intellectual property. I have learned a little of Russian language and culture. Many common Russians share the same concerns and desires as do common Americans. The peoples are really not much different. When there, I talked allot with many people asking questions, and started thinking outside myself and my inherent US centric view of the world, now viewing cultures from different perspectives. That was a big life learning experience. The civil war in the Ukraine and the deterioration of US/Russia relations concerns me. I will fixed that, and will build friendship and trust between the big 4, Russia, China, EU and US as good friends in common purpose for global dispute resolution, rather than confrontation and proxy wars. I am not a pacifist and believe the US should walk softly but carry a big stick. The best defense of the US starts with making friends abroad. The leader of the free world should be a blessed peace maker. 

Engineering Aerodynamics

While working on the Space Shuttle flight control simulator and B1a Bomber ground control, I attended USC graduate engineering school. But when the F16 fighter program was in deep trouble, I changed residences to solve problems there, and personally got the F16 Falcon program back on schedule by solving a purportedly unsolvable design flaw in the gyro spin supplies that disrupted the navigation digital systems rending the navigation system completely inoperative, but never returned to USC to finish a graduate engineering degree, but instead went to Law School. I have worked on the Space Shuttle, F16, Tomohawk, and B1a Bomber. As an engineer, I have designed solo a magnetic disk drive and developed a finite state machine using a silicon compiler, and worked on various computer systems and disk drive system controllers. After 10 years of Engineering, I went to WSU Law School at night for three years, while working as an Engineer during the day, passing the California Bar examination on my first attempt, after being told I would never pass law school and never become a lawyer by law school admission counselors, to then go on and win a most improbable legal objective, a preliminary injunction in a high technology patent case during my very first appearance before a district judge . Practicing law was an eye opener on understanding motivations and tactics of the legal profession exploiting a licensed dispute resolution monopoly for pecuniary gain. 

Libertarians Dreams Come True

Of Interest to the Libertarian Party, I seek reduction in federal totalitarianism and socialism, respecting state rights in restoring the republic for which the flag should stand, furthering personal liberty, freedom from government, the US Constitution and Founding Father Principles. Of interest to the Green Party, is a desired over haul of the US Tax system, to wit, a federal sales tax, and restricted state in rem property taxes under federal supremacy, as a national sales tax penalizes consumption of raw materials, and thus lessen the burden on mother nature. Of interest to the Tea Party, is this over haul of the US Tax system abolishing the IRS code, IRS filings, and federal income taxes. Of interest to the NRA, is strict constitutional construction and protection of the right to bare arms, which purpose is to protect the citizens from an over reaching federal government, though criminals who use weapons wrongly should be severely punished, while freedom loving Americans should have a the right to bare arms. Of interest to the Wall Street Occupiers is real federal control over the Federal Reserve System and campaign election reform, for prohibiting organizations from directly contributing to political parties having candidates running in government elections, to reduce the control and undue influence of Wall Street and corporate America over elected officials and government bodies. Of interest to the Constitution Party is a strict construction of the US Constitution desired for recapturing our personal liberties and freedoms from government. Of interest to real monetarialists is a restoration of real money in domestic circulation and in international trade settlement. Of interest to the Latino Party is a real plan to quickly solve the US immigration problem enabling fair paths to citizenship without amnesty. The plan is there and the Libertarians' dreams can come true. 

I am running for President and focused on the federal government respecting personal liberties and freedoms from DC. I am a social conservative, which is irrelevant at the federal level, as social rights are under states rights and Republic. I am supportive of social rights only as the individual state voters decide regarding social issues under the Republic. The DEM/REP parties have pandered people into wrongly thinking the federal government should control social issues. As a libertarian, and freedom lover, respecting freedoms from the federal government, I carry the Libertarian banner. As a constitutionalist, I have respect for state rights reserved to the many states under the Republic defined by the Constitution. My personal conservative social views are not the focus of my candidacy for President directed at federal totalitarianism. As president, I will seek to dismantle intrusive federal laws into social rights, leaving it up to the individual states to decide. As president, I will give full flower to states rights, to social engineer as the state voters deem fit under the Republic. 

Under my presidency, the federal government totalitarianism will be curtailed allowing the states to define social rights.  It is up to my libertarians brothers to fight for social rights at the state level, with the federal government intrusion limited. For liberalization of gay rights, drug rights, privacy rights, social rights, I leave that to the many states and the state voters. It therefore does not matter that I am a social conservative, for I seek a federal office for personal freedoms at the federal level. I therefore would not seek to support or demean states social rights leaving those powers to the states and state voters. There would be none better for the libertarian party, than my presidency actively limiting federal mandates and intrusions. 

If liberty is what you seek through the libertarian party, the best thing for libertarians is to support a social conservative having general appeal for the presidency, to give the libertarian party legitimacy as a national contender, and then use that to acquired nation wide credibility for electing candidates to state offices for adjusting social issues as the states voters deem fit, for the most expeditious way for libertarians to perfect social justice and social rights adjustments at the state level. Be smart about it. Losing a national election with a far left libertarian will get libertarians no where. I have concrete solutions and executable plans at the federal level that will appeal generally to Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Riflemen, Monetarists, Occupiers, Constitutionalists, Latinos, Democrats and Republicans, to sweep the nation in a land slide victory for the Libertarian party, directed to restoring Americana Greatness, peace and prosperity, liberty and freedom, from the federal perspective, thus giving the Libertarian Party credibility nation wide, from which to recruit members, and from which to make social adjustments as desired in the most expeditious way.

The solution to restore Americana Greatness, and Political National Sweep plans have been defined. I can utterly destroy any DEM or REP candidate, bar none. What makes a Social-Conservative and the Libertarian Party match work, is my focus on the Constitution, Republic and DC totalitarianism, at only the federal level, leaving unto the many states their reserve power under the Constitution to regulate social issues, that would not be my concern, and hence, a political bifurcation that fits. 

Five Skills with at least a decade of experience and decades of educational training. 
1) Engineering (Problem Solving & System Engineering Management with required stabilized feedback controls)
2) Patent Law (Comprehending Complex interconnected Social-Economic Systems)
3) Military Science (Natural Commander and Leader, operations planner and manager, staffing and assignments)
4) Market Analyst  (Bullion-Banking-Finance, Understanding Banking and Money Flows and Corrupt Systems) 
5) Geopolitical Analyst and World Leader Adviser.  (Implementing noble US foreign policy and Earning Global Respect)

With 5 Skills in one head, it is considered a "5-sigma" intellect, that is, 1 in 100,000. There may be 3000 5-sigma people in US, 
but none known have the right skill set and experience to solve the big systemic problems facing the US. I have 100 man-years in my head from working 100hrs/week for 45 years, and can do the job of leading the country to solve those systemic problems. 

As President I will do many things quickly. 

1) zero national debt, 
2) stop wealth transfer from 99% to top 1%, 
3) end systemic racism 
4) depopulate prisons, 
5) solve immigration, 
6) restore constitution, 
7) restore republic, 
8) restore honest money 
9) restore honest price discovery in markets, 
10) end bankster - congress corruption and undue influence, 
11) solve Ukraine, 
12) prevent Iran from getting bomb, 
13) restore economic growth and prosperity, 
14) limit the federal government per constitution, 
15) end supreme court unconstitutional judicial fiat, 
16) eliminate income taxes and filings 
17) provide people with safe banks without bail-in of saver deposits to save big banks,
18) eliminate fed welfare state, 
19) end collapse of labor participation, 
20) end trade deficits, 
21) end illegal immigration, 
22) end sanctuary cities, 
23) end FED QE ZIRP enrichment of top 1%, 
24) recover global tanking economy, 
25) end imperial presidency, 
26) restore gov checks and balances, 
27) end opaque gov operations, 
28) end ignoble foreign policy 
29) end global terrorism, 
30) end debtor prisons, 
31) end paycheck confiscations, 
32) end totalitarian travel prohibition, 
inter alia

The big Problems facing the country are huge and systemic. I will FIX these huge systemic problems facing US, and do it quick, restoring AMERICANA GREATNESS, as a president not seen in the US for 150 years. NO other presidential candidate has a clue about how to solve concurrently these major problems. 

The REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC PARTIES are TWO PANDERING POLITICAL MACHINES, primarily only interested in political power, the people and country be damned. What do the REPs offer Americans, to "take back" political power, not for Americans or for America but for the pandering republican political party? The REP offer 1) insignificant band aids solving nothing, 2) allot of pander to rally bases, and 3) allot of bribe money for political ADs of pandering of bases. Surely, the REP pander warms the hearts of conservatives, used as fools and tools, to put the REPs in political power, which is their only serious GOAL. The REP pandering political machine is a complete FARCE, offering no solutions, only pander to cement their political power, the US be damned. So the REPs had a debate, and only their political party won that advertisement, as the country gets zero, with no serious solutions, just mostly party political pander.  How can a bunch of self-centered panderers, the REP candidates, offering no solutions, win anything? What do the DEMs offer? More pandering socialism, as they can not defeat the banksters transfer of wealth from poor/middle classes to the top 1%, so they coward and surrender to big money interest, and pander the moral hazards of socialism that fails based upon its own absurdity of rewarding unproductive acts and penalizing productive acts. 

The US is currently like a terminal cancer patient, with the DEMs running in to help and choke the patient with socialism, as the REPs go running in to help and put on pretty looking band aids. Neither the DEMs or the REPs offer credible solutions, but only TV ADs, pander, sound bites, oriented to rally bases used as mere tools . After 110 years, 18T$ in debt, 50m on food stamps, 100m unemployed, economy stagnant after 7T$ over last six years, they both have proven to be incompetent, if not corrupt, to lead the nation as president. I can save the US from social chaos if not anarchy and economic ruination if not devastation by restoring Aermicana Greatness. 

I had to step up. I have been analyzing candidates for the US presidency, in view of the continued slide into economic ruination, societal conflicts, and the totalitarian socialistic fascist concentration of power in DC, and I regret to inform my fellow Americans, that none of them  possess, the intellect, the training, the total view, or the apparent willingness to provide a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping executable plan for restoring Americana Greatness. I have reviewed them all on a continued basis. They are full of empty platitudes, catchie sound bites, voter targeted pander, insignificant band aids, that collectively do not reach in any regard sustainable long term solutions to over whelming econo-social systemic problems facing the country. I actually find it sad that there is such a lack of out of the box thinking in this country. They simply can not cross-dimension in thinking processes sufficient and are thus inherently limited. They must also be unwilling to break from conventional politics as usual for fear of risking stature in political machines or campaign contributions. As an engineer, I am a problem solver. As a patent lawyer, I can analyze functionality of massive complex econo-social systems. As a military commander, I can take charge and lead. As a market analysis I understand the economic finance and monetary problems. As a geopolitical analysis I understand the US relations to the world. As humanist, I understand innate human drivers and cultural overlays, and relations between government and peoples. It is a very unique combination of skills that are absolutely necessary in one cross-dimensionally associating mind to perfect solutions for restoring Americana Greatness. So, I will offer my services as an unknown to country. I am not a politician or a professional editor, so please understand, I am not perfect, but I will try my best for the sake of the country. My writings then to be very deep and directed to complex issues, and are difficult to follow by most, as full explanations would take volumes to write, the time for which no one really has. So, my writings are deep, quick, directed to complex issues, and editorially unprofessional, but nonetheless, I will still try to do my best. Duty calls.

Lincoln said to Major General Schofield in Missouri that if both the Border Ruffians and the Jay Hawkers equally dislike you, you have it just right. Surely, none will be 100% for me, but I plan to hit the sweet spot, and get it just right. I hope to get the people all to vote for the good of the country, and not the good of themselves. After 100 years of pandering, vote for me, and I will give you the goodies, getting the electorate to vote for the good of the country will be trick. 

Surely, this web site is not professionally made and not professionally editorialized, but its not bad for a one man show, not having the time to achieve perfection. A man can only do his best, unfunded, broke, unknown, alone, and limited. But I will give it a good go as I have just begun to fight the noble fight! I thrive on hopium and do best when the challenge is huge. The country needs me in there to restore Americana Greatness. I am sure you all are pulling for me to go big. God bless you all, my dear new found best ever pals, rooting for the dark horse of all times.

Libereens: A coalition of voters and supporters, including but not limited to Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Monetarists, Riflemen, Constitutionalists, Occupiers, Latinos,  Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows, Reds, Workers, Unionizers, Entrepreneurs, LGBTs, States Righters, Capitalists, Federalists, Businessmen, Educators, Parents, Believers, Legalizers, Seniors, believing in Americana, Constitution, Republic, Honest Money, Honest Markets, Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity,  thus excluding national-socialists, totalitarians, bankster-government fascists, war mongers, bigots, racists, and panderers.


I) Win White House by appealing liberty and freedom message and attractive solution set solving problems.  
II) Cement viable 3rd party based upon and for increasing liberties and freedoms opposing DC Totalitarianism.
III) Save US from Social Chaos and Economic Ruination leading to global depression and global wars. 
IV) Sweep all 50 states in the national general election proposing a mixed cabinet for broad political appeal.

I) Appeal to all political Parties with an administration of Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, & Independents.
II) Transform "War on Drugs End" into "War on DC Totalitarianism" for broad message appeal
III) Transform "Sovereignty" into Federal Natural Rights and States Natural Rights for broad message appeal
IV) Devise Presidential Platform and Pledge for broad message appeal of maximum liberty and freedom.

I) Devise comprehensive integrated Solution Set to solve systemic problems to prevent Social Chaos and Economic Ruination.
II) Map Solution set onto major political groups so at to ATTRACT all major political groups, including 1) Occupiers-Capitalists, 2) Tea Partiers-Tax Payers, 3) Monetarists-Marketeers, 4) Greens-Prisoners, 5) Isolationists-Interventionists, 6) Immigrants-Illegals, 7) Liberals-Students, 8) Conservatives-Parents, 9) LGBT-Feminists, 10) Minorities-Poor, 11) Constitutionalists-Federalists, and 12) Riflemen-Conspiratorialists, excluding war mongers, national socialists, bigots, sexists, and racists.
III) National Campaign Front Line comprises 12 Libertarian Party Working Groups to appeal to these 12 respective political groups by social media explaining why solution set satisfies their core values and objectives.
IV) National Campaign Double Envelopment by Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees is to trap, debase, discredit, and DEFEAT Democrat and Republican nominees in their meaningless pander, immense national failures, embedded systemic corruption and ineffective plans. 

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