Historical WWII Game

Modified WWII Game

Just for fun, is the Historically Modified Axis and Allies game, I made, November 2012 through March 2013. It took allot of time to research. The game can start either Summer of 1939 with Axis concentrated near their home capitals or Spring 1942 at the maximum axis expansion, the 50/50 game that could go either way. The board was modified with twice the number of territories and sea zones, and annotated in Red ink showing major battles, including all sea battles losing a destroyer or more. The game is historical in a sense that the players replay the war with geopolitical motivations, as the rules were modified by a rule book to encourage the historical play with a reenactment book showing expected moves (3 months each move) from Q3 1939 to Q4 1946, but if the axis side does not win with 10 of 19 designated victory cities, then on to Q4 1947 with industrial production determining the winner.

Game play was modified to include 16 (Naval or Army) Battle Groups (as board side areas for units), 3RA 3RB 3RC IJA IJB IJC SUA SUB SUC USA USB USC UKA UKB UKC UKD. Each battle group has a strategic on-board commander token having special strategic withdraw capabilities, for the fleet and army battle groups. There are also 7-3R 5-IJ 5-SU 4-UK 9-US tactical fleets and armies, for a total 30 fleets or armies, each having an on-board tactical commander token for organization and movement of armies. The 30 tactical commanders correspond to the 30 quarters, Q3 1939 to Q4 1946 on the time line, and that also correspond to 30 technologies, which when reached by numbered time 1-30, become active technologies for enhanced unit capability and complex operational engagements. There are also 16 Military Police tokens for each color force for mere occupation of islands and territories. Technologies are auto incorporated for realistic game play. Radar on Anti-Aircraft and Aircraft Carriers. 

WWII Technologies

Time ------ Technology ------------ Markings --Technology Enhancement
1939c 01 SU Soviet Infantry I 1 Def Stalin shot the officer Corps
1939d 02 3R Super UBoats Wolf Pack S 3 Atk U-Boats group attacks
1940a 03 UK Radar on AC and AA AC AA Enhanced Radar
1940b 04 3R Radar on AC and AA AC AA Enhanced Radar
1940c 05 US Radar on AC and AA AC AA Enhanced Radar
1940d 06 US Heavy AC AC 2 Hits Fire Control systems
1941a 07 IJ Heavy Battleships BS 5 Atk 67K-Tons Yamato & Mushashi
1941b 08 SU Heavy Tanks T34 T 4 Def T34 thick armor
1941c 09 SU Soviet Conscription I 2 IP Millions available
1941d 10 US Super Sonar D 3 Atk Enhanced Sonar
1942a 11 US Tank Costs 5IP Sherman T 5 IP Low unit Production costs
1942b 12 UK Super Sonar D 3 Atk Enhanced Sonar
1942c 13 SU Super Tanks T 4 Atk Up-gunned T34's
1942d 14 US Bombers B 3 Def B17 flying fortress
1943a 15 3R Super Tanks T 4 Atk Mark IV Battle Tank
1943b 16 US Super Submarines S 3 Atk US Silent Service
1943c 17 3R Heavy Tanks T 4 Def Tiger Tanks
1943d 18 SU Rockets A 3 Atk Stalin Sirens
1944a 19 US Escorts F 6 Move Long Range Mustangs
1944b 20 US Super Bomber B 5 Atk B29 Stratofortress
1944c 21 3R Rocket Bombard B 2 Die V1 and V2 Rockets
1944d 22 IJ Dive Bombers F 5 Atk Kamikaze, Casualty on Ship attack.
1945a 23 3R Volkssturm I I 3 Def People's Storm, Panzer Faust
1945b 24 3R Super F German F 5 Def Jet Fighters
1945c 25 US Massive Bomber B 5 Die Atomic Bomb
1945d 26 IJ Bonsai Infantry I 4 Def Fanatics, Casualty on defend fire.
1946a 27 UK Escort Fighter 6 moves Mustangs UK Merlin Engines
1946b 28 UK Tank Costs T 5 IP US Sherman Tanks
1946c 29 IJ Kamikazi Fighters F 5 Def Home Islands Defense
1946d 30 IJ Bonsai Infantry I 4 Atk Home Islands Defense

1939 Political Reenactment

Maximum units are historically based. Chips are used for strategic bombers raids damage. As a force conquers a territory with a respective industrial production number (IP) printed on the board map. The force color total industrial production is adjusted +/- on the time track, which total IP is used for buying more units at the start of each move. The Time Line tracks Time, Technologies, and Industrial Production. The politics of the day are emulated as well, as the board area is divided by political boundaries. US United States and CN China (Green Military Units) UK United Kingdom (Tan Military Units) SU Soviet Union (Brown Military Units) 3R Third Reich (Black Military Units) IJ Imperial Japan, NP Nazi Puppets Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovokia, W Poland, Italy, Vichi French, Indochina, and AS Anti Soviets (Red Military Units Modova, E.Poland, Baltic States, Finland) The politics include appeasement, SU-IJ Armistice, Phony-War, Lend-Lease, US Neutrality, and Thailand Offensive. When you play this game, you play WWII history. All Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers have actual names on the bottom of each, and the board is annotated very heavily so that one can generally determine the career of key ships. In my study, I learned, that there were 4 times, the US sunk 4 Japanese carriers, and they are the battles at Midway, Marianas, Philippines Sea, and Inland Sea. I also learned that in 1941, the Japanese let US ships from San Francisco resupply SU at Vladivostok, to lure the Americans into complacency, I guess, because it worked, thus, Norwegian Sea, Persian Corridor and the N. Pacific Routes resupplying the SU who took the brunt of the Nazi Panzer Armies. The US also supplied the Chinese over the Hump and the Burma Road. Of the 40 million killed in WWII, 27 million were Russian, and they most of all, defeated the Germans at the gates of Moscow and counter-struck at Stalingrad, with the US Victory at Midway, as the most significant battles of that war.

Exemplar Game, 10 year old thinking out of the box

In this picture, a black disc in shown on the time line for Q2 1941. My 10 year old son has Nazi formations in Brazil, and a huge Kreigmarine carrier fleet controlling the Atlantic, having totally destroyed the UK home squadron and UK Mediterranean western squadron. The Nazi fleet just now anchored off Jamaica controlling central American, as the battle for Moscow is getting underway, with a large Japanese contingent in C.US, (C.US & W.US are axis controlled representing US Neutrality until US is attacked). The Japanese combined fleet just moved into the south sea, looking to pounce on Sydney Australia. UK and US still at peace with Japan, but not for long. The UK just beat off a drive on Cape Town and Russia beat off a Russian far east incursion by the Japanese. Its Summer of 1941, and its touch and go, but the kid may just win with the axis powers, this is hugely serious, its a nail bitter, in the garage war room. The Japanese Attacked and captured Sydney, making that 10th of 19 victory cities. The US at peace could do nothing, and the Axis won that game. My 10 year old son (Straight A student, Taekwondo Jr Black Belt) thinks totally out of the box, just like papa.

Military History Education

I spent 20 years reading military books, and I am expert on Civil War and WWII. I spent 4 years commanding on line strategic and tactical command of 100s of real persons, developing military briefing maps, operations planning, generating strategic and tactical war maps, using excellent command and control and integrated battle formations, with misdirection and assault plans, in emulated warfare. I developed USA F16 Fighter and Cruse Missile navigation systems. I have a combined 30 years of military science education and emulated warfare, rendering me a military scientist capable of command as commander in chief, USA.

Modified Game Board

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