Historical Civil War Game

Civil War Game Overview

I developed a massive database and 1000s of graphic images for producing a civil war game that teaches players the history and campaigns of that war. It is absolutely massive, with a structured database and images for incorporation into commercial game by a game manufacturer. It has 10 man years of study and design. It has 1000s of officers, 1000s of ships, all coded and quantized according to historical operations, careers, ranks, and commands, with complete logistics supports, within complete command structures with all armies and squadrons in play during relevant respective time segment periods. There are 100s of military formations from armies, wings, corps, divisions to squadrons. 1000s of battles are map annotated by time segment for historical reference. The game is divided into 10 equal time segments for playing anyone segment with initial conditions and objectives, thus 10 games in one. It includes collateral influences such has 64 Indian tribes and chiefs to world wide confederate commerce raiders including officers and coded ships including all particulars such a guns, draft, speed, etc. This intellectual properly is ripe for a game manufacturer to turn into a CD game. It is configured to teach players the military history of the civil war. This is truly a massive reduction of that war into precise data structures for developing a game which teaches military history. The data is massive, yet organized, and ripe for translation into a computer or board game. It was actually allot of fun putting it all together. Playing this game, teaches the civil war.

Each Campaign period can be played as separate contest.

   Victory is determined by doing better than the historical record. This is an historical record of locations in each campaign period.
   A Campaign can be played as a separate game. A victory point is score for doing better, by taking, or by holding, than history. 

Recruitment Pool and Time line is used for historical time recruitment of units.
If the CSA captures a USA state capital, an extra victory point is awarded.
Thus, the Army of Northern Virgina should have captured Harrisburg PA in 1863.
This time line shows historical victory points scored by the historical opponents.

    Holding these important locations scores one point, in this 15-15 tie. Tallahassee fell May 20 1865, for a 15-14 historical win. 

Map includes the entire world, with territorial compression based on proximal relevance.
Battles are resolved at this strategic level using ranks played as the "war" card game.
The game is ripe for creating a set of tactical battle maps for significant battles.

Civil War Game Historical Formations

Each side has 9 groups of formations so that 18 players can team up, 9 on each side
The 9 groups include a commanding capital group and 8 department groups.
Each department group includes an army, squadron and department garrisons.
USA and CSA are the capital formations and DNV and DPO are exemplar departments.
Each Group includes 32 formations that are command hierarchical formations.
Each formation has a statue for grouping together any number of officers, ships, and logistics.

USA Capital Group

CSA Capital Group

US Department of the Potomac (US Department Group number 6 of 8) Color coded Orange

CS Department of Northern Virginia (CS Department 6 of 8) Color coded Orange

Each of the (9 groups x 32 formation/group) 288 formations has a color coded statue.
Each group is color coded with a unique standard flag star configuration for identification.
Here are statues for the US and CS capital formation groups.

Civil War Game Command Structure

Formations are grouped according to a hierarchical command structure.
By moving an Army, its corps and all subformations move with the army.
Thus, a simple move of one formation can effective move an entire army.

Western Indians are under control of 4 western CSA department commanders.
Western Indians are grouped by 4 ethnic groups each with 4 tribe formations having 16 active formations at any time.
Each tribe formation is used for 4 different actual tribes based upon historical time mutually exclusive activity.

The Indians with 100s of chiefs are fully integrated from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
The USA has distributed western formations, mounted rifles and dragoons, for opposing the Indians.
As example, here the CS Department of the Tennessee includes the Northern Plains Indians.

Civil War Game Military Units

Officers have ranks (combat power) and services, historically time and command coded.
Ships have ranks (combat power), classes, propulsion and drafts, historically time coded.
Officer, Ships and Chiefs are each color coded by time and department.
These "units" conform in game to actual historical time, rank, and service.
Here are some US naval officers for example, having 2 or 4 commands (rank-service).

Civil War Game Logistics Complex

The game includes a vast Logistical Complex for realization.
Here are few logistical legends describing capabilities and uses.

 Battle Hymn of the Republic
 The Bonnie Blue Flag
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