WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY, Fullerton, California. (1978-1981)
                                                    JURIS DOCTOR, May 1981. Emphasis in Business Law.

 University of Southern California
 University of California

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, CA (1975-6)         UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley, California. (1973-5)
Graduate study in Electrical Engineering in 1976. Graduate                              Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
studies covered digital systems, programming, and IC design.                          Emphasis in material science, digital and analog circuit 
Graduate Studies Supporting Space Shuttle Flight Simulation                           analysis, integrated circuit design and processing, finite
Graduate Studies Supporting Fighter Navigation Development                         state machines, computer architecture and software systems.   
Graduate Studies Supporting Interconnected Systems Delelopment                 Graduated from Cal in 2.5 years after High School Graduation. 

Lower Division studies in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Thermodynamics.

Liberal Arts studies in English, History, Calculus, and Computer Systems. (1972)

John F. Kennedy High School La Palma CA (1969-1972) Six years of precision mechanical drafting, tennis team player, above average student, and learning mainframe computers and programming languages, and completing all basic math and science courses.

Walker Junior High School La Palma CA (1966-1969) General studies, being pulled out of math class for self study in the library, completing Algebra I and Algebra II in one semester in the library.

Torrance California Elementary Schools (1960-1966) Expert clarinet player, Youth Marching Band Member. Self taught numerical sequencing tabulations. Various Christian Churches attendance. 


Military Science (1990-2012)

Military Scientist, Emulated Military Supreme Commander. (2009-2012)

Combat Operations Planner and Chief of Staff. (2009-2012)

Commanded Hundreds of Warriors in Battle. (2009-2012)

Military Battle and Strategic Map Designer. (2001-2010)

Military Strategic and Tactics Student. (1990-2010)

Military Strategic War Game Designer. (2001-2010)

Lectures at Kharkov Ukrainian Military Academy. (1997)


Bullion, Banking, Finance, Market Analysis (2001-2015)

Bullion Banking Finance Market Analyst. (2001-2015)

LemetropoleCafe Member, Bullion Commentator. (2005-2009)

Market Analysis Published Around the World. (2005-2009)

Market Commentator TF Metals Report. (2012-2015)

Developed Attack Plan for Market Manipulation. (2013)

100m$ Asset Negotiator and Procurement Manager. (2010-2012)

Mint Coinage Production Line Inventor. (2006-2010)

Monetary Commentator, Bullion Market Analyst. (2001-2015)

Fingered China secret Gold Buys. (Bloomberg 4-1-2009)


Geopolitical Analysis (2000-2016)

Political and Geopolitical Analyst. (2004-2015)

USA Presidential Candidate. (2010-2012 & 2015-2016)

Townhall Political Commentator. (2004-2009)

Police State, Judiciary, Welfare State Investigations. (2001-2015)

Political Commentator LemetropoleCafe. (2005-2009)

Geopolitical Commentator, Published Around the World (2004-2009)

Global Confluence Predictor, World Leader Adviser. (2004-2009)

Dozen Cultural Analysis field trips to Eastern Europe and Asia. (1995-2010)

Promoted peace and goodwill between USA and Russia (2001-2010)

Intellectual Property Lectures Far Eastern State University Russia. (2001)


Politician, Derrick Michael Reid, Laguna Beach Ca. I devised a comprehensive integrated sweeping solution set for solving major US systemic problems, such as eliminating the national debt, having skills in law, systems analysis, engineering, military science, politics, cultural analysis, war, geopolitics and markets, with an equivalency of 6 university degrees, culminating in a run for the US Presidency in the Libertarian Party. I traveled around the country campaigning. In May 2016, Orlando Florida, at the Libertarian Party National Convention, I lost my bid for the nomination. Having lived in California all my life, I am now running for US Senator from California. (2009-2018) 

Patent Lawyer, DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ., Laguna Beach Ca. My practice centers upon Patent, Trademark and Copyright applications, prosecution and infringement litigation emphasizing services concerning high technology electronic and computer components, communications circuits and systems, operated sole practitioner business, accounting entry and data, in a small law office, managing all legal staff. (1984-2009)

Associate Attorney at Law, LYON & LYON, Los Angeles CA. My responsibilities were related to Patent, Trademark and Copyright applications, prosecution, and infringement cases and trade secret cases. I developed a litigation computer system for data base management in complex cases. (1983-84)

Engineering Manager, MATTEL ELECTRONICS, Hawthorne, CA. My duties comprised manpower management, hardware and software procurement and department operating procedure development to facilitate Integrated Circuit sustaining, diagnostic and simulatory compiler design activities. (1982-83)

Engineering Promoter, REIDESIGN, Newport Beach CA. I engaged in venture capital activities for a VLSI silicon design company based on redesigning MSI into VLSI MOS technologies using silicon compilers & semi-custom techniques. (1982)

Senior Electronic Engineer, PERKIN-ELMER, Garden Grove, CA. My function was the design of disk drive micro electronics. This required micro processor circuit design, firmware code development and custom VLSI design with CAD tools such as In Circuit Emulation development systems and logic circuit simulators. (1980-82)

Electronic Engineer, BASIC FOUR, Tustin, CA. I was responsible for the developmental design of their mid-size computer systems. These systems employed various controllers, memories and CPUs which use random logic, sequencer-firmware and micro processor technologies. (1979-80)

Electronic Engineer, CALCOMP, Anaheim CA. My duties included CAD development of floppy disk drive electronic circuitry which comprised stepper motor, transducer pickoff, read-write and control circuitry. I designed a disk drive. (1977-79)

Electronic Engineer, LITTON GUIDANCE, Woodland Hills CA.  I was responsible for the design of Cruise and F-16 inertial navigation electronic circuits such as gyro spin supplies, precision torquers, synchro buffers, quantizers, temperature controllers, resolver amplifiers and their built-in test circuits in hybrid technologies. (1976-77)

Electronic Engineer, ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, Downey, CA. My assignments included the design of digital and analog computer interface circuits in a flight simulation environment in which various computer systems exercised space shuttle simulation instruments in closed loop simulations for design verification, ground control maiden flight of USAF B1a Bomber Edwards AFB. (1975-76)


The personal skill set, knowledge base and demeanor combine for serving our common purpose, for understanding rational perspectives from opposing political factions, and for finding the common ground, so as to, bring political factions together for solving the major problems facing California and the country. We are all Americans, United We Stand! I humbly ask for your support.   

In Liberty and Freedom, Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D., 
Libertarian, US Senate Candidate, Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, 
System Analyst, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.
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