After the cold war, eastern Europe was buffer zone between east and west. Russia was pumping oil through Urkaine to western Europe. HRC received money into her foundation from Ukrainian oligarch. Western Ukrainian ousted by coup a duly elected president. The oil stopped flowing. Russia is now seeking the "south stream" through Turkey. The US state department did not uphold democracy principles in the Ukraine. Ukraine went into rebellion, losing two eastern regions and the Crimea. The US is selling military equipment to Ukraine in a protracted stalemate. HRC enabled war and never spoke out in favor of democracy principles in Ukraine and effectively started WAR there, after of course, taking money from Ukrainian oligarchs.


The Shia and Sunnie are at the center of this conflict. Syria is aided by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. ISIS, or the insurgents, is supported by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. The goal is to pump either Iranian Oil or Saudi Oil to the Mediterranean in a global power play.  If ISIS, the purported bad guys, are defeated, why is the US still in Syria. This has the fingerprints of the CFR. HRC started war in Syria, gun running.


Now a fail state after the US took out Qaddafi who was going to sell oil for gold 


US land invasion after Saddam was going to sell oil for gold


The banks are making ill gotten gains laundering drug money.  


There is rumor that Yemen is sitting on vast oil reserves, and is why Sunnie and Shia are fighting in Yemen, with US support.


The US is attacking terrorists, but often has collateral damage in civilian deaths.  

                                                                    Libertarians oppose regime change wars. 

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