Geopolitical Wars

There apparently exists presently a titanic global struggle between the NWO globalizing banking cabal, with corrupt deep state operatives in all governments and controlling the central banks and the military industrial complex, and, the Nationalists, comprising Russia, China and modernly the USA with the election of President Trump. The banking cabal is centered in the EU and controlled by the financial elite. The purpose of the NWO is to create a one world government, that is to perfect global communism, and thus easier to control, with the objective of continued wealth transfers from the people world wide to the financial elite, mostly through debt. The banking cabal uses any means possible, including War, Drug Trafficking, International Terrorism, and Government corruption to create chaos for ease of control of all governments world wide.   

After the cold war, eastern Europe was buffer zone between east and west. Russia was pumping oil through Urkaine to western Europe. HRC received money into her foundation from Ukrainian oligarch. Western Ukrainian ousted by coup a duly elected president. The oil stopped flowing. Russia is now seeking the "south stream" through Turkey. The US state department did not uphold democracy principles in the Ukraine. Ukraine went into rebellion, losing two eastern regions and the Crimea. The US is selling military equipment to Ukraine in a protracted stalemate. HRC enabled war and never spoke out in favor of democracy principles in Ukraine and effectively started WAR there, after of course, taking money from Ukrainian oligarchs.

The Shia and Sunnie are at the center of this conflict. Syria is aided by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. ISIS, or the insurgents, is supported by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. The goal is to pump either Iranian Oil or Saudi Oil to the Mediterranean in a global power play.  If ISIS, the purported bad guys, are defeated, why is the US still in Syria. This has the fingerprints of the CFR. HRC started war in Syria, gun running.
President Trump has recently called for withdrawing from Syria. This is a good thing. 

Now a fail state after the US took out Qaddafi who was going to sell oil for gold. Paul Ryan resigned because he aided HRC, Obama, McCain in running guns from Libya to Syria, through Turkey, as a clandestine banking cabal deep state CIA operation. The purpose was to overthrow Assad to allow for gulf oil to be piped to the Mediterranean Sea to compete to Russia, a nationalistic country opposing the NWO globalizing banking cabal that has been assisted by the CIA deep state. 

US land invasion after Saddam was going to sell oil for gold. US is presently trying to defeat ISIS in Iraq while clearing out the CIA deep state. 

The banks are making ill gotten gains laundering drug money.  Afghanistan is a banking cabal and CIA deep state money source from the drug trade. McCabe was on the board of HSBC and oversaw drum money laundering. 

There is rumor that Yemen is sitting on vast oil reserves, and is why Sunnie and Shia are fighting in Yemen, with US support. After North Korea peace, the US is make peace with Iran, stopping the $500B/year secret taxpayer funded payment to Iran. 

The US is attacking terrorists, but often has collateral damage in civilian deaths. International terrorism is largely funding by the international banking cabal and deep state CIA assets.  

North Korea
President Trump and Dear Leader Un may have peace talks in May 2018. This is a good thing. North Korea was infested with CIA deep state. By attacking the CIA deep state in North Korea, it opened up peace negotiations. 

Armenia has entered a rebellion, where the population is revolting against the corrupt government controlled by the banking cabal and the CIA deep state. Armenia is a pivotal point between Russia and the Gulf States and has long been a hot bend of CIA deep state corruption. The current administration is attacking the CIA deep state and banking cabal to liberate Armenia from corruption. 

      International Banking Cabal        Systemic Embedded Corruption           Global Wealth Transfers                   Deep State Operatives
Nationalists v Globalists
Including Wars, Peace, Geopolitics, Bullion, Meltdown Triggers
Three nationalists Trump-Xi-Putin, bullion backed, v EU-US NWO international Banking Cabal.
Ukrainian coup and rebellion to close Russian Pipe Lines to Eastern Europe for starting war and rebellion. (HRC-Biden-BHO)
Syria and Libya, Gun Running, war and rebellion, ISIS creation, Qadaffi proposing gold for oil. (HRC-McCain-Ryan)
Syria objective of Gulf oil pipeline, regime change war, ISIS False Flags, Uranium One Nuclear weapons (HRC-McCain-Mueller)
Afghanistan war started by deep state for drug money laundering HSBC (Bush-McCabe)
Yemen created war, undiscovered Oil and Shia v Shunnie (BHO-Kerry)
North Korea CIA deep state Nuclear Development and established deep state threatening North Korea regimine. (Pelosi).
Iraq deep state infestation through Gulf Wars, Saddam proposing oil for Euros. (Bush-Rumfield)
Iranian deep state infestation. (BHO-Kerry)
Iran Nuclear deal, deep state infiltration, to feed banking cabal $500B/year. (BHO-Kerry-HRC)
PEACE by Nationalists Trump Xi and Putin
North Korea peace after US destroyed deep state nuclear test mountain for cementing lasting peace deal. (Trump-Xi)
Armenia rebellion against infestation of NWO deep state for lasting peace in Armenia. (Trump-Putin)
Syria peace initiative using disinformation and Tomahawk strikes to defeat ISIS and NWO for lasting Syrian peace and US Pullout. (Trump-Putin)
Syria peace initiated by Trump, by promising to withdraw US troops and defunding deep state controlled Whitehelmets. (Trump)  
Iraq US attack upon NWO deep state in Iraq for creating lasting peace in Iraq. (Trump-Putin) 
Iran US attack upon NWO deep state in Iran for creating a lasting peace deal with Isreal and US. (Trump-Putin) 
Trump has gone over to the offensive against FBI DOJ deep state firing operatives in advance of criminal prosecutions (Trump)
Strongman Putin was re-elected in Russia by a landslide and remains in firm control.
XI made dictator, yet they know a dictator like Moa limits prosperity but China fears instability wanting a strong leader.
Trump is likely to be president for seven more years with control of both houses. 
Trump is consolidating power, cleaning up DOJ FBI CIA from corrupt deep state globalizers.
Trump will likely to soundly defeat the Democrats in 2020, with a probable super majority in both houses.
There are 24500 sealed indictments pending directed to human trafficking and corruption, and the Wall will be funded rallying the American First base. 
US government is corrupted by deep state (SES FED FBI DOJ CIA) globalizers controlled by the banking cabal and the financial elite.
Inspector General report and Huber Prosecutors will prosecute the deep state for treason, and reduce central banker influence. 
US Administration is infested by deep state insider control and their corrupt NWO globalization efforts.
A Global Monetary Reset is Pending.
Russia and China buying Gold, China has a Gold and Silver international exchange, China has introduced the Petro-Yuan oil trade.
Russia in monetizing silver, in preparation for fiat currency collapse. 
Treasury Secretary Munchin went to Ft Knox to verify the US gold hoard for Trump.
Numerous Triggers to a monetary reset and fiat devaluation are now in place that may send bullion to infinity in dollar price. 
Global Meltdown is Pending.
1) Trade war, China face saving retaliation, Trump-Xi positioning for monetary reset, Xi smiling with Trump in Florida, Trump honored in Beijing, North Korea wants peace, China Petro-Yuan to challenge the dollar global hegemony, draining liquidity and degrading the international banking cabal.
2) FED interest rates, FED Powell indicated three more rate hikes this year, but due to low GDP growth, and keep rates low.
3) Federal deficits, 21T$ growing national debt, creating market nervousness and eventual collapse in wealth terms. 
4) Petro-gold yuan, degrading the petro-dollar, and degrading the global dollar hegemony. 
5) China and Russia can unload Treasuries, at will, devaluing the dollar, forcing FED purchases, degrading dollar global hegemony.
6) FED audit, a DT campaign promise, with movement in congress, exposing 21T$ dark pool used by the FED and ESF.
7) Banking derivative contagion, Deutches Bank is now on the edge of collapse. 

 Nationalism v Globalism
 Geopolitical Wars

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