All voters should be registered to vote. In so doing, proof of residence requirements and US citizenship can be had. During the actual vote, ID must be required to match the voter register. These minimum steps must be taken to insure the integrity of the voting process so that all lawful votes have the full effect. 

Trump alleged there were about four million fraudulent votes. Many voting irregularities are well known. Trump ordered an election fraud commission now terminated as opposed by Democrat governors. A DNI, DHS, and FBI study will prove massive Democratic Party voter fraud, including the allowing of several millions of illegal immigrants to vote in direct contradiction of voting laws across the country. The issue of voter fraud is apparently not over yet.

 The US Constitution
 Protect Honor and Defend

There are many illegal means used to defeat the integrity of the voting power, such as voting dead people and illegal immigrants. Apparently, the progressives are trying to flood the country with illegal immigrants. These illegal immigrants were instructed by Obama to vote, which is a direct subversion of the voting integrity. In California, the progressives are trying to use applications for driver's license to register to vote people easily, and in so doing encourage by process the voting registration of illegal immigrants. Thus, progressives are trying to change the demographics in racism against White Black Brown and Yellow citizens in favor of illegal brown immigrants. This is of course intentional institutionalized voting discrimination against citizens as a mean to subvert the voting process by progressives using illegal means to do so. Illegal phantom voters, who have no right to vote, are like ghosts riders in the sky, devils and clowns, to be feared by all lawful voters and citizens, for they degrade the significance of the lawful vote and thereby degrade our democracy.

Voters should not surround themselves with themselves and vote for their own personal benefit, but rather should be circumspection and vote for the good of the country. Pandering politicians, progressives and socialists say voting public, vote for me and I will give you the goodies, and do not asking people to vote for the good of country. Pandering politicians, progressives and socialists are not really interested in helping the poor through their counter productive policies, nor helping the country to increase prosperity, but rather operate to pander to desires for political party power. Socialism corrupts everything it touches, including the voting process, for the socialists are long on the promised goodies but short on the corruption induced and the negative results of their pandered socialism. Socialism corrupts everything it touches and government institutions, while embedding moral hazards and higher taxes destroying jobs, wages and prosperity. The socialists are not honest, for they do not explain that socialism will have debilitating effects, including increasing debt and deficits, devaluing the wages, savings and pensions, and destroying private sectors jobs and businesses. Pandering politicians, progressives and socialists to do not honestly explain that capitalism provides the optimum means of creating wealth that raises people out of poverty into lives of dignity while lowering taxes. The pandering socialists are effectively frauds on the voter process and do not support honest lawful voting for the good of the country. Its all about them and party power. Oxymoronic Sanders pandered socialism and railed against the banks, yet it is the debt of enslaving banks that is needed to fund the deficits to perfect corrupt socialism.  


Other means are used by the progressives to subvert the voting process and election process at the highest level, such as HRC buying the DNC and rigging the California election against Sanders, and such as BHO HRC RICE LYNCH COMEY et al, weaponizing the IRS DOJ CIA FBI to spy on the Trump Campaign and overturn the lawful election of president Trump. Further still, the progressives have mobilized their Brown Shirts, to intimidate and brutalize political opponents and supporters during the election process. The progressives in control of California will use any illegal means to degrade the voting and election process..  

These progressives also limit ballot access and debate by restricting general elections, and the debates thereto, to the two pandering political machines to the exclusion of any third party candidate. The election system, maintained by the progressives, is inherently unfair to third parties, limits voter choices, and is used for maintaining absolute political party control over government and our lives.  

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