Comprehensive Solution Set


A first step was determining that our government, money, markets, constitution and republic were all corrupted from within. The second step was determining that the aggregate effect of this total corruption transfers wealth from the people to government and elites, who in turn control governments. The United States has been under siege for the last 100 years, as our traditions, liberties and freedoms were being destroyed from within, so as to enslave all people world wide to controlling elites. The third step was to devise a solution set that eliminates the corruption. In so doing, the sovereignty of the country is restored and protected and the people regain their lost liberties and freedoms free from continuous governmental and elitist enslavement. Globalization in essence transfers wealth and political control to world governance controlled by subversive corrupt global elitists.   

I can not prove or disprove the extent of control by the so-called NWO, as referenced by several US presidents and industrial chieftains, nor their membership, such as the Bilderbergs or the Illuminate, or the Khazarians, or mega corporate heads, or their explicit agenda, design, intent and desire. There are reports and rumors of course that I can not confirm. I can however opine as to the aggregate affect of the systemic corruption of our democratic functions and markets, and who benefits. Clearly though, there are many with one world government and globalist views that point to a grand intent. One thing though is clear, there is a continuous transfer of wealth from poor to rich in the US and world wide, that has been going on since the creation of the FED.  

The solutions that are needed, to eliminate the national debt, eliminate systemic embedded DC corruption, eliminate wealth transfer from poor to rich, restore the constitution, and restore the republic, are comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping. This solution set will be opposed by vested interests and is unlikely to be considered, given the corruption in DC, but only when there is an economic catastrophe, when the politicians in DC look at each other in total confusion, without a plan. The US needs someone to step up and provide the solutions. All should watch the bond market for early indications of that catastrophe, which will then collapse the equity markets, and ultimately the economy into a devastating world wide economic depression over which more political and economic power is transferred to the global elitists. The democrats and republicans are subtly influenced by a pervasive evil.  

Comprehensive Solution Set
Nationalize FED under Treasury with Congressional Oversight.
Transfer all National social programs to the states.
Limit Congressional Terms to Senate 4 terms & House 12 terms.
Provide Green Corps Miltary Service for prison inmates.
Abolish Federal Student loans in lieu of Scholarship and Grants.
End Federal FED ESF FOMC Manipulation of Markets.
End Quantitative Easy and Zero Interest Rate Policies.
Prosecute To Big To Jail Banks for Market Manipulations.
End To Big to Fail Bank Bailouts and Reserve Parking.
End Corporate Donations to Personal Political Campaigns.
Limit Senate Confirmation hearings to only Skill and Oath.
Impeach Totalitarian Ideologues on the Supreme Court.
Limit Government Bonds to X% of prior year tax receipts.
Prohibit deficit spending and large State and National Debt.
Limit income taxes in lieu of state collected sales taxes.  
Eliminate national, state and private debts by a Debt Jubilee.
Establish State Charter Banks for dispensing social assistance.
Limit FDIC to State Charter Banks with Glass-Steagall.
Provide Paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants without amesty.
Provide State and Federal minting and certificates in circulation. 
Return War Powers to the Senate and stop Regime Change Wars.
Revoke all international trade deals, tariffs, and subsidies.
Balance international trade to free, fair and balanced Trade.
Limit federal totalitarism on states reserve powers. 
Uphold constitutional liberties including privacy and guns. 
Aboolish Federal and State Court Malpractice law suits. 
Provide state Licensing boards for professional Malpractice.
Provide State low-cost medical clinics for indigent healt care. 
Limit Big Pharma prices at state low-cost medical clinics.
Restore the Rule of Law and Prosecute Government Officials.
End influence peddling in Congress and the Administration. 
Limit Government subsidies of targeted industries.
Limit DoE DoHUD IRS CIA and liberty oppressive functions.
Protect national parks, wildlife, and reduce pollution. 
Limit public foreign aid for foreign governments.
Promote Private Charitable giving to domestic & foreign people.
Promote voluntary taxation for supporting government.
Protect Constitutional Liberties from Progressive Fascists. 
Seamlessly translate from Fiat Currency to Real Money.
Seamlessly transfer Federal Welfare to the States.
Seamlessly eliminate the National and State Debts.
Abolish the Deep State Senior Executive Service
Investigate the Council for Foreign Relations War Crimes
(This is a subset, but addresses the major problems)

That solution set solves the major problems facing the country at the highest level. It will liberate all from financial enslavement by the global elite which controls government which controls us.  When you think in the 1st order, you only emotionally react to what affects you directly. Most people exhibit first order thinking. When you think in the 2nd order, you understand direct consequences. When you think in the 3rd order, you understand interrelated feedback. As an engineer, I understand necessary negative feedback control to preserve sustainable systems. To even begin to understand how the solution set is integrated, comprehensive and sweeping, you must be sophisticated to think deep and in the 3rd order. Many are locked into existing ideologies that will tend to reject this or that. I ask all to step outside themselves and give this comprehensive view a fresh new examination. This solution set is based upon the constitution and addresses the major problems facing the country and the state of California. 
 Problems and Solutions

Required Skill Set

Californians, here is a serious question for you. Would you want a uniter and a problem solver in the US Senate? Would you want a senator how knows how to: 1) Eliminate the National Debt; 2) Eliminate Systemic Corruption in D.C.; 3) Eliminate Wealth Transfers from Poor to Rich; 4) Restore the Constitution and 5) Restore the Republic? If you do, please consider voting for a moderate for US Senator.

The solution set is comprehensive, is important to California, and is of national importance. California voters will have a chance this year to put into the US Senate, a uniter and a systems problem solver. Other notable politicians and commentators are very smart and understand some of the problems we face, but only propose conventional band aids that wont solve the systemic problems.

The solution set is fiscally reactionary and indispensable to national identity, long term prosperity and domestic tranquility. A list of big problems was presented, both specific and systemic. Above is presented a comprehensive solution set that solves those big systemic problems. Much study, education, experience and skills lead to focusing on solving those big problems by analyzing the comprehensive whole. This solution set is a viable option to solve the big problems facing the nation.
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