Peace be with you all. Separation of Church and State is a must. Religion provides a moral code, which has served mankind for thousands of years during the ascent of mankind. Atheists can thank the great religions for providing a moral code by which common decency pervade. Atheists' GOD is mother nature and their bible is the physic book, and can proudly say the pledge of allegiance like any other believer. 
I do not approve, which is freedom of thought, of abortions or homosexuality, according to a personal moral code. But I am not running for Pope, but am running for the US Senate, and that means swearing to uphold the US Constitution, and that means vehemently protecting the privacy of choice and the liberty to live a live style as one choices. The government has no business the doctor's office or the bedroom regulating the private affairs of private citizens. As a libertarian, the will always seek to protect liberties and freedoms from government control particularly as a government official. 

The big bang started from an infinitely dense singularity, in a void, and expanded creating space-time and matter as the universe expanded. The big bang was 13.7 billion years ago, and the universe now is 30 billion light years across. Cosmological constants are finely tuned, to forty decimal places, with such precision that life on earth is possible. If anything can not be created without a cause, what caused the big bang? There is much circumstantial evidence. That cause must be 1) Timeless to create time, 2) spaceless creating space from a void, 3) all powerful as the universe is huge, 4) all knowing to finely tune the universe to enable life itself, 5) immaterial to create matter from nothing, 6) personal to create the universe by choice 13.7 billion years ago, and 7) eternal from eternity of the past to eternity of the future. The cause of the universe is timeless, spaceless, all powerful, all knowing, immaterial, personal and eternal. In the beginning GOD created the heavens and earth, and the earth was without form and in a void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, let there be light. 

Darwin theory has a problem with the Cambrian explosion and apparent intelligent design of DNA. Presupposing God's methods is misguided. Fundamentally, why do we exist at all, but for a supernatural divine spirit? Faith in such a divine spirit is not irrational. People of faith should not be demeaned. People of faith have inner strength during the endless struggles of man. People of faith voluntarily live by a personal moral code. People of faith have eternal joy from the holy spirit. People of faith repent their sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed and saved. 
 Amazing Grace
 Acapella Doxology
 The Lords Prayer
 Spirit in the Sky

  God Bless America
 Battle Hymn of the Republic
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