The Democrats have thrown black people under the bus, being more concerned about refugees and illegal immigrates.Democrat policies have destroyed needed jobs, have devalued the currency devaluing wages, savings and pensions. Democrats do not offer black people needed prosperity to solve systemic racism, but rather pander social justice which increases racism. All lives matter. Poverty is the biggest driver of tragic cop shootings. Poverty is the biggest driver of systemic embedded racism. One can intellectually defeat white supremacists, but the appearance of crime and poverty, reinforces systemic embedded racism. Create in the inner city minority jobs jobs jobs, creating dignity and self respect, and you will solve these two problems in large measure. The Democrats have no solutions for the problems facing black people in America. 
We are all god's children, with the capacity of enduring love for all our fellow human beings, to live together in mutual respect and civility. The biggest driver of cop shootings and systemic racism is poverty. The cure is economic empowerment of the indigent and working poor. The biggest driver to economic empowerment of the indigent and working poor to lift the impoverished out of poverty, is free market capitalism. With high taxes feeding corrupt socialism, embedded DC corruption, and pervasive market rigging and manipulation, capitalism has been degraded by our political complex which is miserably failing the indigent and working poor, perpetuating police brutality and systemic racism. I offer CA and the US the necessary solution set. Personal violence responding to government violence will not succeed, but only perpetuate systemic racism.

I am a Civil War expert having studied it for over 20 years. The confederacy viewed slaves as their property based upon states rights of the republic and the Constitution. The Lincoln administration was likely to interfere with southern property rights. Lincoln was not the great emancipator, but the great preserver of the Union. The US was founded with slave property rights. Lincoln had no intention of abolishing slavery in the states that it existed. The civil war was initiated to preserve the union by the north, and to preserve constitutional states rights by the south. The emancipation proclamation was a political ploy to keep the radical abolition Jacobin wing solidly in support of the Lincoln administration. Lincoln would not emancipate the slaves, for which he is widely known, but was the great preserver of the union, for which he is not widely known. Lincoln feared 200,000 yankee bayonets from the border states, MO KY WV MD DE would be thrown on the ground if he emaciated the slaves. The vast majority of northerners did not want war to free the slaves, but only to preserve the union, and would not fight just to free the slaves. The civil war was not about slavery per se, but about property rights and federal totalitarianism. Modernly, as totalitarian power concentrates in DC, strangling our liberties and freedoms, we must all be reminded that this is a republic of constitutional limited federal government. The Bonnie Blue Flags stands for states rights of the republic against federal totalitarianism. 

625,000 Americans died in that fight over states rights versus federal totalitarianism, and it must never be forgotten. The Confederate States of America never gave the KKK, which did not even exist at time, permission to fly the confederate battle flag, representing soldiers willing to fight in defense of their homes, property and rights from northern totalitarian invasion. The KKK adopted the confederate battle flag, and bastardized its historical significance. If you want to haul down a flag for our original sins, you start with the US national flag, and not the confederate battle flag. 
Stonewall Jackson Speech
 The Bonnie Blue Flag
Surely the 18th century white male culture was racist and sexist. The dominating white males were simply ignorant, but not evil. We as a people should rejoice that we have culturally evolved to understand the value of women, and that truly all men are created equal. It was the male dominated, Christian white race that ended slavery and emaciated women. The last slave ship, the Nightingale, was captured off the African coast by a yankee cruiser in 1863. The southern slave trade was shut down by southern coast blockading yankee gunboats. We should never forget our national history, of our original sins, be it slavery and patriarchy, and the noble fight against DC totalitarianism. The confederate statues are reminders to us all, of our original sins, the noble fight against totalitarian DC control, our republic of states rights, and our constitutionally limited federal government, and should be preserved for all time for our children to learn our great and wonderful cultural evolution as a nation.  
 Gettysburg Address 
 Battle Hymn of the Republic

So, lets be clear. I dont care what color are your eyes. If you are a US citizen you are my brother, entitled to civility, tolerance, respect and love. I was flipping through a bank book once, and came across some African Banks with pictures of the presidents, all dressed in nice three piece suits, and well groomed. I thought to myself, those are not Africans, those are Americans. We all grew up together in this country, and we are joined at the hip, and must always strive to get along with each other, and help each other. I find objectionable the constant playing of the race card pandering votes. We need more mutual love and respect for each other, as we are all GOD's children and Americans. 

 Systemic Racism
 We are all Equal

Despite the current administration hoopla over unemployment, black Americans are generally still second class citizens. There is much that can be done to level the playing field. Attacking the KKK, confederate monuments, and whites, or disrespecting the national flag is not the answer. Economic empowerment is the answer.  Current Administration infrastructure spending should be directed to unemployed citizens and poverty areas. 
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