I oppose regime change wars. It is not the US responsibility to use war to perfect political ends. 
There are better ways to support democracies without death, bombs, guns and destruction. 

San Francisco

I would seek to keep our Armed Forces strong for defending the country, keep the VA funded, but would reduce the number of foreign bases, as largely unnecessary, to having major logistics bases and fewer combat bases. Spy imagery and Intel can give early warnings, and forces mobilized as deem necessary from the major logistics bases to areas of concern, without stationing in perpetuity troop in 170 bases. Lets maximize global peace, civility and diplomacy and minimize the global death and destruction. 

As an Engineer, I worked on Shuttle, F16, Tomahawk and B1 Bomber. My father was in the Navy. My oldest son is now in the US Army.
First Uncle fought in Italy WWII US Army. Second Uncle fought in Korea US Army. We are proud of the US Armed Forces. 

NASA Endeavor Space Shuttle

B1 Bomber Takeoff

My oldest Son, Christopher, 17 years in the US Army, now in 101st Airborne, here with wife Jenifer. 

United States Armed Forces

My father was a 2nd class petty officer on a cold war destroyer. 

US Navy

US Airforce

US Marine Corps

You re a Grand Old Flag