We all should have the liberty to live our respective life styles, so long as it does no harm. Gay bashing is wrong, but interfering with parental rights, faith, marriage can cause harm, degrade the core morality of procreating parents, and produce tremendous backlash. Many progressives of course, dont see the harm of their life styles, from their perspective, as ideologues tend to do. There may be blow back from gay marriage, demeaning of faith, and denial of parental rights, the core foundation to procreation of the next generation, without which, society will collapse. Children are the final stop, and teaching alternative life styles to elementary kids will clash with parental rights. While many LGBTs believe they had success, the back lash may prove their efforts to be counter productive. It is not clear what is a transgender, as DNA indicates gender, as used in the Constitution. The transgender term is apparently used to obtain federal rights.  There are however, many many different life styles, and government should not be regulating life styles between consenting adults. The federal government has no business in the bedroom. The state has a legitimate state interest to ensure the procreation of the next generation of tax payers, and thus, should encourage, not demean procreating families and parental rights, and their marriages and faith, which help morally bind parents together for raising well adjusted children. 

A quarter of children are now confused about their gender. Parents are denied their parental rights and confusing children in an all ready very complicated and confusing world, will have consequences for decades to come. The blow back to LGBT penetration into marriage and parental rights, may induce many parents to teach hatred in the home, to counter the state's indoctrination in public schools, tending to induce many parents to pull their children out of public schools. I have gay friends, but these are mature adults, who do not attack my marriage, faith, or parental rights, and thus, I accept them as my personal friends, even though I dont approve of their life style. Nearly all parents culturally indoctrinate their boys as boys and their girls as girls, tending to raise well adjusted children, having the best chance at having a family and children of their own, with over all the best chance of life long happiness. Parents want their children to have the best chance at maximum happiness in their lives. It would take an exceptional LGBT member, to get outside their self-centered ideology, and look at the comprehensive whole, and understand that the health of society is best driven by a moral core of procreating parents exercising their parental rights. 

In the social continuum, there is 1) Civility, 2) Tolerance, 3) Acceptance, and 4) Approval. All persons should be treated with Civility and Tolerance (with no violence or bashing), but no one is entitled Acceptance (freedom of association) or Approval (freedom of thought). When you degrade traditional marriage, faith, and parenting, you are less likely to gain general acceptance or approval. As LGBT relations are a social issue, it should be, under the republic, states rights issues. California has mandated LGBT indoctrination of all children in public schools, and parents have no choice to opt out. 
Many parents wont approve of this social transsexual indoctrination of their children. As children are the final stop, this may actually hurt the LGBT cause for tolerance and civility over the long term, and produce less acceptance and approval. Under states rights, states have constitutional authority to legislate in the area of social issues. This is a sovereign states right. Whether one agrees or not, the republic should be respected. All should be able to live their respective life styles in liberty, provided that it does no harm to others, including god fearing, married, procreating parents and their children. 


I rose up and stood shoulder to shoulder with Log Cabin Republicans in support of Richard Grenell for ambassador to Germany. 

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