We are all enslaved as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, as the means to sustain the debt base fiat system used to transfer wealth to the financial elite. This is why, over the last 100 years, the currency was switched from intrinsically valuable real money, that can not be just printed and restrains deficits, to a debt based Federal Reserve Notes, (FRN), that can be printed at will, so that wealth can be transferred form the people to the financial elite. There is a path to end our enslavement, but its very deep, but leads to eliminating the national debt, state government debt and much of the accumulated private debt as a debt jubilee. However, with congressmen under the undue influence of the financial elite, there will be much resistance to it. This debt jubilee would occur only when the political climate is receptive during an economic implosion. There was an opportunity in 2008 to fix the system, but instead GWB and Harry Reid, bailed out The To Big To Fail, The To Big To Jail banks, kicked the can, and solved nothing, but perpetuate our enslavement to the banking cabal as perpetual debtors. Obama extended the debt enslavement through the use of the Federal Reserve System Quantitative Easy (QE) program, which acts to transfer wealth from private to public, from poor to rich, from future generations to the financial elite, and is why the top 1% are doing fantastically well, while wages, savings, pensions are devalued in real terms and income inequality is perpetuated, that started 100 years ago when the Federal Reserve System was created. 

A monetary reset has to do with ending the insidious fiat currency monetary system through currency translation to another currency, as has been done 600 times successfully throughout history, as the average time of a fiat currency is about 40 years. Nixon closed the gold window in 1972. The US controls the international SWIFT currency transfer system (used also to impose sanctions Russia-Iran), the petro-dollar (creating the huge global treasury bond stack), and the US military (against those country changing to gold, wars in Iraq, Libya, and the wars supporting the petro dollar Syria, Ukraine, Yemen), that collectively have extended the natural life of the US fiat dollar and its global hegemony. In affect, the wars in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen inter alia are used to feed the financial elite by maintaining the US dollar fiat hegemony for transferring wealth to the financial elite. The US kills, bombs, and destroys around the world to ensure wealth transfer from the 99% of people to the 1% financial elite, through undue influence. This is the driver of globalization of the New World Order. Three persons have as much wealth as half of Americans. My fellow Americans, I love the United States, but the use of war, on a global scale to enrich the financial elite, in effect, is simply wrong and immoral.

For example, Ukraine exploded after HRC took Ukrainian oligarch money as a bribe into her specter foundation. Ukraine was a power play by HRC to cut Russian oil from the EU, which served, in effect to sustain the petro-dollar and wealth transfer to the financial elite, as part of the globalizing New World Order. One little problem though, her scheme back fired in a huge miscalculation, as Putin seized an opportunity. Russia suffers from a tradition of cultural imperial expansion going back to Peter the Great. Eastern Europe after the cold war in the late 1990s was suppose to remain arms free as a buffer zone. HRC encourage the Maiden Western Ukrainians to oust a duly elected president, trashing democracy principles, and rebellion started, leading to NATO tanks in Poland and the Russian threat of nuclear retaliation. HRC for profit, caused war, and lost the Crimea. Now the US imposes sanctions upon Russia for the mess HRC created. Wars costs money and lives, much of it wasted on trying to dominate the world.

Currently, the use of the dollar in international trade is decreasing caused in part by the introduction of the Chinese Yuan into the SDR basket of reserve currencies. Russia and China have complained about the use of the dollar to perfect political ends and war about the world contrary to their national interests. All know that the fiscal deficits and trade deficits continue to weaken the dollar, thereby reduce the value of US Treasuries in foreign reserve accounts, as a means of soft default on US bonds. The collapse of the US dollar is underway. As the dollar collapses, that collapse will accelerate, reaching panic mode forcing interest rates higher by market forces, taking down the bond market, which will drag down the equity markets and world economies. At that time, there would be the opportunity to substantially eliminate the national debt, all state government debt, and a large swath of private debt, as a monetary reboot and debt jubilee. This is all very complicated. I have spent 20 years contemplating how it all works. The banking cabal and international governments all know the dollar, and global fiat currencies are headed irresistibly toward collapse. Russia and China know it full well and are buying gold hand over fist. We should be prepared for it, as well. 

The current object of the global banking cabal when the dollar collapse occurs, is to translate all national fiat currencies in to the Special Drawing Rights, (SDRs) currency of the IMF, so as to exert global monetary totalitarianism over all people on earth, so that the entire world is under the international banking cabal's control, part of the New World Order globalization effort, to extend in perpetuity the wealth transfers from the people to the financial elite. The debt jubilee and monetary reset plan is of course very complicated and multi-faceted, but can be used to defeat our enslavement by the international banking cabal, lead by Goldman Sach. The banking cabal understand this all perfectly well, as countries around the world are inflating the money supply through QE at an alarming rate, accelerated by central bank purchases of government debt, now reaching 100s of trillions in debt on a global scale. This is like the "beggar thy neighbor" redo of the 1930s that used competitive currency devaluations for maintaining shares of global trade. The global fiat currency regime will collapse hard. President Trump cant stop it, but the end result should be an independent set of national sovereign currency systems, (freedom) rather than global monetary totalitarianism (enslavement) by the international banking cabal. 

Everyone knows that the national debt is unpayable. As interest rates rise, through loose monetary policies, the global bond market will implode thereby ending its 40 year bull market, and with it the equity markets (now in a Wiemar Republic type bubble) and the world economies currently sustained by government fiat printing. Thus, the FED is trapped. If the FED raises interest rates and global bond market will implode. If the FED maintains its Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) the dollar implodes leading to the same result. President Trump had a tax cut, but do take notice there were no spending cuts by the so-called fiscal conservatives, for if the federal government engages in substantial spending cuts, pulling the financial heroin out of the system, the dollar, bond market, equity market and economy immediately implode. The FED is trap, the government is trapped, we are all trapped, with no apparent solution, other than kick the can so that the implosion does not occur during the watch of the politicians in office. President Trump inherited a mess that started 100 years ago under the Wilson administration, where Woodrow Wilson admitted he ruined the country. President Trump will end up deficit spending 16T$ over his two terms, as he has no other choice. President Trump may oversee the biggest bankruptcy in world history. There are many  reasons why Trump would have an expert market manipulator from Goldman Sach at head of Treasury. When the dollar is triggered to the down side, you will see manipulation of markets and currencies of unprecedented scope on a vast scale never witness in world history. We should be prepared of such a calamity. I know how to recover quickly, but it might get me assassinated before ever reaching the senate floor, as 100s of trillions are in play, as the banking cabal seeks to retain the wealth transfer to the financial elite. 

President Trump appears to be a conventional thinker, "The Debt King", and is using conventional tools. President Trump is correct, economic growth is the only plausible way out of this, for conventional thinkers, though I believe, with an unpayable national debt, we are beyond the point of no return. Direct default, or inflation (devaluing people's wealth), or growth (unlikely to be large enough particularly given the trade imbalances and the debt to GDP ratio is clearly beyond the point of no return) or currency translation (the traditional means) are the only options available. I choose the 2000 year traditional way, that has never failed, and that is currency translation, and in so doing, eliminating the debt enslavement of the people, eliminating the national debt, eliminating state government debt and eliminating much of the private debt, in a massive debt jubilee, while restoring real money and honest markets. The senate needs an honest how-to guy, prepared for the worst. I am willing to serve. Income inequality, devaluation of wages, income, savings, and pensions, wealth transfer from poor to rich, wealth transfer from future generations to the financial elite, and wealth transfer from the private sector to the public sector is now embedded, systemic and perpetual. The Federal Reserve System is the epicenter of government corruption and wealth transfers. During the recovery process, the Federal Reserve System should be nationalized under the Department of Treasury to give the president direct control with strong congressional oversight. 

There is push from the banking cabal to go to a cashless society. There is one obvious reason for this, and that is, because fiat currency destruction would be obvious to all. If it costs $1.00 to mint a fake penny (and all or our coinage is fake these days), well, none would be minted, anyway. As the currency is continuously debased, the relative cost of printing and minting escalates relative to the nominal values, rendering minting of bogus currency cost prohibitive. Politicians and bankers will pander totalitarian controls, by asserting that it can be used to track money laundering of the bad guys, which is true, but it also enables the government to spy on every transactions we make, while getting out from under the gross mismanagement of the US currency. So the government will be able to, prohibit cash transactions and thereby limit our freedom to do so, will be able to not only spy on all our telecommunications but all of our financial transactions as well, down to a loaf of bread, as the noose of totalitarian socialistic fascism is tightened more and more around our liberty and freedom loving necks, thereby increasing our enslavement to government. 

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