Jerry Brown has declared civil war. US Attorney General is going to shut down sanctuary cities. In the mean time, the Trump administration put a deal on the table regarding DACA dreamers, which apparently has not been accepted. So, the Democrats threw dreamers under the bus and started civil war. 

3/14/18 Berkeley Poll: 74% of Californians Oppose Sanctuary Cites. 65% of Hispanics in California Oppose Sanctuary Cities. 73% of Democrats in California Oppose Sanctuary Cities. 

Going into 2018, there is the DACA consideration. Trump is requesting 1) Wall Funding, 2) Abolishment Chain Migration, 3) Abolishment of Lottery Migration, for a DACA extension. This is a mere DACA extension, with no paths to citizenship. There are estimated 800,000 to 3,600,000 DACA persons of  about 14,300,000 estimated illegal immigrants living in country illegally. The US attorney general is now demanding an end of sanctuary cities. These illegal immigrants in the country, may be forceably rounded up and deported over time by the federal government. The US attorney general is also using the threat to withhold federal grant money to leverage the demand for ending sanctuary cities. 

With the Progressive Fascists taking control over the DNC, Schumer and Feinstein, the good panderers they are, flip flop for personal political power. 
 Chuck Schumer
 Diane Feinstein 

California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 132 criminal aliens, so as to avoid federal ICE deportations. With the US attorney general making threats and with ICE and border patrol mobilized by Trump, California is headed into conflict with the United States Government. Trump is backed by a fired up and mobilized America First contingency, as well as many moderate republicans. It is likely Trump will be the president for seven more years, which is plenty of time to cause much consternation in California. America First effectively put Trump in the White House, and his base is demanding the construction of a wall on the southern border to prevent more illegal immigration and the deportation of all illegal immigrants. The wall, ICE enforcement, the extension of DACA, lottery immigration, chain immigration, withholding of federal grant money, and criminal prosecution of Jerry Brown and sanctuary city mayors are all in play.   

The democrats under the Obama administration had a loose border control policy, allowing the immigration of millions of aliens, violating federal law, and effectively creating the immigration mess we have today. The democrats created the DACA "bargaining chip" and in hypocrisy object to it being in play, and are demanding a clean DACA bill, which most certainly will not happen unless the democrats cave on the wall construction with enhanced border security. 

On the surface, the democrats and republicans have positioned themselves into opposing intractable positions, while California spending  25B$/year to support illegal aliens. Senator Feinstein knows full well the costs of supporting millions of illegals. The combination of mass immigration with generous welfare is causing fiscal irresponsibility with increasing deficits and more government debt. The democrats play the race card as usual, that the Trump administration is racist by blocking illegal immigration dominated by Latinos crossing the southern border in violation of federal law. Effectively, the democrats seek to change the US demographics, presumably to increase political party power, by causing less representation to blacks, whites and Asians, which is a form of racism, in and of itself. Never under estimate the ability of slick politicians to spin an issue and pander their base. Voter registration is now at the DMVThere are rational reasons to believe that democrat support of illegals is a pandering ploy in part, in that, the real motive may be to change demographics around the country to increase democrat party power across the United States as low income immigrants would tend to vote left to ensure continuation of government financial support and hand outs. 

Trump alleged there were about four million fraudulent votes. Many voting irregularities are well known. Trump ordered an election fraud commission now terminated as opposed by Democrat governors. A DNI, DHS, and FBI study will prove massive Democratic Party voter fraud, including the allowing of several millions of illegal immigrants to vote in direct contradiction of voting laws across the country. The issue of voter fraud is apparently not over yet. This adds another item to the America First talking points, including crime, welfare, voting, wages, and amnesty, supporting their drive to build a wall.

With the democrat party in apparent disarray, with new revelations being made public regarding political corruption of the Obama administration and HRC, the democrat party seems desperate to increase their voting base. This may back fire on the democrats as many Hispanic voters also see the need for firm border control. The democrat open border policy has not only depleted social service spending on foreigners but also has created significant conflict with the federal government. This is of course an absolute mess as 14 million live in the shadow in fear of deportation. But, don't expect the democrats and republicans to solve the problem anytime soon being politically polarized by their respective voting bases. The DACA political proponents are absolutely furious with Senator Schummer for caving in to the Trump administration during the short government shut down. The democrat leadership not only upset their base, but looked silly before the whole nation, opposing a continuing resolution to fund the government, that they did not oppose, but try to pander their base by insisting on DACA inclusion, which was unrelated to the continuing resolution. The democrat pandering ploy totally back fired. 

The extreme polarization of the democrats and republicans is unfortunate. Neither party seems to really want to solve the immigration problems in a fair and reasonable way. It appears that both of the major two pandering political machines don't want solve the immigration for fear of losing political support from their respective bases, and hence, the immigration problem remain substantially unsolved. I would ask my democrats friends, how do you solve illegal immigration with an open border? I would ask my republican friends, how do illegal immigrants get to the back of the line, when they are already here? The two parties are at an impasse, polarized into inaction, with no reasonable comprehensive solution in play to solve the true larger problem of 14,300,000 illegal immigrants in country. 

A republican contender of the US senate seat here in California spews the hard right position of deport them all. Apparently, this republican, pandering the hard right base, would have no problem with ICE battalions in assault gear with battering rams, busting down the doors across the nation of homes of illegal immigrants who by and large live peaceably in the shadows as second class people. This inhumanity, in the first instance, seems brutally insensitive and inhumane. I am loathed to see a scar upon the land with an obscene border wall. President Ronald Reagan granted general amnesty to illegal immigrants with the assurance of border control and security. The democrats violated the spirit of the bipartisan accord through an open border policy, particularly under the Obama administration. Apparently the democrats have no shame and the republican are brutally insensitive. In the famous words of Ronald Reagan, I would ask my republican friends, Tear Down That Wall. To my democrats friends I would ask that they keep their promises and secure the border according to federal law, and ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.   
The polarization of the two major pandering political machines has caused rancor but not solutions. I will seek bipartisan support for an immigration solution, that includes at its core, paths to citizenship, without amnesty, but with respective immigration quota adjustments, by country of origin, with increase border security to uphold the rule of the law. It is of course, not a perfect solution, but offers all a compromising solution, and is probably the best one that has any chance to solve the problem, with bipartisan support, without forced deportations of settled families living in the United States as second class people. If an illegal immigrant will obey our laws, work for a living, wave old glory, become US citizens, we want them as Americans, you bet we do, provided that there is sufficient border control to allow time to assimilate new immigrants into a culture of tolerance and democracy, without the social conflict, such as depleting social service resources, creating gangland crime, and violating US Laws. There is a solution here that would be acceptable by and large to both parties, the nation, and our second class people living in the shadows.

The attorney general of California clearly indicated that California respects federal law and that ICE is free to enforce immigration laws in California, but that, the federal government has no right to require California to enforce federal immigration law. This is somewhat disingenuous because of the open border and welfare support that aids and abets violation of the federal law, rendering California seditious in general. But that is the state of affairs. So, California is now saying that ICE can enforce immigration laws in California. The Oakland mayor however, gave advance notice of an ICE raid, thwarting ICE operations, and should be charged with sedition, according to the California attorney general. We should seek, even if limited in scale, say at least the DACAs, some means to paths to citizenship for those who, since entering, have not taken welfare as adults, have not committed crimes, who really want to be US citizens, who want to support themselves, while proudly waving the American Flag. If moral, good, patriotic and productive people, we should want them as citizens, YOU BET!! I will seek compromise, to get at least the DACAs, without chain immigration, US Citizenship. I will not just merely throw them under the bus as did the Democrats for party political power. I will champion DACA citizenship in compromise.   

The greater problem is the other 14,000,000 criminal aliens. Under the Trump Administration over the next 7 years, ICE will continue to arrest and deport. That is the political reality and must be recognized. I will seek, on a limited scale, paths to citizenship for criminal aliens, with adjustment to immigration quotas from their country of origin. I will work hard with democrats and republicans to solve the problem, reaching out for common ground solutions. 

To my Muslim friends, lets have a heart to heart. I am a western man of tolerance, believing in US constitutional liberties, freedoms and democracy. I do not approve of terrorism, wife beatings, child marriages, female mutilations, Sharia law, sexism, no-go zones, gay bashing, honor killings, prima nocta among other things. Islam has not gone through a much needed modern reformation of its values. I do respect freedom of religion which is freedom of thought, but do not approve of conduct contrary to western moral and civil culture. Uncontrolled immigration without sufficient assimilation into western culture values causes social strife here in the United State and particularly in the European Union. All the Muslims, that I have had the pleasure of knowing, had assimilated into western culture, and are up standing individuals. If you can adopt western values of tolerance and democracy, coming to the United States, I can be your dear friend
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