Going into 2018, there is DACA consideration. 

Trump is requesting 1) Wall Funding, 2) Abolish Chain Migration, 3) Abolish Lottery Migration, for DACA extension. This is unconfirmed and possibly denied. But, note that this is a mere extension, and no paths to citizenship. 

DACA is 800K of 14.3m estimated living in country illegally. 

AG is now demanding end of sanctuary cities. There are about 10m criminal aliens in the country, who may be forceably deported over time. 
AG is using federal grant money to leverage the demand for ending sanctuary cities. 

Gov Brown pardoned 132 criminal aliens, so avoid federal ICE deportations. With AG & ICE acting, CA is headed into conflict. 

America1st is a core contingency of Donald Trump, as opposed to Republicans generally. 
America1st put DT in the WH, and he wont back down. The wall, ICE enforcement, elimination of DACA, Lottery, chain migrations are in play. 

So, the DEMs and REPs have themselves into intractable positions. 
Mean while, CA is spending 25B$/year to support illegals. CA25B  

Senator Feinstein knows full well the costs of supporting millions of illegals. 
There is reason to believe that DEM support of illegals is a pandering ploy. 
This pandering will fail, and most Hispanic voters see the need for border control. 

Diane Feinstein Cost of illegal Immigration

So, the DEM open border policy has not only depleted social service spending on foreigners but also creates conflict with the federal government. 
This is a mess, as 14 million live in the shadows. Dont expect DEMs or REPs to solve the problem. 

So ask the DEMs, how do you solve illegal immigration with an open border?
So ask the REPs, how do illegals get to the back of the line, when already here?
The two parties are at an impasse, with no reasonable solution in play. 
I will seek bipartisan support for an immigration solution, that includes at its core, paths to citizenship but with respective immigration quota adjustments, by country of origin. Its not a perfect solution, but offers all a compromising solution, and is probably the best one that has any chance to solve the problem, without forced deportations of settled families living in the US as 2nd class people.

If an illegal immigrant will obey our laws, work for a living, and wave old glory, we want them as Americans, you bet we do, provided that there is sufficient border control to allow time to assimilate new immigrants into a culture of tolerance and democracy, without the social conflict, such as depleting social service resources, gangland crime, and violating US Laws.  There is a solution that would be acceptable by and large to both parties.

Illegal Immigration