If the slaves of 1860 were armed, well, they would not have been slaves.
 If the patriots of 1776 were not armed, well, they would have been slaves. 

 DC is becoming increasing a totalitarian socialistic fascist regime enslaving us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependent. 
 All true patriots of liberty and freedom should be packing to prevent a totalitarian overthrow of our constitution, country, liberties and freedoms.  

There is a limit of course to all things. We would not want Antifa in possession of bomb, tanks, and rocket launchers. Certain machine guns, called cannons, are simply to deadly, and reasonable prohibition made be had. Controlling hand guns and rifles is an infringement of our liberties. 

Many use tragic events for political opportunism. Surely guns use causes deaths, but so do cars. Reasonableness must be applied.  President Trump, reacting to the progressive pander, indicated that gun confiscation can be considered, even if it violates due process. Both the left and right seek to violate constitutional rights. Gun violence on schools has been decreasing for the last 20 years. 
All over the country antifa brutalize citizens and the progressives leadership is silent. Nearly all school shooting are done by progressives moved into action by the rancor of the democrat leadership. The progressives inject into our society, a culture of decadence, hopelessness and violence. Consequently, people are disillusioned, depressed and angry. The progressives do not condemn the violence of their antifa henchmen, or violent BLM gunmen shooting cops, because its part of the ploy for absolute political control, while screeching resistance and political rancor toward political opponents. 

Guns do not shoot people. People shoot people. Disillusioned, depressed, angry and incited people may extend totalitarian progressive fascism, and effective condoning of violence, into their thought processes that become violent and deadly, and act upon it, and deaths are involved. Feinstein and her progressives have blood on their hands in inciting and condoning violence. Top ten US cities with highest gun deaths per capita are 1. New Orleans 2. Detroit 3. St. Louis 4. Baltimore 5. Oakland 6. Kansas City 7. Cincinnati 8. Cleveland 9. Atlanta 10. Philly. The most gun deaths were in Chicago, 17,650. Why is it that the top cities for gun deaths are run by Democrats? It has nothing to do with pump stock rifles. It has everything to do with moral decay, poverty and political incitement to violence.
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