My grandmother was a WWII Rosie Riveter. My mother worked as a bookkeeper her whole life and yet managed raising five children. My mom is a superstar. I know that women can get it done. I have met and worked with many highly intelligent productive women in the work place.  Men and woman, in the eyes of the law, should be treated equally. There should be equal pay for equal work. There should be equal opportunity in all regards. There should be equal access to education and jobs. Problem becomes acute in the professional ranks dominated by male cabals, where fair market value based on ability should determine pay rates, and not gender. 

Men are inherently aggressive seeking mates, and women are selectively receptive, both of which traits are indispensable, less none of us would be here in the first place. Its mother nature, extending from hunter gatherer roles over the eons, where men aggressively hunted bringing foods back to their mates, as women gathered foods around the village while caring for children. It is our innate biology, so let recognize it and deal with it. We are a cultured specie and should conduct ourselves with mutual respect, dignity and decency. Men should keep their aggressive paws off of disinterested women. Women should act with dignity, dress in a dignified matter, and discourage unwanted male aggression in a dignified manner.  
Women generally are more well suited for raising children where men are generally more suited for heavy lifting. Men will often voluntarily work tirelessly as mules for their families in jobs and home maintenance. Women tend to be more tender, affectionate, caring, loving and supportive. This is not prejudice, but a recognized biological reality. In our modern times, women take on great and burdensome responsibilities, both at work and child raising. Men and women are well suited for coupling for raising well adjusted children, even when they both tend to take on different roles and responsibilities. Modernly, women can have it all, in work, in college, at home, with children, in love, and be happy as they choose their life styles. 

Yes, many men still have a cultural bias against women, but that is changing slowly. Lets reduce the rancor. This below is not PC, but free speech must be protected. This picture demonstrates the prejudicial patriarchy. Notwithstanding, women have made great progress over the last 100 years, and it will continue. Don't be men haters, but work civilly against ignorance. The best way to do that is through fair market value competition in the work place and education, and not by draconian totalitarian legislation. Women have demonstration the capacity to rise to the top levels of political power, with Margret Thatcher, Golden Mier, Katherine the Great, Teresa May, just to name a few. We should vote for women in politics, not because they are women, but only because they are the best person for the job. Please dont let your zeal for feminism tarnish your perspective. Please be objective, always.   

Women in Iran remove their head scarfs in protest of compulsory hijab. Yet, for political purposes, leftist will not condemn such barbaric patriarchy. It’s time for the women’s movement inside and outside the US to join their resistance, and liberate women internationally from male bondage. The failure of the democrats to support women liberation rights as to killings, mutilations, beatings, pedophilia, inter alia, in extremely oppressive patriarchal Muslim societies, speaks volumes, that democrats care more about pandering the very small Muslim vote than they really do care about women's rights. For a political party, its always For the Party, By the Party, Of the Party, as, its all about democrat political power, pandering feminists, and certainly not about women's rights. In the broader context, it is not clear what third wave feminists are fighting for. I can not fully understand third wave feminism. Its seems they are primarily men haters, blaming men for the consequences of their life choices. It seems that modern third wave feminism is off track, and not really focused on achieving women equality in many regards, but rather defaming and hating men. Lets stop that. Lets work together, focus, and strive to always reduce male prejudices and discrimination, and just not hate.

The ME-TO movement has finally surfaced, and thats a very good thing. It is absolutely despicable when men of power use their position, influence and money to demean, degrade and take advantage of women. I am so proud that women are finally coming out and calling out these perverts for their obscene conduct. Lets hope more women have the courage to come out and call men on their gross behavior. Surely, male aggression and female reception has its place in courtship and bonding for creating families and raising children. But there are culture permissible outer bounds of decent behavior. Women should be dignified in manner and dress and men should be respectful and polite. Male aggression toward women is natural and indispensable but must not go so far as to offend women. Women receptiveness toward men is also natural and indispensable, but must not go so far as to tease men. Its a two way street of course. The problem become acute where men dominantly hold positions of influence and use that influence to subjugate and demean women. Here, the ME-TO movement has its proper place, and all should support women who come out, in the public vortex, to shame these male predators. Its is starting to turn culturally, where men predation is being exposed justly damaging male reputations and influence, as negative feedback control. Keep up the good work ladies, you are doing us all a great public, cultural, and moral service.
 Women's March

One in four U.S. women returns to work within two weeks of giving birth. That is not enough time to fully physically recover even from the most uncomplicated of deliveries, let alone establish a care taking routine and bond with a newborn. This is the core of our society, the procreation of the next generation, and women must be allowed time to bond with their babies. Women and children are so precious and indispensable. Generous bonding time is morally sound and the right thing to do. There is equal protection and equal access. If feminists could clearly articulate what is desired, I would be glad to consider it. It appears feminists are fighting for that which they already have, so, without more, it seems a democrat pandering ploy.

We as a society have culturally evolved from the embedded patriarchy of the 18th century. Women were then shamefully treated as chattels. We have come a long way as a society, but there is still lingering sexist attitudes among many men. Women are the core of any society, for they possess tremendous empathy for raising the next generation of citizens, without which we all would surely parish. Surely, men should be respected for working like mules their adult lives for supporting their families and providing discipline and guidance to their children. But it is women, those nesting passionate beings that really make survival of the species continue in perpetuity. Mom's are always number one in any society. But, please ladies, dont hate men, but help us guys over come thousands of years patriarchal prejudice and discrimination. In college, government, and employment women continue to make gains in over coming male patriarchal attitudes, prejudices and discrimination. But more needs to be done, particularly at the professional level. Equal protection of gender is a federal right by constitutional amendment. Using constitutional equal protection, much can be done to insure a level playing field in the professional ranks. There is of course federal law suits for provable discrimination. It is the subtle unprovable discrimination in the professional ranks that needs to be addressed. I am considering a confidential private complant process, for women to step up, and provide Better Business Bureaus and Labor Relation Boards a complaint process, to which is added federal subject matter jurisdiction over causes of action for retaliatory dismissals, demotions and job stagnation, so as to punish those men or male cabals for discriminating against women, though such laws would be of course written as gender neutral. This last area, of discrimination in the professional ranks, needs this solution, so as to provide a pecuniary punishment to those who would discriminate based upon gender. Please support me in this effort, for with women support, we can do it together.

The aggressive physical dominance of men have historically place men as heads of households, industry and government, and women as home nest builders, consistent with the traditional roles of hunters gatherers. As we are now in modern times, and notwithstanding these inherent traditional and biological differences between the sexes, women should be granted full equal protection, with equal access to a level play field, to employment, education, government and all institutional functions, because women have clearly shown, they CAN DO IT! 
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