Libertarians believe they should be able to live their lives as they choose, provided they do no harm to others. If harm is to be sanctioned, that brings in the civil code and the criminal code. Within the criminal code, is the authorization of the death penalty, which has been subject to voter approval. As a Christian, I start off with the morally of faith. There are teachings of An Eye for An Eye, Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, and All Life is Sacred. There is of course ambiguity. From the legal perspective, there is 3rd degree murder, negligent homicide, for gross negligence, such as drunk driving, and, there is 2nd degree murder for malum in se murders, of an abandoned heart, such as firing a gun into a school bus, and there is 1st degree murder for specific intent killings and the murder of a police officer. Only 1st degree murder should have a death penalty consideration. Of the types of 1st degree murder, killing in the heat of passion are a form of mental illness, and life terms seem suitable. Murder for hire and its potential for aiding corruption, acts of terrorism involving deaths, and the shooting of police officers are forms of first degree murder to which the death penalty should apply. There are concerns about faulty criminal evidence. Where multiple murders are involved, the chance of a mistake are negligible. 

During our history, hangings were very public, in the town square. This had the advantage of teaching children that there are consequences to murder. Those impressions last a life time. All executions should be public for societal consideration and for teaching society that there are consequences to murder. My teenage boy kill countless play video games, and may have become insensitive to killing generally. Watching a public hanging would cure them of any insensitivity. 

Prisoners should have the right to select the form of execution, be it, hanging, firing squad or lethal injections.  

The legal status of executions should be left up to the voters to decide. To the extent that California has the death penalty, I will defend California's states rights as a US Senator. For federal executions, I would support the death penalty only for murders for hire, acts of terrorism involving deaths, and the shooting of police officers. 

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