Fire and geoengineering may be related. 
I invented a system for solving the nation's problem of containing nuclear waste materials. 
I devised a tax system for inducing voluntary conservation on a massive scale. 
I devised an approach for addressing CO2 emissions and the potential for global warming. 
I devised an approach for addressing over fishing and pollution of our oceans
I devised an approach for decreasing the potential for oil spills and environmental disasters.
We should oppose drilling off the California coast, particularly as US Oil production increases.  
We should develop new technology or liberate suppressed technology.
We should continue to monitor the ozone and levels of particulates in the atmosphere. 
Many believe in climate change and many are climate skeptics, so the debate should continue.
Presidential oath should include protecting the environment. 

After receiving multiple emails to sign a pledge not take money from fossil fuel companies, I did so, to stop the emails, but with my fingers crossed. Since I am incorruptible, I pledge I will take no money from fossil fuel companies to personally enrich myself. I make no pledge to refuse accepting campaign contributions from any source, including fossil fuel companies. Actually, I would invite money from energy companies, so as to gain access to them to interrogate them, and understand their practices better. As most politicians line their pockets out of greed, I understand the concern. I am pledged to a life of poverty, so, they cant buy any influence with me, but I can focus on them, and gain knowledge and insight. I designed a nuclear waste containment system last year to solve the nations nuclear waste disposal problem. I am inherently an environmentalist and a conservationist. If I were to accept money from a fossil fuel company, it would aid my campaign, and help a strong environmentalist and conservationist win. I will wisely use the opportunity if it arises.

 America the Beautiful
 God Bless America
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