Federal loans are enslaving their first generation of college grads. This is appalling. Federal student loans should be forgiven during a monetary reset and debt jubilee, when the economy implodes. Federal government can provide scholarships, with no strings attached, based upon merit and national needs. Federal government can provide grants to universities, with no strings attached, and based upon merit and national needs. Scholarships and Grants can be allocated as congress desires. Such scholarships and grants can be targeted to national problems, such as emissions reduction for clear air, for particular majors and university departments.Stop student enslavement, and put academia to work, focusing on national problems. 

On area that the federal government could use academia to research climate change. Thus, students and university may receive scholarships and grants on a large scale, nation wide, to research climate change and new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. California spends 25B$/year to support illegal immigrants, which could have been use to offer college student free education, but instead, the students have federal loan debt and increasing tuition. 

 Open Loop Totalitarianism

Common Core is now implemented in California, however, teachers with large pensions, are not performing adequately compared to other states. With child indoctrination and poor teach performance, many parents seek school choice, opposed by the progressives as another control over people's lives. 
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