Business failures are a must, to cull the herd, of the sick and dying, so that the healthier young will have room to grow, so the herd prospers and is sustained. Yes, this is the jungle. Its mother economics at her best. The ascent of mankind is marked by prosperity, where inefficient businesses fail, and efficient businesses prosper. Its competition. Free market capitalism is the absolute best means of raising the poor out of poverty, as well as adjusting rents to the appropriate level. The business cycle of ups and downs must be preserved, for in the growth new companies thrive and during recession inefficient business fail. However, many in government and the people fear recessions, the loss of jobs, and try to manage the economy, and end up merely messing it up. Economic mother nature market forces are the best drivers, not governmental totalitarians favoring one business over another, or trying to maintain business with inefficient business models. Market place capitalism is the best mechanism for removing inefficient businesses, making room for new efficient businesses. This capitalistic jungle, while brutal at times, insures maximum prosperity over all, and is an absolute must, if overall sustained prosperity is your goal, as it should be, to raise the standard of living of all citizens. Yes, culling the herd has it consequences, and some companies will fail causing some personal pain, but that is part of the process. Inefficient business should feel the pain and terminate. In the greater view, capitalism is best at causing maximum prosperity, whereas socialism corrupt everything it touches and always fails. The central banks and global elite however have distorted true capitalism, which does not exist today in full flower. So, there is some very bad news. All markets are rigged. Prosperity is stagnating, and companies are failing, not because they have bad business models, but because polices are destroying prosperity. This should not happen to good businesses with good business models. The real problem to most retail outlets is persistent income inequality that reduces the middle class ability to go out and shop and support good small businesses. The find the villain in this WHO DONE IT, look no further than the Federal Reserve System and the Global Financial Elite, who through their "effective hidden taxation" devalue wages, savings and pensions, and this has been going on for 100 years, as the mega wealthy take more than their fair share from the middle class through criminal market rigging and government corruption. 

 Debased Debt Base Fiat Currency

The middle class is being destroyed and the working poor are hopelessly enslaved by 1) Wealth Transfers, 2) Taxation, 3) Illegal Immigration, 4) DC Corruption, 5) Mega Giant Corporations, and 6) Trade Imbalances mostly. In a vain attempt to cure these economic evils, socialism is rising its ugly head that corrupts everything it touches. Free market supply-demand capitalism is ALWAYS the best way (only way) to lift the indigent and working poor out of poverty. Socialism traps the poor in life long poverty and indignity. 137,000 each day for the last 25 years have be lifted out of poverty. It speaks for itself, there is no doubt. 

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