Corruption is measured by the concentration of totalitarian power in DC, enslaving us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. 

Corruption is one of the three primary priorities when being a US Senator. The reason why corruption is top priority is because all problems facing the country flow from systemic embedded corruption. When we eliminate corruption, our liberties, freedom, peace and prosperity are naturally recaptured  solving the many problems facing the nation. There are dark clouds growing over Washington DC as the two pandering political machines concentrate more and more totalitarian power, enslaving us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. With 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, 20T$ in debt, 250T$ in funded liabilities, the two pandering political machines have miserably failed nation, embedding systemic embedded corruption. 

The two pandering political machines have corrupted:

Our Main Stream Media through propaganda,
Our Internet through political censorship,
Our Supreme Court with ideologue appointments, 
Our Constitution through judicial fiat,
Our Congress through bribe contributions, 
Our Administration through one world communist government ideologues
Our Money through debt base fiat currency,
Our Markets through FED soft monetary policies, and
Our Hearts through moral hazards of pandered socialism, 
Our National Defense through political regime change wars.
Corruption now permeates all aspects of our government, economy and society, limiting our liberties and freedoms. The country desperately needs help to recapture our national liberty roots. We must push the pendulum back towards liberty and freedom, and save the nation from economic ruination and totalitarian lock down. As a US Senator, I will bring democrats and republicans together to find common ground sustainable solutions to the many problems facing the nation, eliminating corruption, while pushing the pendulum towards increasing our liberties and freedoms from government.
There are many theories about the New World Order (NWO) and suspected world players. I am not a prosecutor nor do I seek to prosecute anyone on criminal charges. Our government, our markets, our money, our constitution, and our republic have been corrupted with enslaving policies that transfers wealth from poor to rich who in turn control government. Change is needed to restore our founding father liberties and freedoms and our prosperity so that all can fairly pursue happiness.  

The two pandering political machines in congress and the supreme totalitarian machine on the bench have 1) corrupted our Constitution, 2) corrupted our money supply, 3) corrupted our federal government, 4) corrupted our capitalistic commercial markets and 5) caused regime change wars worldwide, collectively having the primary result of transferring wealth from the people to the financial elite, enslaving the people as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, as congressmen get filthy rich on public servant pay. All of this corruption must be stop. 

Federal Reserve System (FED), is a private banking system, that was created when the country was on the gold standard, and real money was used as the medium of exchange. The use of a private bank to support markets and banking had value, as government then could not just print real money.  As the currency switched from real money, to certificates, to fiat currency, the reason for the FED lost its value to back stop markets and banking. Modernly, the FED prints Federal Reserve Notes (FRN), the fiat dollar, which has no intrinsic value and can be printed at will, and thus "fiat". The ability to print money is the root cause of corruption in our society. The FED is the epicenter of corruption in the United State. The FRN has no intrinsic value, is essentially a confidence game, having inherent value based upon tax collection using the threat of imprisonments creating an artificial demand for fiat dollars. The value of our fiat currency is based upon the federal threat of imprisonment. END THE FED! 
The primary affects of the FED printing fiat currency are to transfer wealth from poor to rich, to transfer wealth from the private section to the public sector, to create income inequality, to fuel corrupt government including influence peddling congressmen, to enslave Americans in perpetuity with government debt using fiat currency, and this has been going on for nearly 100 years. The ability to print currency at will has enabled the funding of the federal welfare state entrapping millions in state dependency and funding perpetual wars causing death and destruction on a global scale. The printing of fiat currency increases the money supply and thus creates inflation as a monstrous hidden tax, through devaluing of wages, income, savings and pensions, while enslaving Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. The FED functions in combination with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF), to manipulate and rig all markets. There are no longer free and honest, supply demand, price discovery, capitalistic markets, as all markets are manipulated and rigged by government functions and private banks. True capitalism no longer exists. One need only look at the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) turning a blind eye to criminal manipulation in the bullion space to understand how corrupt and criminal has government operations become. It is time to END THE FED, to restore income equality, end market manipulation, end systemic corruption in DC and restore real money and honest markets. The Federal Reserve System should be nationalized and placed under the department of treasury, under direct administration control with strong congressional oversight.
Over the past 40 years, as interest rates have decreased from the Volker highs, the bond market has been in 40 year bull market. The FED program of quantitative easing (QE) and zero percent interest rates (ZIRP) has exploded the money supply and accelerated the corruption in DC on an unimaginable scale. For example, a private bank can borrow from the FED and redeposit the loaned funds as parked reserves with the the private banks  making an interest rate differential, and thus making free money off FED operations, doing nothing for the economy, while devaluing the currency through inflation, as a hidden tax and causing income inequality and wealth transfer from poor to rich and from private to public. Corporations can borrow effectively free money, and use it to manipulate stock prices, buy back shares, increasing the nominal value of shares so that stock options can be cashed in by CEOs as a windfall, thus transferring wealth on a grand scale from the poor and middle class to the financial elite. To keep this corruption going, the major banks have engaged in extorting the federal government, by threatening banking system crash, if the government does not bail out the banks, mostly starting with the GWB TARP program and continuing through the BHO administration with QE1 QE2 QE3, to the present day, and through influence peddling congressmen. The To Big to Fail Banks successfully extorted the federal government, to where Attorney General Holder threw in the towel and declared the banking cabal To Big to Jail. The Federal Reserve in combination with FOMC and ESF engages in financial repression, which is the economic and financial coercion of the public into targeted financial instruments to make the government statistics and markets appear better than they actually are, in deceit, through the use of FED policies, including currency manipulations, interest rate adjustments, and financial asset manipulations, destroying our free and honest price-discovery markets. 

The occupiers were absolutely correct that the banking cabal is sucking the wealth of the nation, particularly the poor and middle class into the pockets of the financial elite. There is a corrupt reason why President Trump would have an expert market manipulator from Goldman Sachs as head of Treasury, to have expertise needed in the manipulation markets and the currencies, to make the administration and economy merely look good at the expense of the people. The market increase of late is primarily due to FED easy money policies, market manipulations, and little to do with new confidence in the economy and the Trump tax cuts. One need only look at nominal stock prices of the ending days of the Wiemar Republic to understand that share nominal values can exponentiate as real values concurrently plummet. It is expected that the Trump administration will need to deficit spend 16T$ over his expected 8 year reign, to inject the monetary heroin, to keep the entire system from imploding, while wealth transfer continues from poor to rich and from the private sector to the government sector. Sure, the tax cuts were great, but notice that there were no offsetting spending cuts, from these alleged fiscal conservatives, cheering with all the pomp and circumstance the GOP could muster. The national debt is unpayable, as the banking cabal has cemented control over government monetary operations. There are three ways to reduce the relative worth of the national debt, and they are default, inflation (which is a kind of default) and growth. Trump is on the right path, trying to spur growth, even though 2017 GDP was only 2.3% slightly better than the prior eight years, but with the debt load so heavy, it expected he will ultimately fail, as we are beyond the point of no return base on the debt to GDP ratio. Trump may oversee the greatest bankruptcy in world history. I know how to fix it. The senate needs at least one senator who knows how.   

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is primarily a shame propaganda tool of the federal government, changing its calculus and models constantly to always make the federal government, currency and the economy appear better than they actually are. Unemployment is low if you dont count the unemployed. Inflation is running closer to 6% than the reported 2%, and the real GDP is much lower than reported. The US economy is real terms has stagnated, despite renew confidence and BLS reporting. During the financial crisis of 2008, the government did not solve any systemic problems, but merely bailed out the To Big To Fail banks, through their extortion of the government. Currently, the FED is trapped. If interest rates remain low the currency is devalued as governments around the world dump treasuries and potentially imploding the dollar and with it the economy. If interest rates are increased, the economy and banking system implode, as thus, it is likely we will remain at ZIRP with QE, continuing income inequality, hidden taxation through wealth transfers, and debt enslavement in perpetuity. I know how to eliminate the national debt, restore honest markets, real honest money, but the corruption of DC and particularly congress will resist these solutions, as congressmen get filthy rich from their public service as public servants.   

The Deep State Swamp permeates corruption from the Obama administration. First was weaponizing the IRS against political opponents. Then the CIA/FBI were weaponized in a deep deep state cabal against the Trump Campaign and then against the Trump Administration. This is treason. There is the Trump-Russia Hoax which is a nothing burger. As I predicted, that hoax would turn on HRC Comey Rice Lynch. Its happening. Obama has lawyered up. The DOJ and FBI are now under formal investigation. The made up Trump/Russia hoax was fabricated to explain the HRC loss. Now the DNC has sued the Trump campaign for allegedly interfering with the 2016 election, evidence of such seems nonexistent. The Trump/Russian hoax is believed by most democrats. Feinstein has indicated that the president has obstructed justice by firing Comey, the FBI director who gave HRC a pass on her emails, servers, data bleaching, blackberry hammering, bought-DNC, primary rigging, bribe charity foundation, Uranium One, Fusion GPS, Dossier, FISA, political spying, unmasking, in the depths of political corruption and the corruption of government functions. Representative Green filed a bogus impeachment that failed, because its not a crime to not be a liberal. Now, the republicans have released an intelligence memo outlining the bias of the FBI against the Trump Administration. Apparently, the FBI used the known false dossier submitted to the FISA court to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. These tactics are consistent to progressive fascism to suppress or eliminate a political opponent. And now, Obama has been implicated, as predicted and expected. Now we all know the reason why Obama has retained a lawyer. Did not take long after Seth Rich dump DNC email showing how HRC bought the DNC and rigged the primary against Sanders, to get murdered. There are now about 100 persons believed to be material witnesses against HRC et al, who have met death under questionable circumstances, and that should be alarming to any reasonable person. There is also concern about what Brennan knew about Justice Scalia's death that would enable HRC to appoint a progressive justice. There is also concern about what Debbie Wasserman Schultz knew about Seth Rich's death who downloaded DNC emails to Wikileaks that started the HRC email investigations. There is also the concern about why Debbie Wasserman Schulz hired IT foreign national technicians having access to secret congressional emails. There is also concern if AG Lynch was promised Ginsberg's seat on the supreme court for suppressing the HRC email scandal.  Having found no collusion and having indicated that Trump is not a target, it is curious why the special counsel probe continues, and why Trump's attorney-client privilege was violated, in a so-called witch hunt.  The Trump Administration has secured the White House from the deep staters after 1.4 years, finally, and is now secure. The Trump Administration is now expected to go on the offensive. A congressional referral to the AG Sessions is now the biggest corruption scandal in US history, which will no doubt lead to BHO himself.
FBI and DOJ officials are being fired at an accelerated rate. 57 members of the House have resigned or are not seeking reelection, draining the swamp.

Because of the systemic corruption plaguing the country, the people have become more militant and the police more militarized, leading to street combat, strife, demonstrations, riots, shootings and conflict nationwide, as the Constitutional promise of domestic tranquility is constantly being degraded. The totalitarians primarily on the left are seeking to strip Americans of their ability to stand up to a DC totalitarian take over, by constantly trying to limit gun possession and ownership. All true patriots should be packing, but please, keep your guns at home, and off the streets. The FBI, DOJ, and CIA leadership deep state operatives have been shown to be biased and corrupt, and individuals should be held accountable for their crimes. Yet, nobody has been Indicted, no arrests have been made and no grand juries have been impaneled while the media is covering up for the deep state corruption. 
The reason for the second amendment is to prevent loss of liberty and freedom to a totalitarian government. Gun rights must be preserved, at all costs. 
The Red Cross, EPA, Planned Parenthood, Clinton Foundation, and many other organizations and functions, such as the Iran deal, are means to transfer tax payer funds, such as through George Soros, to leftist organizations, including the democrat party, rhino republicans, Muslim Brotherhood, among others, to further the banking cabal, NWO, globalizaters. Many leftists dont even realize they are being played by the banking cabal and the military-industrial complex, so that the banking cabal can control a one world government NWO and more easily transfer wealth from the people to the financial elite. There are presently global efforts, such as in North Korea, Syria, Armenia, where deep state is embedded, that is CIA infested, that seek to root out corruption world wide. Iran will be next. There are increasing resignations of governmental officials, and those not seeking reelection, who know they and their corruption are targeted by the current administration attempting to root out corrupt deep state globalizers in the US Government. 

 Our world problems ultimately have their root cause in four primary cooperative components.  

  Systemic Embedded Corruption        
International Banking Cabal                  Deep State Operatives                    Global Wealth Transfers 

Farcical Fiscal Conservative Republicans can now only pander in deceit. Republicans keep pandering suggesting significant cuts in spending. Notice that republicans no long pander a balanced budget? Notice Trump has no spending cut offsets to the tax reduction? Trump must deficit spend 16T$ over his eight years to kick the can, and he will. Notice that congress keeps on raising the debt limit? With a 125% debt/GDP ratio, the US is technically insolvent, and way beyond the point of no return. Does anyone believe that the US will pay off the national debt? Spending is pervasive, and many are dependent upon it. If you cut spending, which is now politically unacceptable, you will throw millions onto the street, and will implode the economy, looking at 10 years of global depression. If DC normalizes interest rates, or, dramatically cuts spending, the financial heroin injection pulled, USA goes into withdraw, and the economy implodes, in a heartbeat. DC. The FED are trapped, painted themselves in a corner. Banks make money off debt. Banks feed Corporations. Corporations feed Congressmen. Congressmen enable the FED. Congress increases the debt as enabled by the FED now in QE forever buying US treasuries. We are on a corrupt carousel. Ending the FED is a giant step toward eliminating DC corruption, nationalized under Treasury. And if the FED is controlled correctly, DC can stop wealth transfers from poor to rich, ending income inequality, and ending financial enslavement by the global banking cabal. The FED is the epicenter of corruption in the US. Whether or not its tax-and-spend Democrats or borrow-and-spend Republicans, the result is the same, increasing totalitarian control and enslavement to government.
Congressmen are conventional thinkers. Spending cuts may have worked in 1980s, but we are past the point of no return. The Republicans pander because they know, or should know, that spending cuts are not going happen in a meaningful way. But fiscal hawks will play the empty shell pandering game. Cutting taxes is one thing, Cutting spending is completely different. When you cut taxes, it lower the oppression on people and gives more freedom. I applaud Trump for the tax cuts. Cutting spending however is a different animal, which currently enslaves us all at tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. However, a slash and burn simplistic mentally will cause untold number of deaths, ruination, and collapse. There is a way to get out of this mess seamlessly, but you have to understand the comprehensive whole, the interconnected problems and interconnected causes and have the skill set necessary to devise a multifaceted solution. Few Republicans will be remembered for having raised concerns about deficits and spending cuts. Continuing Resolutions and imbalanced budgets will be approved without any significant spending cuts, as the debt limit is raised, as the deficit grows, as more financial heroin is pumped into the system, as the economy seems to do better than otherwise, as Trump looks the best possible. GWB and BHO played the same game, when in power, make yourself look good. There is little actual meaningful difference between the Democrats and Republicans, for at the end of the day, its the same same. Its called corruption.

Rather than pandering spending cuts, the Republicans could be more honest, explaining to the people how the system has embedded corruption, loading people with debt, for wealth transfers to the financial elite, but that would take courage on their watch. Politicians are not willing to expose the corruption, as many in congress get filthy rich. When spending cuts are suggested, it can actually mislead people, suggesting that proposed spending cuts would actually help bring the US out of insolvency. The republicans know that that spending cuts wont be approved. Republicans should know the true nature of the beast, but are instead are pandering which is a mild form of deceit.The democrat progressive fascists have slaughtered the democrat blue dogs, now extinct. There remains however a few farcical fiscal conservative republicans, in name only, who pander spending cuts, when they know there is no chance of significant cuts, and should know that spending cuts will have no material effect on US insolvency, and if significant, will implode the global economy. I have a solution set that can help us all but mostly the millennials, college students, and the working young, who otherwise, when voting for a democrat or republican, are doomed to live their lives enslaved as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents never knowing real freedom from government and maximum prosperity.

 Totalitarian Corruption

The Supreme Court has become primarily a Supreme Totalitarian Machine. During confirmation processes, justices should be confirmed on two simple bases, and they are, does the nominee have the skills to perform the function, and will the nominee uphold the constitution. If the confirmed justice fails to uphold the constitution, the justice should be removed by congress. In bastardizing the US Constitution, through ideological interpretations, the two pandering political machines have discovered how to bypass the Constitution of limited government, by appointing ideologues to the bench, who do not rule based upon the clear meaning of the Constitution, but through personal ideology ruling by judicial fiat thereby habitually violating their oaths as high crimes. Contrary to the fraud taught in law schools, the US Constitution is not a living and breathing creature from the underworld, but our most sacred founding document, that protects our liberties and freedoms from Government, which habitually seeks to enslave us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents as monotone ants forced into a column of obedience. There remains only one true patriot on the bench, Justice Thomas, 
a hero of the REPUBLIC.  
The democrats and republicans have been rigging the supreme court for 100 years, bastardizing our constitution, liberties and freedoms. There are no more checks and balances in the federal government. Never has a justice been removed for violating their oaths. This is why the confirmation process has turned into a political circus, both pandering political machines supporting far left or far right ideologues who would corrupt our Constitution to their political persuasion. The proof is clear. The rulings dance around the explicit language of the Constitution, as enable by skilled jurists, but the rulings clearly violate the spirit, scope, purpose, object and intent of the Constitution, and nearly all the justices should be impeached and removed from the bench, so that our Constitution can be restored. All major fundamental problems facing the country can trace their origins to the Supreme Court. This is the primary reason why there is so much rancor, strife, and conflict on the streets across American, instead of the Constitutional promise of domestic tranquility. The Constitution is written in plain language, by our founding fathers, who wrote what they meant and meant what they wrote. Our Constitution has been bastardized by ideologues and political panderers, to where we have an unlimited federal government, a  monstrous federal welfare state embedding national socialism, an unpayable national debt enslaving all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, fake money of no intrinsic value used to transfer wealth from poor to rich and from private to public so as to enrich the financial elite, and a corrupt congress who's members get filthy rich on the public payroll. With the corruption of our Constitution, rancor and social strife is out of control, as domestic tranquility has been trashed by the pandering totalitarian ideologues ruling in DC. I know how to restore the Constitution and the Republic, and end systemic embedded corruption in DC.  
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