As a Christian, I consider abortion a sin, not a crime. We are all sinners, and I wont throw the first stone.
There is separation of church and state. The first priority is maintaining the rule of law, without which society collapses.
Generally, the federal government has no business in the doctor's office, as its a matter of privacy and dignity. 
When a woman is showing, however, it becomes a public matter. States license doctors and are best able to oversee medical practices.
Without assigning moral guilt, or excusing abortion in anyway, a doctor's office is no place for regulations over private matters. 
The best solution would be to not invade the patient's privacy during the first term by state governments. 
Under common law, life began at birth, not conception, and there has been no constitutional amendment providing equal protection to fetuses. The federal government has no legal basis to prohibit abortions, encourage abortions, or fund abortions.  
As abortion is a social issue, under the constitution, it falls generally under states rights as a state issue. 
States should be prohibited by federal law, right of privacy, from invading the privacy of the doctor's office during the first trimester. 
Girls who get in trouble would have the first trimester to consider an abortion, which should be plenty of time to decide, without the barbaric practice of killing babies on their birthday, even if a state prohibits abortions during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. 
This is a reasonable compromise and a constitutional solution.
Sadly, I think of the millions of black babies, not here, and not contributing to our society. 
This is genocide on a grand scale, and very troubling to anyone who really cares about humanity.