Generally, I support privacy rights under the US Constitution and states sovereignty rights under the Republic. There is no such thing as abortion rights under the US Constitution, but there are privacy rights.The government should stay out of the doctor's office as an invasion of personal privacy rights. That is of course a de facto indirect support of abortion. As a Christian, I consider abortion a sin, and not a crime. We are all sinners, and I wont throw the first stone. There is separation of church and state. Our Constitution was derived from English common law, where the crown could not be passed to an heir unless there was a live birth in being. The Christian moral right has failed to amend the Constitution to extend equal protection to a fetus, and thus a fetus has no independent equal protection right. The federal government has no legitimate right to legislate in the area of abortion, be it to encourage or discourage it, as it is primarily a social issue that falls under the reserve powers of the individual states exercising states rights. The first priority is maintaining the rule of law, without which society collapses. I am innately pro life, but the US Constitution trumps personal beliefs under separation of church and state. I will swear to uphold the Constitution, and that is exactly what I will do. 

Generally, the federal government has no business in the doctor's office, as its a matter of privacy and dignity. When a woman is showing, however, it may become a public matter. The individual states license doctors. The individual states are best able to oversee medical practices. Without assigning moral guilt, or excusing abortion in anyway, a doctor's office is no place for government regulations over private matters. The best solution would be to not invade the patient's privacy during the first trimester by state governments. As abortion is a social issue, under the Constitution, it falls generally under states rights as a state issue subject to federal privacy rights. States should be prohibited by federal law, under the right of privacy, from invading the privacy of the doctor's office certainly during at least the first trimester. When woman is pregnant she should have at least the first trimester to consider in privacy an abortion, which should be plenty of time to decide. We should end the barbaric practice of killing babies on their birthday, which is effectively murder of a life in being. Thus, I would protect, as a matter of law the right to privacy which is effectively the right to an abortion during the first trimester, allowing a state to prohibit abortions during the 3rd when a fetus is viable, and optionally the 2nd  trimesters as the voters deem fit under the Republic. This seems to be a reasonable compromise and a sound constitutional solution. The federal government should not be funding planned parenthood which is little more than an abortion enabler. People should be responsible for their own conduct. The government and tax payers should not be responsible for the life choices made by private citizens. 

California has effectively extended privacy rights through the full term of a pregnancy. Under federal law protecting California's sovereign states rights, the Republic must be defended. I would oppose federal action usurping states rights. Thus, while I consider abortion sin, I would protect federal and state privacy rights and California's states rights. This effectively means that I would protect abortion indirectly as a matter of law, personal rights, privacy rights and states rights. I will vehemently protect liberties and sovereign states rights, allowing women choice, but will not accept moral responsibility for others' life choices. 

 All the Innocent Babies

Sadly, I think of the millions of babies, not here, and not contributing to our society. Abortion is destroying human life on a grand scale, and should be  troubling to anyone who really cares about humanity. Think of all the kids not here today. Life is precious and should be honored and respected by all. 

In Chile, pregnant women silently gave voice to the voiceless with “loud hailers” to amplify the sound of the hearts beating inside them. One participant said, "Abortion activists lost all words. They watched in silence: The voice of those hearts was an unanswerable question." I would urge all women to be responsible for their conduct and reconsider late term abortion of viable fetuses.
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