GW debt-Tarp-Iraq, (enslavement, bankster, war monger) BHO debt-mandate-syria (enslavement, socialist, war monger)
I am done with the DEM REP TOTALITARIANS.

White Rabbit

For about 100 years now, the Democrats and Republicans have had ping pong agenda, causing many problems. wrapped up in spin. 
With 50 million hungry, 100 million unemployed, 20T dollars in debt, Trillion dollar deficits, and 200 Trillion dollars in liabilities, 
the two major party have brought stagnation from their selfish back and forth contests. A change is needed to solve problems. 
Current republican administration is reversing the prior administration legacy, as we have reached the age, in the 21st century, of ping pong government.

Double Dutch Bus

The DEMs threw the working poor under the bus, with deficit spending devaluing wages savings pensions, open immigration suppressing wages and jobs, and trade deficits sucking jobs to foreign lands. The REPs, while pretending to be fiscal conservatives, enabled the DEMs, to where now we have 20T$ debt, T$ deficit, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, as the DEMs and REPs concentrate more and more totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, bastardizing our Constitution and Founding Father Principles of LIBERTY and FREEDOM from limited federal government.