The Democrats and Republican have been unconstitutionally concentrating totalitarian socialistic power in DC for over 100 years. 

The United States has prospered for 230 years based upon constitutional liberties (government), a bible belt moral code (culture) and free market, supply demand, price discovery capitalistic markets (economics). These three functions, government, culture and economics collectively acted together to cause sustained prosperity and domestic tranquility, providing strong families raising well adjusted children, providing maximum prosperity lifting the indigent and working poor out the indignity of poverty, and providing liberties and freedoms of expression to table many perspectives for debate in the public vortex for crediting good idea and discrediting bad ideas. It worked very well for a very long time. Modernly, liberties, moral footing and economic prosperity are all under assault from various pandered constituencies for votes by demanding special interest rights at the expense of others. Totalitarianism is escalating in DC through the concentration of federal plenary power by the two pandering political machines. Totalitarianism concentrates in DC and state capitals as rancor, conflict and strife escalates, out of control, coast to coast. Family values to procreate the next generation are being devalued. Capitalism is being degraded by government with the financial elite rigging and manipulating all markets. Most of this is driven by progressives having some very good aspects, and many very poor aspects, as these progressives, in their zeal to pander constituencies for political power, do not really considered the long term affects, including totalitarianism degrading liberties and freedoms, immorality degrading family values destroying dignified culture, the family, moral values and well adjusted children, and controlled economics degrading capitalism that degrades over all prosperity and the lifting of the poor out of poverty into lives of dignity.  

In political science, statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree. The democrats and republicans over the last 100 years have concentrated totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, disrespecting the constitution and founding father principles. The democrats have been the proposers and the republicans the enablers. Totalitarianism is the total control of all aspects of our lives. Socialism is the growing national welfare state at the federal level. Fascism is the combination of corporate power, including necessary bank funding, and government to force upon Americans political ideologies. As the total control increases, the government, economy and society become increasing unstable, leading to conflict, rancor, and violence, rather than the domestic tranquility flowing from a limited federal government that would necessarily sustain our liberties (constitutional rights) and freedom (minimal laws and regulations). It is unfortunate that DC power has gone full-on totalitarian. 

I was once a democrat sympathizer, and once a republican sympathizer, as both of them do have some good aspects, and are not irrational. But modernly, they are both out of control increasing totalitarian power in DC. After GWB increased our national debt enslaving us all more, issued TARP bailing out the To Big To Fail banks, and struck in Iraq with regime change war mongering, I was done with the republicans. After BHO increased our national debt enslaving us all more, issued the mandate under ACA, and caused war in Syria and Ukraine, I was done with the democrats. I prefer the Libertarians, though they to have their hard liberty Libertarians Wing faction expressing unrealistic notions of absolute anarchy and personal sovereignty. In a simple way, Libertarians believe in maximum liberty, maximum freedom, maximum global peace, and maximum economic prosperity. How can anyone object to that? The democrats and republicans spew their pander as slick politicians for political power serving to enslave us all while diminishing our liberties and freedoms. The democrats and republicans function to enslave us American as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents. 

Often in politics, pandering politicians assert that they share the values of the constituency. This is important in state elections of state officials, but it is misplaced at the federal level, such as the case here in a campaign for the US Senate. A US senator is to represent the constitutional will of the state, even if the senator does not agree with the state will. A US senator need not have the same values possessed by even the majority of state voters. A lawyer, for example, need not approve of murder to defend a murderer at trial. California is a sovereign state, and under the US constitution, to which a senator must swear allegiance, a US senator from California must defend California's will where it falls under constitutionally protected states rights. California has many totalitarian progressives. A US senator need not agree with totalitarian progressivism, to defend California's right to enact laws that are totalitarian progressive as California deems fit, and must serve California in defending totalitarian progressive laws where permitted under state sovereign rights. Senators who support unconstitutional totalitarian progressivism at the federal level, violate their oath of office. Thus, a senator from California should protect California's state rights, even when the senator does not agree with totalitarian progressive values, but is required to up hold the the US Constitution, and protect the Constitutional framework of the Republic as defined in the Constitution.  

There is noble Compassionate Progressivism, for example, Republican T. Roosevelt 1908, helping the poor with living and work conditions. 

There is noble Classic Liberalism, also know as  protecting constitutional liberties and freedoms, . Such as free speech and voting rights of the 1960s.

There is noble Libertarian Progressivism, for maximizing liberties, freedoms, peace and prosperity and for minimizing government

The modern scourge is Totalitarian Progressivism, dominating the democrat party, that seeks to unconstitutionally advance statutory rights of one group when being pandered for votes, at the unconstitutional liberty expense of another group, creating a break down of the rule of law, bastardization of the US Constitution, social strife and rancor, for creating a totalitarian government in DC limiting our freedoms and liberties. The democrats are being played by the international banking cabal seeking a one world government to further corruption, where it is easy to control a totalitarian government which in turns controls the people. 

For about 100 years now, the Democrats and Republicans have had ping pong agenda, causing many problems. wrapped up in spin. With 50 million hungry, 100 million unemployed, 20 trillion dollars in debt, trillion dollar deficits, 500 billion in trade deficits, and 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, the two major party have brought stagnation from their selfish back and forth contests. The democrats and republican have enslaved us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. A change is needed to solve problems while increasing our personal liberties and freedoms. Current republican administration is reversing the prior administration legacy, as we have reached the age, in the 21st century, of ping pong government, as both the democrats and republicans spew their sound bites and pander for political control. There are reasons for: cop shootings (Poverty), mass school shootings? (Immorality), terror attacks (Ideology), income inequality, (Wealth Transfers), wars ( Globalizers), strife (Corrupted Constitution), rancor, (Corrupted Republic), addictions (Hopelessness), hidden taxes (Fiat Currency), corruption (Lawlessness). Totalitarians seek maximum government of more and more laws and rules to hide, often serving to hide the symptoms to systemic problems from social causes. As such, the two pandering political machines do not solve problems, but rather, cover them up by only addressing the symptoms and not underlying causes and the necessary solutions.
The Democrats threw the working poor under the bus, with deficit spending devaluing wages savings pensions, open immigration suppressing wages and jobs, and trade deficits sucking jobs to foreign lands. The Republican, while pretending to be fiscal conservatives, enabled the Democrat's national socialism, increase our national debt, to where the country is technically insolvent. These two pandering political machines concentrate more and more totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, bastardizing our Constitution and Founding Father Principles of LIBERTY and FREEDOM from limited federal government. I prefer liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity, all without the heavy hand of government controls. That is why I am Libertarian. I am a tolerant social conservative, a fiscal conservative, and a freedom lover, and reject statism and totalitarian federal control over our lives flowing from democrat and republican control over government. Both the democrats and republican pander the people, with hope and change, while increasing totalitarian power in DC, in direction violation of founding father principles.

Classic Liberals would fight for civil liberties, for example, free speech, assembly and bear arms. Modernly, Progressive want to limit speech under the guise of hate speech which does not exist in a free speech democracy, limit political opponent assembly, such as Trump or American First rallies, and limit gun rights, such as to pump stock rifles. Liberals expanded and protected our liberties. Progressives, while recongnize problems, offer solutions that reduce and limit our liberties. As progressive use more and more laws to limit our liberties, they have become totalitarians. Many progressive ideas are very good, but the progressive should take care to devise solutions that do not limit our liberties and freedoms from government. Using world government globalist funding, orogressives have become more controlling. Conservatives should require balanced budgets, but no longer do so. Conservatives should respect constitutional liberties, but now enable spying on a massive scale. Conservatives no longer seek to protect the republic by enabling more and more spending and power in DC. Totalitarian progressives and farcical conservatives seek more and more government control over our lives, reducing our liberties and freedom from government.  

I am a traditional liberal (as in the noble liberals of the late 20th century), a social conservative, and a fiscal conservative, but not a controlling progressive or a farcical conservative. Both Democrats and Republican operate to concentrate totalitarian power in DC. This is unamerican.


The Constitution does not speak to Liberal Values or Conservative Values, but to Liberty Values.

During my lifetime, I have known two great American Presidents, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. To my democrats friends, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". To my republican friends, I would ask you all to "Tear down that Wall".

 President Kennedy Inaugural 1961
 President Kennedy Berlin 1963
 President Reagan Brandenburg 87
 President Reagan Normany 1984
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