Message to Volunteers

Greetings VOLUNTEER!!

I am of course very appreciative of your offer, to help my candidacy, and the country. We need more patriots like you stepping up. For security purposes, and with all due respect, is there any LP county or state officer you know who can vouch for you. Political espionage is real.

I have just tested the waters, and received overwhelming approval from the general public. This was absolutely stunning. The political positioning appears to be right on the mark. The primary thing that is lacking is publicity. Presently, there are two aspects of achieving increase publicity at this stage, the media, and private organization.

For media, its desirable to get press and radio exposure. This is done by direct solicitation offering interviews and disseminating press releases.

For private organizations, the field is broken down by public segments. These segments are identified by respective issues and positions. My positions appeal to various segments as a little D, a little R and a little L, a quintessential moderate.

For example, I am Christian, supporting freedom of religion. I presently have one volunteer who has accumulated 2500 facebook bookmarks covering Californian Christian churches, and is sending to each of them, a short message like "Behold, a Christian is running for the US Senate" followed by a webpage site.

The constituencies are:

Christians and moral right (To pray for and help and not condemn sinners)
Military (Belief in strong national defense)
Riflemen (Supporter of Gun Rights)
Tax Groups, Tea Party (plans to eliminate national debt and income taxes)
Workers and Unions (plans to stop wage stagnation and wealth transfers)
Liberal Democrats (supporting civil liberties, state safety nets, and war oppositions)
Sovereign Progressives (supporting constitutional civil liberties, natural rights, and states rights)
Compassionate Progressives (supporting states rights for assistance to indigents and working poor)
Fiscal Conservative Republicans (plans to balance budgets)
Moderate Republican (seek bipartisan solutions to immigration)
Feminists (supporting doctor office privacy and cultural adjustment away from patriarchy)
LGBT (supporting bedroom privacy and choice in life styles)
Minorities (plans to eliminate systemic racism)
Millennials (Plans to grow MFG jobs and end totalitarian enslavement)
Constitutionalists (Plans to restore the Constitution and Republic)
Monetarists (Plans for currency translation back to real money) 
Environmentalists (Supporting Green Peace with robust plans, eg nuclear waste disposal)
Prisoners (Supporting means for depopulating prisons through rehabilitation)
Students (Supporting ending student loan enslavement replaced by scholarships)
Independents (Supporting bipartisan solutions for fixing DC)
Parents (Supporting family values, marriage and parental rights) 
Hispanics (supporting paths to citizenship in compromise)

I am generally opposed to Totalitarian Progressives, the democrat party pandering elites. I oppose totalitarian progressive restriction on our constitutional liberties, including free speech, Internet content neutrality, freedom of the media, freedom of the press, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, freedom of gun possession, freedom of association, freedom of parental rights, inter alia, all of which are being restricted by totalitarian progressives, and opposed to totalitarian progressives for their corruption of our currency, capitalistic markets, corruption of our judiciary, bastardization of our constitution, moral hazards socialism, tax enslavement, debt enslavement, welfare enslavement, corruption of congress, and corruption of the executive branch. 

Presently, I am working on accumulating radio and press bookmarks for press release dissemination and for soliciting public interviews. I had great success this week, in an initial penetration of Alt media, and the response was STUNNING! So, my friend, we libertarians have the message, the solutions and the delivery down that represents a real challenge to the progressive lock on power in California. Also, I will go to a few libertarian meets, to get personally known, but this is not as important to reaching out to the general public at this stage.

The Democrat vote can be spilt between classic liberals protecting civil liberties, assisting the indigent and working poor and opposing war, as opposed to the totalitarian progressive fascists. The Republican vote can be split between fiscal conservatives, the moral right, and the constitutionalists and the anti-immigration America First. Capturing the vote of 70% of millennials, 75% of independents, 100% of libertarians, 33% of Democrats and 50% of no hope Republicans, is now in the cards. Publicity is key.

You can be of great assistance at this stage of the campaign cycle, and that is, getting the word out. So, what you do is select a group, and search the web, and bookmark URLs of various web pages and facebook pages of members of that selected group, and then, you send them a short message. I will help you draft that very short message for mass dissemination. After that, you then select another group. Much can be done at this stage, prior to the 4/27 State convention in Long Beach.

Thanks again my friend for your support.

In Liberty and Freedom, Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D., Libertarian, US Senate Candidate, 
Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.
                            Please Kindly Contribute to the Derrick Michael Reid for US Senate Campaign. 
                             A Californian for All Californians, for Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.
                                   I Sincerely Humbly Thank You in Advance for Your Generous Support.
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