Interview Issues for DERRICK MICHAEL REID 
Candidate for US Senator from California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On 4/29/18 in Long Beach CA, at the California Libertarian Party state convention, Derrick Michael Reid was endorsed for the US Senate by the California Libertarian Party. 

Derrick Michael Reid for US Senate Campaign


I am available for skype or phone interviews and can discuss major issues and problems facing the nation. The California Libertarian Party endorsed my candidacy for US Senate. A comprehensive solution set has been devised to solve the major problems facing the nation. I can discuss general major issues facing the nations including: Immigration, Imprisonment, Corruption, Trade, Insolvency, Environment, Net-Neutrality, Geopolitics, Military, Education, Guns, Death-Penalty, Voting, Economy, Religion Abortion, LGBT, Feminism, Racism, and Common-Core, and, can also discuss  problems, solutions, systemic corruption, wealth transfers and geopolitics relating to global influences. (See Website positions and Appendix below) 

The big "GIT" is that after 20 years of analysis, it has been determined that our government, money, trade, markets, wars, political parties, constitution and republic have all been corrupted, in such a way, as to transfer wealth and control to government and global financial elitists, who in turn control governments. I then devised a comprehensive solution set to eliminate this corruption and our enslavement as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. My three priorities as a US Senator is solving the immigration problem, the imprisonment problem and the systemic embedded DC corruption problem, the later of which will naturally solve many of the other problems facing the nation, as robust prosperity will return enabling naturally many solutions.

Please kindly advise if there is any interest.

In Liberty and Freedom, Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D., Libertarian, US Senate Candidate, 
Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.

PS: The playbook is the US Constitution with liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity being the objectives. Derrick Michael Reid is politically a classic liberal (supporting constitutional liberties and freedoms from government), a sovereign progressive (supporting individual liberties, maximum freedoms, natural rights and states rights), a compassionate progressive (supporting state level safety nets for the indigent and working poor), a social conservative (supporting moral traditional family, marriage, parenting and religious values), and a fiscal conservative (supporting balanced budgets, minimum spending, minimum taxes and minimum constitutional government), while being politically opposed to totalitarian progressives (restricting our individual rights, liberties and freedoms from a maximized totalitarian federal government).

------------------ Interview Issues ---------------------------------------
Domestic Issues, State, National, and Global Problems and National Solutions, and Wealth Transfers.  
General Major Domestic Issues   
Immigration Imprisonment Corruption Trade Insolvency 
Environment NetNeutrality Geopolitics Military Education 
Guns DeathPenalty Voting Economy Religion 
Abortion LGBT Feminism Racism CommonCore
State, National, and Global Problems, and National Solutions
California State Problems 
01) Largest Homeless and Indigent population
02) Highest Poverty Rate 20%        
03) 25B$/year illegal alien welfare.
04) High Sex-Child Women Trafficking
05) High Divorce rate & Decadence   
06) Elementary students gendered Confused
07) Highest Personal Income Taxes   
08) Hepatistis Outbreaks SD LA      
09) Highe Drug Addiction  Rates.    
10) Sanctuary Cities and State      
11) State Pension and Funding       
12) Highest Illegal Immigration Rates
13) Population flight to other states
14) Conflicts with Federal Government
15) Geoengineering Fire Storms      
16) Infrastructure & Dams           
17) Totalitarian Progressivism
18) Bullet Train
National Problems
1) National Debt               
2) DC Corruption               
3) Totalitarianism             
4) Border Control              
5) Fiscal Deficits             
6) Trade Deficits              
7) Inner City Decay           
8) Wealth Transfers           
9) Currency Devaluations       
10) Big Pharmaceuticals       
11) Toxic Waste Sites          
12) Systemic Racism            
13) Police Militarization      
14) Judicial Fiat              
15) Oppressive Taxation        
16) National Socialism         
17) Vaccinations               
Global Problems
1) Banking Cabal
2) Regime Change Wars
3) Terrorism
4) Trade Imbalances
5) Specie Extinction
6) Global Warming
7) Drug Trade
8) Fiat Devaluations
9) Financial Elite
10) Pollution
11) Nuclear Weapons 
12) Globalization
13) Cold War
14) Slavery
15) Human Trafficking
16) Pedophilia 
17) Pandemics
Comprehensive Solution Set
Nationalize FED under Treasury with Congressional Oversight.
Abolish the Deep State Senior Executive Service
Transfer all National social programs to the states.
Limit Congressional Terms to Senate 4 terms & House 12 terms.
Provide Green Corps Miltary Service for prison inmates.
Abolish Federal Student loans in lieu of Scholarship and Grants.
End Federal FED ESF FOMC Manipulation of Markets.
End Quantitative Easy and Zero Interest Rate Policies.
Prosecute To Big To Jail Banks for Market Manipulations.
End To Big to Fail Bank Bailouts and Reserve Parking.
End Corporate Donations to Personal Political Campaigns.
Limit Senate Confirmation hearings to only Skill and Oath.
Impeach Totalitarian Ideologues on the Supreme Court.
Limit Government Bonds to X% of prior year tax receipts.
Prohibit deficit spending and large State and National Debt.
Limit income taxes in lieu of state collected sales taxes.  
Eliminate national, state and private debts by a Debt Jubilee.
Establish State Charter Banks for dispensing social assistance.
Limit FDIC to State Charter Banks with Glass-Steagall.
Provide Paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants without amesty.
Provide State and Federal minting and certificates in circulation. 
Return War Powers to the Senate and stop Regime Change Wars.
Revoke all international trade deals, tariffs, and subsidies.
Balance international trade to free, fair and balanced Trade.
Limit federal totalitarism on states reserve powers. 
Uphold constitutional liberties including privacy and guns. 
Aboolish Federal and State Court Malpractice law suits. 
Provide state Licensing boards for professional Malpractice.
Provide State low-cost medical clinics for indigent healt care. 
Limit Big Pharma prices at state low-cost medical clinics.
Restore the Rule of Law and Prosecute Government Officials.
End influence peddling in Congress and the Administration. 
Limit Government subsidies of targeted industries.
Limit DoE DoHUD IRS CIA and liberty oppressive functions.
Protect national parks, wildlife, and reduce pollution. 
Limit public foreign aid for foreign governments.
Promote Private Charitable giving to domestic & foreign people.
Promote voluntary taxation for supporting government.
Protect Constitutional Liberties from Progressive Fascists. 
Seamlessly translate from Fiat Currency to Real Money.
Seamlessly transfer Federal Welfare to the States.
Seamlessly eliminate the National and State Debts.
Investigate the Council for Foreign Relations War Crimes
FDIC only for Glass-Steagall Compliant Banking

Wealth transfers are from poor to rich on a global scale.
There are many mechanisms in play for implementing and maintaining wealth transfers from poor to rich on a global scale. 
Wealth Transfer Implementation
- Fiat devaluation (Poor wages devalued as rich assets appreciate) 
- Market Manipulations (Pump and Dump, from mom&pop to big traders and corps)
- Drug Laundering  ( Poor addicted with skimming bank laundering)
- Taxes (People taxed, feed gov, slush funds, bank-Corp subsidies, wars)
- Debt (Interest payments to banking cabal and central banks)
- Trade (domestic low wages shifting income to international corps & foreign gov)
- Immigration (wage suppression, tax increases, to enrich foreign gov and corps)

The US has a housing problem, a homeless problem, an unemployment problem, an infrastructure problem, a minimum wage problem, a jobs problem, an education problem, an income inequality problem, and a hunger problem, because we have singularly a prosperity problem.
The US has a prosperity problem caused by wealth transfer implementation.
The reason why we have a prosperity problem by wealth transfer implementation is because we have a corruption problem.
Wealth Transfer Maintenance
- Banking Cabal (Banking reach and corruption into all countries and corps, and To Big To Fail and To Big To Jail)
- Corruption (Bribe contributions & laws, big banks "BAIL-INs" and corporations)
- Totalitarianism (Cementing of the status quo, lack of freedoms & enterprise) 
- Socialism (Entrapment to moral hazard to maintain government control and corruption)
- Regime Change Wars (Tax Costs, Geopolitical engineering to NWO One Government Control)
- Bullion Suppression (Cryptocurrency suppression, Maintenance of Fiat Currency use) 

The US has a prosperity problem, a drug problem, a welfare problem, a prison problem, an immigration problem, a constitution problem, a republic problems, a voting problem, a war problem, a social security problem, a health care problem, a debt problem, a banking problem, a monetary problem, a government problem, a deficit problem, a media problem and an internet problem, because we singularly have a corruption problem.
The US has a corruption problem caused by wealth transfer maintenance. 
The biggest enemy of all Americans is the international banking cabal that engages in wealth transfer maintenance on a global scale.
All of the problems facing the US singularly flow from a root cause, and that is a corruption problem which stems from wealth transfer maintenance. 
If the US can eliminate the wealth transfer maintenance enslaving us all, all our problems could and would be naturally solved in large measure, providing all Americans with recaptured maximum liberty, maximum freedom, maximum global peace and maximum prosperity, all the time, in perpetuity. 
Systemic Embedded Corruption
The two pandering political machines, driven by wealth transfer maintenance, have corrupted:
Our Main stream Media with propaganda,
Our Internet through political censorship,
Our Supreme Court through ideologue appointments, 
Our Constitution through judicial fiat,
Our Congress through bribe contributions, 
Our Administration through One World Communist Government Ideologues
Our Money through debt base fiat Currency,
Our Markets through FED soft money policies, 
Our Hearts through moral hazards of pandered Socialism, and
Our National Defense through political regime change wars.
Corruption now permeates all aspects of our government, economy and society, limiting our liberties and freedoms and the pursuit of happiness causing increasing social strife, public conflict, political rancor, economic decay, moral decadence, financial enslavement, and governmental totalitarian control.

Short Form Communication to Media:

I am available for interviews to discuss major issues and problems facing the nation. The California Libertarian Party endorsed my candidacy for US Senate. A comprehensive solution set has been devised to solve the major problems facing the nation. I can discuss general major issues facing the nations. I can also discuss  problems, solutions, systemic corruption, wealth transfers and geopolitics relating to global influences. 

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