Simply stated, Libertarians want maximum liberty, maximum freedom, maximum global peace and maximum economic prosperity, all the time. The US Constitution does not speak to liberal values or conservative values, but speaks to liberty values. The Libertarian party is the most pure American nationwide political party. Libertarians believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility without undue totalitarian control over our lives through government laws and rules, and thus seek to minimize laws, rules, and government controls over our liberties and freedoms. Libertarians are socially tolerant and fiscally conservative, believing in liberty to live as you choose in free market, supply-demand, price-discovery market capitalism for maximum economic prosperity for lifting the poor out of enslaving state dependency and poverty into lives of self reliance and dignity. Libertarians believe in a strong national defense for national defense but oppose foreign regime change war causing death and destruction on a global scale. We libertarians are willing to fight to protect our nation and homes, but not to project military power for changing foreign governments in the image of the United States. 

We libertarians support classic liberalism protecting liberties and freedoms, and classic conservatism advocating personal and fiscal responsibility. 
                                                  The Libertarian Party is a pure and true American political party. Vote Libertarian!

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