To my democrat friends, I have always loved your honorable liberalism. I have always had strong liberal democrat values. Classic liberalism of the old democrat party was absolutely great, protecting our liberties, such as free speech, privacy, and assembly. When the liberal democrats addressed feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and sheltering the homeless, they touch my heart as a Christian, and I do support robust state level safety nets. In this regard, the liberal democrats act nobly, and I applaud and support their efforts. When the democrats express concerns for the working poor, I applaud and support their efforts. When the liberal democrats seek to protect women's privacy rights and life style choices, as a libertarian supporting the US Constitution, I applaud their efforts. I support liberal democrat opposition to bailing out the banks. I support liberal democrat opposition to foreign wars. There are many good aspects about the liberalism of the old democrat party. Modernly, the noble liberal democrat party has morphed into a controlling progressive party. Senator Feinstein, who I once greatly admired as a liberal moderate, has morphed into an extreme pandering progressives, and has lost my support. I ask you California democrats to consider voting for a moderate libertarian who shares your noble traditional liberal values of liberty and freedom. 

Feinstein and the DEM leadership threw their democrat base under the bus. Trump administration, controlling both houses, push their tax plan, and the DEMs did not even bother to show up to negotiate. They just spewed their resistance, screech RussiaGate-Impeachment-Obstruction pander, but were AWOL. They should have negotiated and got at least something out the tax deal, but gave their constituency NOTHING, absolutely nothing, and damage high state tax tax payers of California in the process. Pathetic and shameful. Modern progressivism, as now pandered by Feinstein, seeks as its result, the installation of a totalitarian socialistic fascist government in DC, trashing our Constitution, trashing the rule of law, creating moral hazards, creating public strife, trashing the Constitutional promise of domestic tranquility, and thereby creating a ball of confusion from coast to coast. 

Senator Feinstein went from a noble dignified politician, to a political panderer. I have admired Feinstein for many years, but she went after the pandered votes rather than bipartisan cooperation for common ground solutions. You can always tell a panderer, by the flips flops as in Jerusalem.
15 years ago, I admired Feinstein. Then, she was honest and reasonable. Over last 15 years, she morphed into a political panderer for power. 
Cost of Illegal Immigration
  Congress Members Plunder the Wealth of the Nation, through the use of
  Federal Reserve Debt, Influence Peddling and Campaign Contributions.
  FED Debt by Fiat Currency produces Income Inequality, and transfers
  Wealth from poor to rich and from the private sector to Government.

Trump: The fact that "Sneaky" Dianne Feinstein, who has on numerous occasions stated that collusion between Trump/Russia has not been found, would release testimony in such an underhanded and possibly illegal way, totally without authorization, is a disgrace. Must have tough Primary! Feinstein realizing her mistake, indicated she had a cold.

Feinstein, while not buying into the made up Trump/Russia hoax to explain the HRC loss, has indicated that the president has obstructed justice by firing Comey, the guy who gave HRC a pass on emails, servers, bleaching, hammering, bought-DNC, primary rigging, bribe foundation, Uranium1, Fusion GPS, Dossier, FISA, political spying, unmasking, in the depths of political corruption and the corruption of government functions.   

The DEMs threw the working poor under the bus, with deficit spending devaluing wages savings pensions, open immigration suppressing wages and jobs, and trade deficits sucking jobs to foreign lands. I long for the old DEM of Jack Kennedy, Sam Nunn, inter alia, who had policies that actually helped the working poor work their way out of poverty and hopelessness. Where did the good and noble old DEM party go? This is but one aspect of the corruption that permeates DC. Influence peddling is absolutely sickening to most Americans. Many wonder how Senator Feinstein gets away with no bid billion contract to her husband for high speed rail, sale of postal property, inter alia, a possible violation of federal law and possible criminal self dealing. Corrupt? It seems most in DC make millions on a civil servant salary. DC has a systemic corruption problem. I recall Feinstein going to Syria. ISIS was created by Saudis, Israelis and the McCain US led attempted overthrow of Assad, to allow gulf state oil pipelines through Syria to the Mediterranean to check the Russia advance of their south stream pipeline through Turkey, which the Russian were forced to do, after the BHO administration cut Russia oil pipelines through Ukraine to the EU. Syria went up in smoke causing 500,000 deaths, massive destruction and fleeing refugees. How did that work out? Did anyone hear Feinstein complaining about HRC gun running from Libya to Syria? These globalizing war mongers are satanic killers and destroyers. At least Assad protected Christians in Syria, which is actually a good thing in the Muslim world. Its was all about oil, money and power, as either Russia-Iranian pipeline or USA-gulf state pipeline for energy competition into the EU. Its about power, money and domination by globalizing war mongers at gun point. Feinstein has been to Syria and has supported HRC McCain et al in causing death and destruction, including the unintended consequence of 18000 small children having their organs removed for international black market sales. Feinstein is a warmonger, causing death and destruction on a global scale for furthering the globalist agenda that transfers wealth by many mechanism from poor to rich, causing gross income inequality in the United States. 

When Ukraine coup ousted the duly elected president, did anyone hear Feinstein stand up for democratic principles, demanding impeachment by civil due process trial? I did not hear one word. Ukraine went into civil war encourage by the BHO administration, as HRC took bribe money from Ukrainian oligarchs. US and Russia entered into another cold war. Ukraine lost the Crimea, and two eastern states, in a protracted civil war, as the BHO administration implemented economic sanctions against Russia and oligarchs, as NATO tanks rolled into Poland, as Putin threaten nuclear strikes, as the western Ukrainians seized power, in now a divided country.  How did Ukraine work out for you Feinstein?  Its absolutely sickening. 

Often in politics, pandering politicians assert that they share the values of the constituency. This is important in state elections of state officials, but it is misplaced at the federal level, such as the case here in a campaign for the US Senate. A US senator is to represent the constitutional will of the state, even if the senator does not agree with the state will. A US senator need not have the same values possessed by even the majority of state voters. A lawyer, for example, need not approve of murder to defend a murderer at trial. California is a sovereign state, and under the US constitution, to which a senator must swear allegiance, a US senator from California must defend California's will where it falls under constitutionally protected states rights. California has many totalitarian progressives. A US senator need not agree with totalitarian progressivism, to defend California's right to enact laws that are totalitarian progressive as California deems fit, and must serve California in defending totalitarian progressive laws where permitted under state sovereign rights. Senators who support unconstitutional totalitarian progressivism at the federal level, violate their oath of office. Thus, a senator from California should protect California's state rights, even when the senator does not agree with totalitarian progressive values, but is required to up hold the the US Constitution, and protect the Constitutional framework of the Republic as defined in the Constitution.  Senator Feinstein is guilty of high crimes when she support totalitarian progressive reforms at the federal level in opposition to the Republic and the Constitutional framework. She also does not represent the will of California and denies California its sovereign rights. The reason for the second amendment is to prevent a DC totalitarian take over, yet Feinstien supports unconstitutional totalitarian DC controls that degrade states rights, such as California's sovereign states rights. For example, California voted twice to reject gay marriage in lieu of domestic partners. That was California's values and will. When Feinstein supports gay marriage at the federal level, she not only fails to represent the will and values of the California voters, but she also violates her sworn oath to uphold the US constitution and the constitutional framework of the Republic. I will support the will and values of California voters under states sovereign rights defending California rights from a totalitarian federal government, but will also up hold the oath of office, and defend the US Constitution. I will not be duplicitous. 

We Americans are capitalists, believing in free market, supply-demand, price-discovery commercial market capitalism for maximizing prosperity at home and around the world. We should not fear global competition, but embrace it for long term prosperity, and not use our military for a competitive edge, unnecessary wars and world domination, causing unnecessary lost of American military lives and foreign aliens. 

How many times has Feinstein condemned antifa street brutality suppressing free speech? Apparently, Feinstein is more interested in pandering her base than protecting Californians' constitutional liberties. She was once admired,  a champion of civil rights, but has become a partisan panderer. Feinstein carries a gun yet seeks to disarm Americans by pandering her base with every horrific act of violence
I graduated from UC Berkeley and am appalled at the violence there. Have these democrat communists street thugs using fascist means no shame?  

So, after HRC lost the election to Trump, the BHO administration started the dump trump conspiracy.  The procured dossier through HRC-DNC-FUSION was used to try to defeat Trump and spy on his campaign. First it was the Trump-Russia collusion election hacking investigation by counsel Mueller, which so far has found no credible evidence, now being effectively a national scandal. Second was the Rep Green impeachment attempt basically for Trump not being a liberal. So its now a crime not to be liberal. Third, Feinstein led the charge against Trump by claiming obstruction of justice, basically for firing FBI head Comey with expectations of a special counsel investigation of Trump Russia collusion.  

Trump exercising presidential prerogative, acted within his presidential powers firing Comey. As we all are now learning, not only did Comey, the head of the politicized and weaponized FBI give HRC a pass, but the deep state bias is becoming more obvious every day. And as predicted months ago, the Trump Russia collusion witch hunt is now turning on BHO HRC LYNCH RICE COMEY for using government functions as a political tool to deny Trump his election victory, thereby attempting to invalidate our American democracy. This is probably the biggest scandal in US History, with: deleted emails, private servers, bribe foundation, data bleaching, blackberry hammering, tarmac meeting, fusion GPS, dossier, FISA court, unmasking, wire tapping, CA primary election rigging, bought DNC, paid fusion op research, Uranium1, inter alia, all backed by a partisan CIA/FBI out to tarnish Trump by using their "insurance policy". It has been alleged that Wasserman Schults put out a murder for hire contract using MS13 to murder Seth Rich who exposed HRC's CA election rigging. I mean, come on, any reasonable person can connect these dots. The murder of Seth Rich may have intimidated DNC chair Donna Brazile. Feinstien, the political panderer, played her partisan role, by pushing the Obstruction of Justice claim, which is utterly ridiculous, and leaked confidential congressional FUSION CEO testimony, that "sneaky" Feinstein has not only shamed herself, but also, the State of California and the Country as a whole. Corruption permeates DC. Feinstien should resign in disgrace immediately. I call upon Senator Feinstein to resign immediately in disgrace for pushing a bogus Obstruction of Justice claim against our duly elected President exercising his presidential prerogative to fire Comey especially in view of giving HRC a pass for her crimes.

When Feinstein accused the president of the United States with obstruction, she painted herself as a member of the deep state swamp. When Feinstein released the Fusion GPS memo, the self-serving testimony of the Fusion GPS CEO, she painter herself as a member of the deep state swamp.

Feinstein: I won’t vote for a CR without the Dream Act. We need to get the Dream Act passed, negotiate a multi-year budget agreement and fund the government through September, and we need to do so now.

This is the same uncompromising Feinstein who did not even show up for the Tax Bill negotiations. She should have showed up and tried to get something. The republicans would have enjoyed some support to give in a little. But, by not even bother to show up, she effectively threw the democrats and tax payers under the bus, as California tax payers will be paying for that blunder. Now, She digs in yet again, uncompromising, and pandering, because you don't achieve results unless to negotiate in good faith. Doing an act, knowing full well you won’t achieve result, is pander per se. Now, Feinstein is concern about a budget. Was she concerned during the Obama administration? The duplicity is obvious of course. Both parties have now committed the US to deficits in perpetuity, less would cause economic chaos, as the FED is trapped to low interest rates after having created a multitude of bubbles, ready to burst at anytime.

Senator Feinstein is willing to shut down the federal government for the benefit of aliens, and not US Citizens. The priority is clear. Senator Feinstein wants to negotiate a budget, which apparently did not happen under the BHO administration. The hypocrisy is clear. Apparently, the democrat leadership decided to shut down the government, not because they oppose the CR funding, but to make Trump look bad by causing adverse affects upon the economy which has stabilized under Trump, or to pander DACA as a bargaining chip that they themselves created. As predicted, this democrat stunt of shutting down the government, choosing aliens over citizens, backfired, and made the democrats look silly before the whole nation. Apparently Feinstein did not vote to reopen the government, pandering her base as usual. 

January 17, 2018 Evan Halper Tribune Washington Bureau, WASHINGTON — After years of tangling with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., civil liberties activists seemed to have her onboard with their fight to curtail the vast warrantless surveillance program exposed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. They were optimistic Tuesday when she headed into a major vote over whether to impose new restrictions on the government monitoring. But after a spirited, nail-biter of a floor fight, Feinstein broke with privacy advocates from the right and left to cast a crucial vote in favor of leaving the program largely unchanged for the next six years.

Senator Feinstein is a totalitarian, suppressing civil liberties. She apparently does not want government transparency, by releasing the intelligence memo, and strikes at free speech. 

Feinstein: California is home to 1 in 3 DACA recipients. 220,000 young immigrants are living in fear! I voted NO on the funding bill because the Dream Act was not attached. This isn’t a new issue. We’ve debated the Dream Act for 17 years, and for 17 years we’ve been blocked from voting. These are young people that exemplify the best and brightest of America, yet Congress continues to let them down. I’ll never stop working to protect Dreamers. I’ll continue to fight for a legislative solution NOW. We need to act. It’s the right thing to do.

She had been fighting for 17 years? Is not that an admission of incompetence? When did she submit a bill that would solve the entire problem concerning 14 millions immigrants that would be acceptable to both sides? She admits she voted no on a CR bill who's substance she did not oppose. So, she voted against a bill she did not oppose. At the end of the day, this was a mere pandering political stunt. The democrats caved into to the republicans within 48 hours. Are you dreamers impressed? The Democrats are banking on it, as if you are in their pocket, but without delivering results. Apparently, the Democrats seek to import millions of illegals to change the voting demographics for Democrat Party control. Democrats and Republicans are to far apart for legitimate compromise and solution. The democrats pander the dreamers as the republicans pander America first. I will bring compromise and solutions to the table in an even handed way, that will satisfy in large measure both of the two pandering political machines and their respective constituents. I seek solutions.

Feinstein: President Trump’s attack on the solar industry will hurt American workers and drives up prices for consumers. California can’t let this administration hobble our progress toward a clean energy future.

The democrats through decades of deficit spending have for years devalued workers wages, income, savings and pensions, and then flooded the US with illegal immigrants suppressing wages further still, and enabled large trade deficits sucking jobs to foreign lands, effectively throwing workers under the bus, and in duplicity, is now concerned about workers, no doubt ready to throw workers more of Pelosi's "crums" with a minimum wage hike that further destroys jobs and actually hurts the working poor. I dont agreed with tariffs as being the wrong approach. I have a comprehensive solution to trade. Here Feinstein is simply being disagreeable, as if it really matters what Trump would propose, she would pander the opposite for votes and party power. She is the worse kind of panderer, for in the end she throws her own base under the bus for personal power and party power. Trump's action may encourage solar clean energy by price advantage, and is not totally wrong, as Feinstein, the party panderer, indicates. These slick politicians are not problem solving engineers nor systems analysts understanding negative feedback control for long term sustainability of government policy and functions. They primarily pander a progressive base with unstable open loop totalitarian proposals resulting in devastating long term consequences.

Feinstein: Another senseless tragedy at an American school. My heart is with the victims and their families. When will we wake up? When will we take action to prevent these shootings from occurring? These tragedies are the new normal, and that should make all of us sick.
Notice that whenever there is a shooting, totalitarian Feinstein, a titular head of the progressives, comes out with the emotional pander, striking only when the iron is hot. Notice that her solution is limiting constitutional liberties, like any totalitarian  would. But most importantly, notice that she does not ask the significant question, WHY? The progressives have destroyed jobs, enslaved people as tax mules perpetual debtors and state dependents, instilling hopelessness in many Americans. The tprogressives continuously degrade wholesome family values, including degrading marriage, faith, parental rights, national pride, while concurrently confusing our children in public schools. The progressives inject a culture of entitlement, the free stuff card, that then makes people angry when they dont get their perceived fair share of the free stuff under government largess. The progressives encourage divisiveness particularly playing the race card, the class warfare card, the feminist card, the rancor card, having a full stack of standard operating methods and practices, seeking to become the sole power in California. The controlling progressive s encourages violence, as the DNC Antifa brown shirts take to the street to beat up political opponents who are merely exercising their constitutional liberties of free speech and assembly. The totalitarian MSM propaganda machine continuously spews rancor supporting media biased in favor of resistance. Far left groups call for murdering republicans as revenge for Florida school shooting, and the progressive leadership, including Feinstein fuels the flames of violence and hatred. A republican representative was shot by a progressive moved into action by the rancor of the progressive leadership. Rand Paul was brutally attacked by another progressive. All over the country antifa brutalize citizens and the progressive fascists leadership is silent. Nearly all school shootings are done by progressives moved into action by the rancor of the democrat leadership. The progressives inject into our society, a culture of decadence, hopelessness and violence. Consequently, people are disillusioned, depressed and angry. The progressives do not condemn the violence of their antifa henchmen, or violent BLM gunmen shooting cops, because its part of the ploy for absolute political control, while screeching resistance and political rancor toward political opponents. Guns do not shoot people. People shoot people. One represented advocating using gun to overthrow the president. Joe Biden want to beat up the president. The disgusting rancor is off the charts. Feinstein is silent. Disillusioned, depressed, angry and incited people may extend their totalitarian progressivism and effective condoning of violence, into their thought processes that become violent and deadly, and act upon it, and deaths are involved. Feinstein and her progressives have blood on their hands for inciting and condoning violence.

Feinstein: Supports Special Counsel Bill. She seeks to keep Special Counsel Mueller investigating collusion after he said the President was not a target. She supports invading attorney client privilege of the president to investigate a decade old prostitute hush money case. Feinstein has lost all sense of reasonableness, wastes public funds, and degrades rights to an attorney for political partisanship. This is unamerican and does not serve the American people.

Feinstein: President Trump’s trade war means that 90 percent of California’s leading nut and fruit exports are hit with retaliatory tariffs. The president’s misguided actions are already causing real harm to our agricultural community, and additional tariffs could bring even more damage.

"Could bring even more damage" is empty fear mongering of course. Has already caused real harm? Is she suggesting the US would have difficulty selling food supplies around the world? She attacks Trump's so called trade war, which so far, it is not. She does not mention, of course, China reducing it car import tariffs which are ten times that the US. Notice that she does not any way discuss the benefits, which, in reciprocal trade war, have benefits in other markets. Her attack is thus shallow, one sided, and thus clearly partisan. But hey, she is great at pandering, and her resistance progressive base, will no doubt love her for it.

Feinstein: The president's statement indicating that he will order the Justice Department to investigate the FBI could not be more disturbing and reiterates his deep contempt for the rule of law.

The weaponization of the intelligence community to rig an election, the Russia-Hoax bogus "collusion" to recapture power through a witch hunt, the bogus "obstruction" to fire Comey for giving HRC a pass on her email security and destruction obstruction, the bogus Representative Green's "impeachment" for not being a liberal, and now asserting contempt for the rule of law. Feinstein, a pandering totalitarian progressive, has the audacity to complain about Trump when it was the DNC leadership that actually violated laws and showed contempt for the election process.

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