Pasadena Region 63 Libertarian Party

Pasadena LP

The meeting was fun. Ted Brown and Jill Pyeatt are retiring from CA LP operations, and will be missed. 
Thank you both so much for all the hard work you have given the LP over the past many years. Best of Luck!

  Nickolas and Crystal Wildstar are a wonderful couple, pleasant and polite, and simply a class act. 
  It was an honor and pleasure to meet Nickolas Wildstar at the Pasadena Libertarian Party meeting January 10th 2018. 
  Nickolas is not only a handsome guy, but his good and gracious nature permeates the space through which he walks. 
  Nickolas and I discussed some fundamental libertarian principles, and he has rock solid libertarian credentials. 
  It is with great respect, I endorse Nickolas Wildstar for Governor of California on the Libertarian ticket.