Call for Libertarian Volunteers

Greetings Libertarians!

I am calling for libertarian volunteers to help with the campaign. I should expect to have as a base 70% of millennial, 75% of independents and 100% of libertarians. I will seek to split the democrat vote, between favorable classic liberals promoting peace, protecting civil liberties and helping the indigent and working poor, as opposed to the totalitarian progressive fascists trying to regulated us all as ants. I will seek to split the republican votes, between favorable moral right, military veterans, constituionalists and fiscal conservatives, as opposed to totalitarian authoritarians and America First harsh immigration wall builders.

The Democrats are in disarray with the failing Trump-Russian hoax and the weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, CIA, FBI, and are dead broke out of funds. Feinstein has foolishly backed a bogus collusion charge against Trump, accumulated 80m$ off her public servant salary, has encourage global war, has thrown workers and California tax payers under the bus, and is in the tank pandering the progressive fascists. The Republicans can not possibly win in California, now lead by a childish panderer, who I can butcher. Both the democrats and republicans currently respectively only appeal to a portion of their party in the state of California, and can not possibly represent all Californians.

By contradistinction, I seek to unite all factions in California and in the Senate to find common ground solutions, thereby in fact representing all Californians.

I can message to the general population notions of liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity, without delivering libertarian pander which alienates the general electorate, for appealing to the general voters.

I offer the general electorate solutions as to Immigration, Imprisonment and corruption, and offer solutions relating to 1) eliminating the national debt enslaving us all as tax mules, 2) eliminating systemic DC corruption that embeds congressmen in the pockets of big corporations, the media complex and international globalizers to further immune the US from the international banking cabal unde influence, 3) eliminate wealth transfers from poor to rich that causes income inequality and poverty, and 4) restoring the constitution and republic for providing civil order, domestic tranquility, and increasing our freedoms and liberties from concentrated DC totalitarian socialistic fascism.

Thus, I will seek to capture 70% millennials, 75% independents, 100% libertarians, 25% democrats, and 30% republicans, for the June Primary Victory. The message, solutions and positions are in place for the win.

Lets me provide an example. The message: We libertarians believe in maximum liberty, maximum freedom, maximum global peace, and maximum economic prosperity ALL THE TIME. The solution set in part: 1) Eliminate the National Debt; 2) Eliminate Systemic Corruption in D.C.; 3) Eliminate Wealth Transfers from Poor to Rich; and 4) Restore the Constitution and the Republic. The positions: Classical Liberalism protecting constitutional liberties and anti-war, and classical conservatism of fiscal responsibility and the rule of law. These messages, solutions and positions appeal to and attract the vast majority of voters.

Today’s analysis of republican spin, as an example of totalitarian socialistic fascism in DC enslaving us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents.

Rand Paul pulled a pandering stunt today, suggesting significant cuts in spending. Guy has no clue, and he's a senator. Notice Trump has no spending cut offsets to the tax reduction? Trump must deficit spend 16T$ over 8 years to kick the can, and he will. If DC normalizes interest rates, or, dramatically cuts spending, the financial heroin injection pulled, USA goes into withdraw, and the economy implodes, in a heartbeat. DC and the FED are trapped, painted themselves in a corner. I know how to fix it. Banks make money off debt. Banks feed Corps. Corps feed Congressmen. Congressmen enable the FED. The FED increases DEBT. We are on a corrupt carousel.

I love Rand Paul standing up for privacy, but here, he apparently does not understand the comprehensive whole. Spending cuts may have worked in 1980s, but we are past the point of no return. Ending the FED is a giant step toward eliminating DC corruption, nationalized under Treasury. And if controlled correctly, can stop wealth transfers from poor to rich, ending income inequality, and ending financial enslavement by the global banking cabal. The FED is the epicenter of corruption in the US. Now comes the Republican pandering circus. Its pander, because they know, or should know, that cuts are not going happen in a meaningful way. But fiscal hawks will play the empty shell pandering game. Between the DEMOCRATS pandering DACA and the REPUBLICANS pandering spending cuts, it a pandering circus in DC.

Cutting taxes is one thing, Cutting spending is completely different. When you cut taxes, it lower the oppression on people and gives more freedom. I applaud Trump for the tax cuts. Cutting spending however is a different animal, which currently enslaves many on welfare. Does anyone notice that they dont really talk about balancing the Budget anymore? That they keep on raising the debt limit? GET A CLUE! That is because at 125% debt/GDP ratio, the US is technically insolvent, and way way beyond the point of no return. Does anyone believe that the US will pay off the national debt? Spending is pervasive, and many are dependent upon it. If you cut spending, which is now politically unacceptable, you will throw millions onto the street, and will implode the economy, and you are looking at 10 years of a massive global depression, much worse than the Great Depression.

There is a way out of this mess, I know how to fix it. But, a slash and burn simplistic mentally will cause untold number of deaths, ruination, and collapse. There is a way to get out of this mess seamlessly, but you have to understand the comprehensive whole, the interconnected problems and interconnected causes and have the skill set necessary to devise a multifaceted solution. I can fix it, I know how. I know of nobody that does, because they are conventional thinkers, such as Rand Paul. Rand Paul came out suggesting spending cuts. Good luck with that. You watch it go down, the CR, and reflect upon my words. Continuing Resolution to fund the government, is up again, as the Republicans pander spending cuts as the Democrats are pandering their progressive fascism and DACA to the CA faithful.

So, predicting, at the end of the day, a few Republicans will be remembered for having raised concerns about deficits and spending cuts. Aint that just special. But, the CR will be approved without any significant spending cuts, as the debt limit is raised, as the deficit grows, as more financial heroin is pumped into the system, as the economy seems to do better than otherwise, as Trump looks the best possible. GWB and BHO played the same game, when in power, make yourself look good. There is little actual meaningful difference between the Democrats and Republicans, for at the end of the day, its the same same. Its called corruption.

I could the exemplar LP candidate and winner, to give the LP nationwide credibility. Now is the time for the LP nationwide to rise up and support me. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. I am honest. I dont pander. I will never leave the LP because I WANT MY LIBERTY AND FREEDOM BACK from those totalitarian socialistic fascists in DC controlled by those two pandering political machines. Libertarians must rise up, and save the country from the two pandering political machines. Libertarians will stop this nonsense. CA will be different in 2018. The libertarian party needs volunteers to support my run for the US Senate.

Libertarians in California have an opportunity here to crack the US Senate for the Libertarian Party. The main problem is publicity, and the Libertarian county chairs and members can help start general grass roots support, leading to publicity and fundraising.

I can provide particular instructions to volunteers to target specific constituencies through provided communications that support the message, and to target media outlets. I can post commentary, communicate through social media, and have skype communications for public interviews and podcasts at anytime through the state.

The path is clear, defined and articulated. Support from Libertarians state wide can cement the victory, and give the Libertarian Party nationwide credibility. I will sincerely, respectfully ask for your volunteer support. Minimally, just a few hours a week, until June, to get the message out. If interested, please contact me at

Most Respectfully, Yours in Liberty and Freedom, Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D., Libertarian, Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst, Candidate for the US Senate.

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                             A Californian for All Californians, for Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.
                                   I Sincerely Humbly Thank You in Advance for Your Generous Support.
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