California Libertarian Party State Convention
California Libertarian Party Endorsed Derrick Michael Reid for US Senate from California at the California Libertarian Party State Convention.
  CA Libertarian Party Convention
 CA Libertarian Party Convention 

Endorsement Speech by Derrick Michael Reid delivered at the California Libertarian Party State Convention

Thank You Ms Lightfoot and Mr Hearn for your motion for my endorsement. 
Libertarians, please join me in a moment of silence is remembrance of our dear friend, Dr. Marc Feldman. Thank You Libertarians
Thank You Chairman Ted Brown and Southern Chair Johnathan Jeach for your continued encouragement. 
Thank You National Chairman Nickolas Sarwark for your inspirational speech indicating how fast the Libertarian Party is growing. 
The libertarian Party has the biggest tent as all those who desire liberty and freedom are welcome to join us. 
The Constitution does not speak to liberal values or conservative values, it speaks directly to liberty values. 
The Libertarian Party is the only American Political Party that Truly respects our liberties and Freedoms. 
We Libertarians are: 
Pro Liberty, 
Pro Freedom, 
Pro Constitution, 
Pro Privacy, 
Pro Self Reliance, 
Pro Self Responsibility, 
Pro Minimum Government, 
Pro Minimum Spending, 
Pro Minimum Taxation, 
Pro Deregulation, 
Pro Self Defense, 
Pro Capitalism, 
Pro Self Determination, 
Pro Tolerance, 
Pro Civility, 
Pro Global Peace.  
We LIBERTARIANS are the Liberty PROs!

There are dark clouds growing over Washington DC as the two pandering political machines concentrate more and more totalitarian power, enslaving us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. With 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, 20T$ in debt, 250T$ in funded liabilities, the two pandering political machines have miserably failed the nation. 

The two pandering political machines have corrupted:
Our Main stream Media with propaganda,
Our Internet through political censorship,
Our Supreme Court through ideologue appointments, 
Our Constitution through judicial fiat,
Our Congress through bribe contributions, 
Our Administration through One World Communist Government Ideologues
Our Money through debt base fiat Currency,
Our Markets through FED soft money policies, and
Our Hearts through moral hazards of pandered Socialism, 
Our National Defense through political regime change wars.
Corruption now permeates all aspects of our government, economy and society, limiting our liberties and freedoms.  My Libertarians friends, the country desperately needs our help to recapture our national libertarian roots. We must rise up and push the pendulum back towards liberty and freedom, and save the nation from economic ruination and totalitarian lock down. As a US Senator, I will bring democrats and republicans together to find common ground sustainable solutions to the many problems facing the nation while pushing the pendulum towards increasing our liberties and freedoms from government.

The Democrats are no longer noble classic liberals defending our liberties. The Democrats are now totalitarian progressives wanting to control us all likes ANTs, stripping us of our liberties and freedoms, while pandering socialism that eventually corrupts everything it touches. The Totalitarian Progressives want us all to march in lock step to totalitarian pheromones of government mandates as they deem fit. But, We are not Ants. We are freedom loving individuals. The totalitarian progressives say Tax and Spend, Take and Give, Inflate and Rob, Incentivize and Control, Socialize and Corrupt. We Libertarians say, VOTE EM OUT, or TAKE EM OUT, for a free lunch. 

The Republicans are no longer noble classical conservatives with balanced budgets and environment conservation. The Republicans are now farcical conservatives with budget deficits and national debt enslaving us all with debt while invading our privacy. The farcical conservatives mingle church and state and acquiesce to federal socialism. The farcical conservatives say Barrow and Spend, Sneak and Peek, Bomb and Kill,  Round up and Jail, and, 
Seize and Forfeit. We Libertarians say, VOTE EM OUT, or TAKE EM OUT, to a church meet. 
We libertarians truly respect our liberties and freedoms. We libertarians oppose corrupt socialism, debt enslavement, and totalitarian controls. We Libertarians say Leave me Alone, Dont spy on Me, Dont take my pay, Dont take my stuff, Dont limit my choice. We libertarians want liberty, freedom, Peace and Prosperity ALL THE TIME, VOTE for LIBERTY ALL THE TIME. Rally Libertarians! Lets defeat the two pandering political machines for ole Glory. LETS win in June! Thank You All Very Much  

                           Meet and Greet at Long Beach Marriot, Libertarian Party California State Convention April 27th 2018

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                             A Californian for All Californians, for Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.
                                   I Sincerely Humbly Thank You in Advance for Your Generous Support.
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