June 5th 2018, California State Wide Primary Election
     April 17th 2018, Los Angeles Times Endorsement Meeting
     March 26th 2018 Finance and Liberty Public Interview
     February 28th 2018, Town Hall Meeting, Newport Beach.
     February 27th 2018, Washington DC FEC Candidate Registration.
     February 14th 2018, Finance and Liberty Public Interview.  
     February 13th 2018, OC Registrar, Declaration of Candidacy.
     February 12th 2018, Reluctant Preppers Public Interview.    
     February 8th 2018, Laguna Beach, Call for Volunteers. 
     February 5th 2018, Laguna Beach, Memoranda Uploading.
     January 27th 2018, Santa Clara County Libertarian Meeting.  
     January 20th 2018, Laguna Beach, Filed Candidate Statement
     January 13th 2018, San Bernardino County Libertarian Meeting.   
     January 12th 2018, Laguna Beach, Completed PIL Signatures. 
     January 10th 2018, Pasadena Libertarian Meeting.     
     January 9th 2018, Orange County Libertarian Meeting.  
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