Ms Erin Cruz

Generally, Ms Cruz is merely riding Trump's coattails. She apparently lacks problem solving skills. Merely screeching DEPORT ALIENS, MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN, and TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA, is simplistic pandering, in large measure. Given that the republicans have little chance to win in California, and given that Senator Feinstein only represents Democrats, I ask all California Republicans to consider a moderate who would represent ALL Californians in a fair even handed manner. Political perspectives from all political persuasions are considered for reaching common ground solutions for solving the big problems facing the nation and the state.  I believe I can defeat Senator Feinstein in the general election, and thereby give Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians a voice in DC, in compromise. We are all Americans, and should unite for the common good to solve the many big problems facing our country. I ask for your support.  Ms Cruz has little chance in defeating the democrats, particularly with Trump in office. I have 70% of millennials, 75% of independents, and 100% of libertarians at my back, and may pick up 15% of the democrats and 30% of the republicans for victory in the primary. I can and will defeat Feinstein in the general election. As a moderate libertarian, I have many common core values with republicans, and would represent all Californians. I offer the republicans at least some representation in the senate, whereas Ms Cruz offers none. I humbly ask for republican support in the June Primary.  

Surely I admire her courage for running, but she simply wont do for California. I am monitoring Erin Cruz of course, and so far she has one actual plan, deport illegals, which is directed at Trump's America First base, of course. Deporting illegals is not a plan she came up with. There appears to be no original thinking or creative problem solving. But, at least that is concrete plan, be it an old one, and a violent inhumane one. Otherwise, its all typical  pander, "Deport Illegals", "Take California Back" "Make California Great Again". She talks a singularly perspective game, representing only hard right ideology. Deporting 14 million persons through violence will cause a tremendous back lash when Americans are shocked at the brutal inhumanity, and so, it may be a plan, but will not work being politically unacceptable, and is thus not really a solution.

ERIN CRUZ: Kids are trafficked in by INHUMANE means by adults, coyotes, and cartels, sometimes parents! The most traumatized need taken in, cared for and given opportunity. Assimilate - don't import parents/family. Dealing with those who put kids in harms way needs a swift hand.

Agreed. The term "import" was a poor choice of words. Lawful immigration is better. Trafficking in children is a human rights violation. The current administration has issued an  EO declaring human right violations are an emergency. It seems the Trump administration may be targeting human traffickers and going after pedophiles, which is a good thing. 

ERIN CRUZ: Make them fund and BUILD THE WALL before we agree to anything DACA, and keep in mind
CITIZENS do not want AMNESTY or LAWBREAKERS in the USA! Democrats funding and building the wall, see it to believe it.

Cruz is wrong. Many citizens want to see paths to citizenship. How do criminal aliens get to the back of line when already here? The wall of course would be an eye sore. Border patrol can be effective without a wall to uphold the rule of law. Ending DACA will not solve the problem of 14 million criminal aliens. This is Cruz's version of hard right conservative pander. This is not a solution to the larger problem. No solution is proposed that would achieve bipartisan support. Thus, its empty pander, the hallmark of a slick politician.   

ERIN CRUZ: More Opportunities for Homeless and DEPORT ILLEGALS & Dreamers!

Apparently, Cruz would be like to see federal ICE battalions in assault weapon gear with battering rams for breaking down doors of millions of homes across America, and dragging out children and parents, in an act of gross violence. This is totally inhumane. My friends, there is another way, a common ground solution that will satisfy both sides, and work well. The senate needs a moderate middle man to bring Democrats and Republicans together for sensible solutions that work well that all can live with. Democrats and Republicans are far apart and uncompromising, and Cruz appears to be opting for the violent, disrupting, inhuman my-way-high-way solution. My Republican friends, yes illegal immigration by criminal aliens is a huge problem. I agree. I have a solution both sides can accept, without violent deportation of otherwise peaceful residents hiding in fear in the shadows. Please consider voting for a moderate.  

ERIN CRUZ: I won't be silenced! My twitter throttled. MSM not reporting my run against slimy Feinstein.

My goodness, she use the word "Slimy". What kind of language is that for a would be senator? What kind of language is that for a presumed lady? The Senate does not need another gutter mouth, as the undignified rancor is already out of control. Whether or not you agree with senator Feinstein, she has over the many years conducted herself in professional and dignified manner, and calling her "slimy" is unacceptable. When Ms Cruz realized that I had ask republicans to consider a moderate libertarian she responded with crying laughing symbols showing her immaturity and impolite personality. 

She can pander the far-right, and vote along party lines. She would only represent one portion of Californians, the far right, and can not possibly represent all Californians and our many perspectives. 

ERIN CRUZ: Marriage should be between the God, Church, and parishioners and not the state/feds. #separation of Church and state.

Where is that in the Constitution? It aint. States under reserve powers of the Constitution have long regulated marriages, and properly so. She is pandering right-wing morals referring to God, Church, and parishioners, on a secular society, without a Constitutional basis, and then duplicitously refers to separation of church and state. We have enough pandering politicians. Is she advocating nullifying California's family law and family law courts by ecclesiastical edict? Its just empty pander, and of the worse kind. Her pander suggests she is running for Pope. She appears to not understand basic tenets of the law, yet seeks to be a legislator, which would make her inherently unqualified.

You can't be pro-life, while supporting a foreign policy that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.  This, points out the duplicity of the right moral war machine.

ERIN CRUZ: I absolutely stand with Trump. 

On Everything? So, tax cuts without spending cuts is fine? Erin Cruz apparently likes deficits and our increasing national debt, and transferring wealth from poor to rich and from the private sector to the public sector. Just another farcical republican. 

ERIN CRUZ: Truth be told, @ realDonaldTrump needs support in Senate and House to help him with the fiscal conservative agenda.

The Trump tax cut had no spending cuts. Trump signed the omnibus bill adding a trillion dollars in deficits. Does Cruz really think he is a fiscal conservative? This is who one might call a farcical fiscal conservative. 

ERIN CRUZ: Pledges to go after Corruption

So only now, April 2018 does she magically want to go after corruption. Let see if that appears on her Candidate Statement. Of course there was no indication of the form of corruption, its causes, or its solution. But that is what panderers do, say nice words without substance. Her communications director started following me on Twitter. Of course, I am flattered they would review my website, but its doubted if Ms Cruz could absorb 20 years of multidimensional analysis over the next few weeks. So, a would be Junior Republican Senator purports to want to go after corruption in the presence of a Republican controlled Senate, House, and Presidency. You cant make this stuff up. The word farce comes to mind. 

ERIN CRUZ: Thank you ** for pushing for republicans who will back up Trump. 

No original thought whatsoever. She will merely vote party line, sustaining divisiveness and rancor. California can do better. 

                             Party Line Voter        Property Seizing Forfeitures                  Debt Enslaver                        Totalitarian Power Concentration
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