Ms Erin Cruz

ERIN CRUZ: Kids are trafficked in by INHUMANE means by adults, coyotes, and cartels, sometimes parents! The most traumatized need taken in, cared for and given opportunity. Assimilate - don't import parents/family. Dealing with those who put kids in harms way needs a swift hand.

Trafficking in children is a human rights violation, in the presence of an EO declaring human right violations are an emergency. 
It seems the Trump administration may be targeting human traffickers and going after pedophiles. 


ERIN CRUZ: Make them fund and BUILD THE WALL before we agree to anything #DACA..... and keep in mind CITIZENS do not want AMNESTY or LAWBREAKERS in the USA! Democrats funding and building the wall, see it to believe it.

Ending DACA will not solve the problem of 14m illegals. This is Cruz's version of conservative pander, not a solution. 
Though, the DEMs pander back with not using DACA as a bargaining chip, yet the DEMs created the bargaining chip. 
Pander Pander Pander ..... 


REAL ERIN CRUZ  🇺🇸#MCGA Retweeted Voice of Europe

ERIN CRUZ #MoreOpportunities for #Homeless and DEPORT ILLEGALS & Dreamers!

Apparently, Cruz would be ok with federal ICE battalions in assault weapon gear with battering rams for breaking down doors of millions of homes across America, and dragging out children and parents, in an act of gross violence. This is totally inhumane. My friends, there is another way, a common ground solution that will satisfy both sides, and work well. The senate needs a moderate middle man to bring DEMs and REPs together for sensible solutions that work that all can live with. DEMs and REPs are far apart and uncompromising, and Cruz appears to be opting for the violent, disrupting, inhuman my-way-high-way solution. My Republican friends, yes illegal immigration by criminal aliens is a huge problem. I AGREE 100%! I have a solution both sides can accept, without violent deportation of otherwise peaceful residents hiding in fear in the shadows. Please consider voting for a moderate in the June Primary.  

I am monitoring Erin of course, and after 3 weeks, so far (1/13/18) she has 1 actual plan, deport illegals, which is directed at Trump's America1st base, of course. Deporting illegals is not a plan she came up with. There appears to be no original thinking or problem solving. But, at least that is concrete plan, be it an old one, and a violent inhuman one. Otherwise, its all typical slick politician pander, "Take California Back" "Make California Great Again", you know, regurgitating pander that excites the hard right, into raucous pandemonium, but offers no real solution. She talks a good game, but deporting 14m persons through violence will cause a tremendous back lash when Americans are shocked at the brutal inhumanity, and so, it may be a plan, but will not work, and is thus not really a solution. Pandering politicians are effectively FRAUDS. 

ERIN CRUZ: I won't be silenced! My twitter throttled. MSM not reporting my run against slimy Feinstein.

"Slimy" what kind of language is that for a would be senator? What kind of language is that for a presumed lady? Sounds like a gutter mouth.