Democrat De Leon 

Democrat US Senate hopeful DeLeon received 17% of the Democrat support, with Feinstein at 47%, another report put DeLeon at 54% and Feinstein at 37%, so not sure what happened. One need only look at the problems in California and know the Democrats, and particularly the CA Senate Leader have failed California, horribly. 

State Problems                                                                
1) Largest Homeless and Indigent population              
2) Highest Poverty Rate 20%                                         
3) 25B$/year in social services to illegal aliens.           
4) High Sex-Child Women Trafficking                       
5) High Divorce rate and Pervasive Decadence        
6) Elementary students gendered Confused            
7) Highest Personal Income Taxes                              
8) Hepatistis Outbreaks SD LA                    
9) Highest Drug Addiction  Rates.                              
10) Sanctuary Cities and State                                   
11) State Pension and Funding                     1.3 T$ in unfunded liabilities           
12) Highest Illegal Immigration Rates                          
13) Population flight to other states                              
14) Conflicts with Federal Government                        
15) Geoengineering Fire Storms                                  
16) Infrastructure & Dams needing Repairs                  
17) Politically Progressive Totalitarianism  
18) Bullet Train Fiasco and Mismanagement
19) School Bullying fed by Political Rancor
20) Totalitarian Progressive Book Burning
21) SDT and Syphilis Record Highs

This is one very sad state of affairs for California, and the democrat leadership in California, owns it, with DeLeon center stage. 
And it will continue. But what did you expect?
Now, De Leon and his totalitarian progressives are trying to repeal free speech in California. My liberal friends, remember our liberal roots. You are the last bastion of freedom and liberty in our great state. You classic liberals all must join hands to defeat this totalitarian progressive assault on our basic liberties. All true classic liberals must unite and push back against this assault on our liberties through increase totalitarian progressive controls. 

My Nobel Democrat Classic Liberal friends, you stood strong for liberty and freedom for all these many years. You stood tall for Individualism, Freedom of Life Styles, Rights of Privacy, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Thought, Free Capitalistic Markets, Equality of Opportunity, Equality before the Law, Equal Property Rights, Equal Women Rights, Constitutional Gun Rights, Freedom from Government Coercion, Freedom to Work, Providing Jobs for Workers, Helping the Poor with Assistance and Robust Job Markets, Opposition to Wars, among many good and noble strengths. Progressives, while rational with good intents, always seek solutions that restrict our noble beliefs. The totalitarian progressive scourge is seeking to limit our speech, our press, our gun rights, our associations, our parental rights, our thoughts, and our individual rights to hire and fire, boycott and buy, serve and refuse, apply and quit, as we individually choose, and our very way of life in America, the home of the Free and the Brave. Stand firm my noble liberal democrat friends against the deterioration of our liberties and freedoms by totalitarian progressive governmental controls. 

RALLY DEMOCRAT LIBERALS!!! California need you classic liberals now more than ever to stand up and be counted for LIBERTY and FREEDOM!! 

As the political rancor escalates, permeating all of society, it rubs off, and our school children suffer, as students are indoctrination by totalitarian progressives, indoctrinating our kids to hate through subtle persuasions, such as white privilege, inherent racism, and white supremacy, building hate and bullying in our public schools. Political rancor of the totalitarian progressives spills over into the lives of our children, setting the stage for increased divisiveness even in elementary schools. School should be a happy time for our children uncontaminated by the spill over affect of divisive totalitarian progressive rancor and pandering, habitually pushing claims of racism, claims of sexism, resistance, antifa thuggery, and political intolerance, feeding racism, sexism, intolerance, and ultimately bullying in our schools. 

A Civil War Is Brewing In California Against Sanctuary Cities. Lawsuits Against The State of California have been filed. People Are Rebelling against De Leon's criminal seditious sanctuary state law.

Orange County
San Diego County
Tuolumne County

Aliso Viejo
Costa Mesa
Dana Point
Fountain Valley
Huntington Beach
Laguna Niguel
Lake Elsinore
Los Alamitos
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
San Jacinto
San Juan Capistrano
Simi Valley
Villa Park
Yorba Linda

The high IQ, moral, middle class is fleeing California. Normal people can't live here anymore. Housing prices are too high, and wages too low. California increasingly consists of tech oligarchs and their imported, low-wage servants. California is developing the economic structure of Latin America. How long before it's Venezuela?

Free market supply-demand capitalism, with minimum regulations and with maximum freedoms and choice, is the best way for generating prosperity, to lift the poor out of poverty, provide parents funds to help their children through college, to maintain necessary revenues for maintaining minimum social services, and government funded infrastructure, and provide all with means to pursue happiness in our lives as we individually desire. Socialism eventually corrupt everything it touches. Progressivism eventually leads to totalitarian lock down and loss of liberties and freedoms. Classic liberalism, with minimal social services for helping the poor get back on their feet, opposition to war to reduce death and destruction, and protection of liberties and rights for maximum freedoms, combined with, fiscal conservationism for sustainable economic health, and social conservativism for maintaining a moral code and ethics, is the optimum combination for maximizing our prosperity, civility, and the general welfare of our state and country.  

De Leon : "This President, Donald Trump and this Attorney General, Jeff Sessions - their policies are driven by white supremacy."

De Leon is divisive, a panderer of hate and bigotry. Enforcement of border control laws is a requirement of presidential and DOJ offices. Does De Leon fairly address that? Of course not. De Leon can not think in 360 terms, and fairly view all perspectives. He certainly can not fairly represent all Californians evenhandedly. As many counties and cities in California rebel against Sacramento Sanctuary policies, thus promoting rebellion within sedition, a sorry and confused state of policy exists in California. De Leon never suggests that massive brown immigration, using his one sided pandering distorted logic, is also, intentionally changing demographics and is thus racist against blacks/whites/yellows. With De Leon, there is no moderate tone, no sense of compromise, no politically acceptable solution tabled, but only pandered bigotry spreading more hate, conflict, and rancor and not constitutional domestic tranquility. Calling the president a White Supremacist is not going to find common ground solutions to our many problems, and will promote stalemate and deterioration. De Leon must not get anywhere near the US Senate. Calling the president of the United States, a white supremacist indicates that De Leon is an undignified pandering provocateur. The dignified US Senate does not need a divisive gutter mouth.

De Leon: "What we want to do in California is make sure that those who enforce federal immigration laws will do their job, those who will protect and serve our local communities throughout the state of California will do their job."

This is typical slick politician double dutch nonsense. He wants ICE to do their job, and also wants communities to frustrate ICE doing their job. This guy is confused as are his policies destroying California. He has no coherent policy. There are reasons why this guy DropsOut of undergraduate school. It took me 2.5 years after high school graduation to graduate from UC Bekerely's engineering school, ranked 3rd in the US, and one of the most difficult schools in the country, where most do it in six years. There is a notable difference between an undergraduate drop out and an undergraduate high achiever.

De Leon: Business-as-usual in Washington, D.C. just isn’t cutting it for workers here in California. Together we will work tirelessly every day to protect good-paying jobs and strengthen workers’ right to organize.

De Leon styled progressive democrats threw workers under the bus with outsourcing manufacturing, importing migrant workers, and deficits devaluing wages, pensions, and savings, while eliminating jobs. They could not have acted more irresponsibly. No plan or understanding to the problems is presented. California continues to run up debts, to even where pensions are unfunded. Economy is so poor, minimum wage laws were enacted so people could at least eat. There has been one failure after another. And now, no real plan, no solution, not even an understanding thereof is hinted. This is empty slick politician rhetoric. Poverty and real unemployment and low wages are the result of De Leon progressive work. De Leon should realize that workers cant bare anymore of his tireless work.

De Leon: Trump's DOJ wants to withhold critical public safety funds from “sanctuary cities”, hampering our law enforcement.

De Leon set upon a course of opening borders, for obtaining voting fraud for cementing democrat party power, and the established sanctuary cities in sedition against the US Government, and now complains about the retaliatory DOJ action. This is a case of simple pandering for fraud votes and party power, and not thinking the situation through. What did you expect? De Leon is dodging his accountability for miscalculating a pandering power grab in California. The clearly demonstrates deficient mental capacities, and his action have now jeopardized safety in our cities. De Leon can not hide from his incompetence. If you want more federal income taxes, De Leon can deliver.

De Leon: This Supreme Court ruling protects the profits of corporations over the needs of our hardworking families. Employers must be held accountable for civil and labor violations. Congress should appeal this ruling to ensure that American workers are not barred from pursuing justice & equality.

DeLeon does not even understand that Congress does not appeal Supreme Court Rulings. The incompetence and ignorance speaks for itself.

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