Democrat De Leon 

Democrat US Senate hopeful DeLeon received 17% of the Democrat support, with Feinstein at 47%, another report put DeLeon at 54% and Feinstein at 37%, so not sure what happened. One need only look at the problems in California and know the Democrats, and particularly the CA Senate Leader have failed California, horribly. 

State Problems                                                                
1) Largest Homeless and Indigent population              
2) Highest Poverty Rate 20%                                         
3) 25B$/year in social services to illegal aliens.           
4) High Sex-Child Women Trafficking                       
5) High Divorce rate and Pervasive Decadence        
6) Elementary students gendered Confused            
7) Highest Personal Income Taxes                              
8) Hepatistis Outbreaks SD LA                    
9) Highest Drug Addiction  Rates.                              
10) Sanctuary Cities and State                                   
11) State Pension and Funding                                
12) Highest Illegal Immigration Rates                          
13) Population flight to other states                              
14) Conflicts with Federal Government                        
15) Geoengineering Fire Storms                                  
16) Infrastructure & Dams needing Repairs                  
17) Politically Progressive Totalitarianism  

This is one very sad state of affairs for California, and the democrat leadership in California, owns it, with DeLeon center stage. 
And it will continue. 

18) Bullet Train Fiasco

Free market supply-demand capitalism, with minimum regulations and with maximum freedoms and choice, is the best way for generating prosperity, to lift the poor out of poverty, provide parents funds to help their children through college, to maintain necessary revenues for maintaining minimum social services, and government funded infrastructure, and provide all with means to pursue happiness in our lives as we individually desire. Socialism eventually corrupt everything it touches. Progressivism eventually leads to totalitarian lock down and loss of liberties and freedoms. Classic liberalism, with minimal social services for helping the poor get back on their feet, opposition to war to reduce death and destruction, and protection of liberties and rights for maximum freedoms, combined with, fiscal conservationism for sustainable economic health, and social conservativism for maintaining a moral code and ethics, is the optimum combination for maximizing our prosperity, civility, and the general welfare of our state and country.  

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