Greetings Californians! 

I ran for the Libertarian Party nomination for US President June 2016 for one year of campaigning around the country.  It actually was a wonderful experience. In this troubled world, with conflicting cross-currents and eddies, a move forward by any organization, requires the comprehensive view. 
I am running for US Senator from California for solving major problems facing California and the US.


I seek to unite Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians to solve real problems, the top three of which are Immigration, Imprisonment and Corruption. As a moderate, I will represent all Californians, who all will have a voice in government. In the event that the economy implodes, I will stand ready with the plan to recover from collapse. I humbly ask for your support and votes.

Californians, here is a serious question for you. Would you want to:

1) Eliminate the National Debt;

2) Eliminate Systemic Corruption in D.C.;

3) Eliminate Wealth Transfers from Poor to Rich;   OR

4) Restore the Constitution and the Republic?

As a US Senator, I will focus on solving national major problems related to Immigration, Imprisonment and Corruption, and will stand ready with a comprehensive solution set that will provide rapid recovery in the event of a catastrophic economic implosion. California has a viable third choice.


In Liberty and Freedom, Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D., 
Libertarian, US Senate Candidate, Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, 
System Analyst, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst. 
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                             A Californian for All Californians, for Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.
                                   I Sincerely Humbly Thank You in Advance for Your Generous Support.
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